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rhythms of peace festival 2005 Morocco

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Hello everybody


after a fisrt experience in the cristal mountains of "djebilets" near Marrakech, on new year 2003 we chose a wondeful beach on the atlantic coast named "tafadna" for the second annual of this festival.


Rhythms of Peace is the art of transmitting the ancient roots and rhythms of Africa into the soul. Awaken from your dreams to the calling of your true nature through grounded live performances of ancient musical forms fused with the deep resonant frequencies of contemporary electronic music. In the land of Morocco, ancient heritage is rooted in every day life. In this tradition we invite you to share in communion with nature, uniting our hearts and spirits in a collective vibration for peace. Let’s all join legs, bodies and feet in sacred dance, grooving and rocking to an ancient spirit calling on the timeless sand of the Atlantic coast of Morocco. This is a global tribal gathering, connected through earth, water, music and sky.


25,26,27,28,29,30 august 2005

tafadna Morocco


all the informations avalable on the web site : www.rhythmsofpeace.net




Atmos (Spiral Trax) Sw.

Bamboo Forest (MP Rec. ) Fr.

B-Tone (Spliff Music) Isr.

Gataka (Phonokol Rec.) Isr.

Hyperfrequencies (Mechanik Rec.) Fr.

Kenji Williams (ABA Structures) Japan

Menog (Spectral Rec.) Pt.

Parasense (Crystal Matrix) Ru.

Safi Connection (Spliff Music) Isr.

Silicon Sound (Spirit Zone) Fr

Son Kite (Digital Structure) Sw.

Toires Morocco

Triptych (Turbo Trance Records) Fr.

Triskel (Timecode, Mind Funk Recs.) Fr

Tristan (Twisted Rec.) UK

Wizzy Noise (Spun Rec.) Gr.






Peter Digital (Digital Structure) Sw.

Neo Logic (Safi Connection / Spliff Music) Isr.

Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records) It.

Stephane (Bamboo Forest, MP Records) Fr.

Gavin (Digital Structure) Sw.

Alex (Parasense, Crystal Matrix) Ru.

Sesto Matan (Gataka, Sesto Sento / Com.pact Rec., Phonokol) Isr.

Psyberpunk (Peak Records, Kagdila Rec.) Ch.

Driss (Hadra) Fr./Mr.

Moon (Jbilettes Prod.) Mr.

Uriel (Wizzy noise / Spun Records) Gr.

Dani (Menog / Spectral Rec., Timecode Rec.) Pt.

Kenji (Aba Structures) USA/Japan

Gill (HyperFrequencies / Mechanik Rec.) Fr.

Johannes (Silicon Sound / Neurobiotic) Fr.

Marcus (Son Kite / Digital Structure) Sw.

Seb (Son Kite/ Digital Structure) Sw.

Tristan Cooke (Tristan / Twisted Records) UK

Micky (Wizzy Noise / Spun Records) Gr.

Nâga (Triskell / Timecode, Mind Funk Recs.) Fr.

Charles (Triptych / Turbo Trance Records) Fr.

Chriss (Full Moon Festival / Germany)

Schippe (Full Moon Festival / Germany)

Antaro (Voov Experience / Germany)

Yayo (TBE / France)

Essam (UR / Morocco )

Yann (TechSafari / Canada)



presales are available now!!!


We strongly recommend you to purchase your tickets well in advance


Full pass tickets are available on our presale points around the globe.


please check the web site for more infos: www.rhythmsofpeace.net


you will find the prices and all the outlets where you can purchase your ROP Full Pass ticket.


For more information and ticket prices in your currency contact the shop here in your country.


hope to hear from you soon

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Guest run lola

nice line up.. would be glad to make it, i'll check who would like to make from Lebanon. do you guys have any travel arragements? prices?


inform me if you know anyone coming from the middle east region .


Party on Morocco ;)

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Line up looks pretty interesting. I would go for Bamboo Forest, Tristan, Menog, Atmos, Son Kite, Silicon Sound, Wizzy Noise, Toires, Gill and Antaro....so, sounds pretty nice for me...

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Man, i knew about this fest ages ago, was so amped to go but too much to budget for :(


But ill be attended the Sonica Fest in Italy, YIPEE :lol:


See the line-up for that party! :P

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hey i am sure goin for this one


dubai is sucha dry place when it comes to psytrance

and this place seems near by

lets hook up and gather some like mided ppl AND GO


hey man u can always join in for some psy event in Lebanon...and the closes one is on the 27th of august hosting ALTOM (Neurobiotic - FR)

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Rhythms of peace newsletter (33 days left)


Hello Rhythms of peace trancers


First of all we are very happy with the feedback we have from you and we would like

to thank you all for your trust in this wonderfull project


The preparation are going very well


Trancekarma crew (boom festival) from Portugal join their energies with our team to build a

unique structure on the main stage composed with three of the domes of Boom 2004 disposed

around the Scene, creating a huge six branchs temple covered of lycra. This Project was created

especially for this festival (you will be surprised...).


We remind you that the 80 euros presale tickets of Rhythms of peace stops on the 31st of july.

And we recommend you to purchase them in advance

Then you will be able to purchase your ticket at the entrance for 100 euros



Otherwise concenring Traditionnal Moroccan bivouac we recommend

you to reserve your place know

Please send us an email to bivouacs@rhythmsofpeace.net with your full names

Renting them at the festival site will be impossible because we bring them from the Sahara and we need to know before how much people would like to have one.



The definitive Chill out electronic and VJ line ups are now available :




Toires (Hoots records) Mo.

Michele Adamson (Hommega Prod.) UK

Gil Mahaveda - Azul Music- Brasil

Psyberpunk (Peak Records, Kagdila Rec.) Ch.

Jamin (Mpdqx) Sw.

LongLI (GlobalMusic) Ru.

Lipe (Chillum Project) Br.

Benn ( www.limonada.be) Be.

Vattaf Project Bu.

Yann (Headroom) Ca.

Tamiris (Spectral rec.) Pt.

Mystical Flower (Jbilettes prod) Mo.

Psychoz www.psychoz.com.mk - Mk

Dalaidiga (Tecknonioun) Mo.

Essam Tayeb (Safar) Mo.

G² aka Bustrance (Oreades Prod.) Fr.

Trinity (Beyond min/Dragon Hunters) Fr.

Eone (Reggae mix) Fr.

Mizoo Ch.

Anar Wider Visions / Space of Joy community Sp.

Souldrop Fr.

Mayur (Spectra, Optical Delusion) USA

Spiritual sources (union productions&odd records) Pt.

K-pax (union productios) Pt.

Bodisatwa (odd records) Pt

Stony (Green planet prod.) Sp.

Yoshi (Relativity) Jp.

Dr. PhiZz Be.

Gabi (quest4goa/NAVE) Pt.

Sergi Maverick Sp.

Cocoon Pt.

Vaga Pt.





Nils - Psyberpunk.ch - Switzerland

Jamin - Mpdqx - Sweden

Mae and Mao - Austria

Divineflower - Portugal

Trance Karma - Portugal

Green Lizard Project - UK

Jbilettes Production - Morocco




Psynema (BuzzT & Geko's) - Germany

Divineflower - Portugal

John Yacobellis (YACADELIC Designs) - USA

EseBeltranEsePat & Visuales Sin Fronteras - Spain

World Vision - Japan

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for the people of Spain (and for who is here these days) there is a bus planned for go to this festival from Madrid, the price is around 130 euros with ferry included.



if you are interested:




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