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Vancouver Island Psy Party next weekend(Feb 12th)


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Yo guys,


So the SPDM crew here in Tofino, BC, Canada are throwing a big psy night next saturday February the 12th. All you cats from Vancouver, Victoria and on the west coast should make sure to come on down! The party is going to be at the Maquinna Devil Bar(only bar in Tofino...population 1200!) from 10 pm till 1 am and then we will be moving a few houses down for the all night after party.


We got tons of displays and effects going on...its going to be crazy! Best part...the maximum occupancy for the bar is 93 people...so it will be you and 92 of your closest friends trippin hard to the best psy sounds on the west coast. Major door prize for best psychadelic costume!


DJs spinning are myself(Donnie Doggballz), DJ Asura formerly a resident at OrganiX in Vancouver and G-Rant DSL.


No cover at the door, and if you need a place to crash I'm sure we can more than accomodate you at the SPDM house.


Also...there is another huge party going on the night before(Friday the 11th) at the Legion where a bunch of us will also be spinning to raise money for the Tsunami Relief Fund. Probably get a really good local turnout...couple hundred maybe. Music will be pretty diverse...I'll probably end up playing Hard House and the other guys will probably play DnB and Breaks. Tickets are 6$ at the door.


Hope some of you guys can make it!





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sending you loads of luck for the event DoggBallz- hope its a good un! :D

!! remember to take some pictures !!

Ive always got this image of rural canada as being something kinda like 'Northern Exposure' !!

sorry for the stereotype!



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I don't think Tofino is very much like any other place on Earth... I'm not lucky enough to have gone, despite two trips out west recently. I plan to hit it up this summer. Ideally there will be some psytrance parties going on when I visit :) even better if I could play...


Here's a picture a friend of mine took at Tofino... it amazes me...


Posted Image

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Hey Donnie!


My name is Hannah and me and my partner Tom are over in Vancouver for a while. We originally come from New Zealand where we play a live psy trance PA, We are real real real real real real real real real real keen to come and check out this party and stuff. We went to club 23 last night and had a drink and a dance and talked to Chris organix for a bit but keen to check out some other psy stuff.


Another thing is we have all our gear over here ready to do a live 90 minute psychedelic trance set. If you hear of anyone putting on a party or anything we would most appreciate a heads up as we have all these demo cds sitting here ready to send off!!!


Hey, just by chance you don't know a guy called Brandon? he lives in NZ with us, hes from Van Island, and was real into the psy trance scene???



Take it easy


Hannah (and Tom)


check us out if you want www.cosm.co.nz

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Awwwwwwww, damn!!!!!!


I haven't left Vancouver for a year and six months except for one quick weekend trip. The only time I plan on leaving for the next six months is for a trip to Seattle next weekend that I can't avoid. Talk about bad timing for me!


I hope to see lots of cool pictures!

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