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Are you listening to Psy-Trance.....


Are you listening to Psy-Trance.....  

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  1. 1. Are you listening to Psy-Trance.....

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There is enough variation through the years to keep my ears pleased... don't just listen to all recent stuff - change it up with whatever else you've liked over the years. Everything sounds remarkably different that way.


I know what you mean and that's how I listen to psy-trance. Problem is that the emotional range of psy-trance is limited, psychedelic music tends to be quite introverted and demand a lot of attention and psy-trance lacks the important groove. So variation really is the key for me.

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Is there difference between goa and psy? :huh:


Goa trance was the sound inspired by the parties in Goa; eastern spiritualism fused with western post-materialism and electronics. The music was very melodic, full of filter sweeps from analog synths and lots of sci-fi samples were used. Psy-trance came into existence when goa trance spread over the world and (the) Goa (experience) seased to be the main source of inspiration. Psy-trance became the umbrella under which all styles of psychedelic electronic headfuck trance music was found, be it goa trance or aussie madness.


Some claim that psy-trance has been used paralell with goa trance since the beginning but the term became widely used when TIP released their groundbreaking "Phosphorescent" compilation. That compilation introduced a much darker sound and more weird noises; a clear departure from the goa trance sound.


Goa trance is a sub genre of psychedelic trance, in that regard there is no difference between the two, it's all psychedelic trance, but goa trance is also a distinctive sound, and in that regard there is a difference.


That's my short explanation of goa trance and psy-trance.

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