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Kemic-Al - Twisted Parameters


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Kemic-Al – Twisted Parameters


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Artist: Kemic-Al (Malta)

Title: Twisted Parameters

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Butterfly Records (Malta)

Cat. #: BTF CD 01

Distribution: Wirikuta

Date: 13 January 2005


Track listing:


01. 08’52” 1888 A.C. Train to Madness

02. 09’02” What Lies in the Shadows

03. 08’21” Piskumany

04. 07’50” Wake Up Call

05. 08’45” Peace on Earth Remix

06. 08’23” Batidas Por Minuto

07. 07’47” Twisted Parameters

08. 09’23” Klassic-Al

09. 05’42” Z.Zora




Feast on this: Mediterranean chemicals!


Meet Al – a 37 year old psychedelic trance-head from Malta. That’s right – Malta! This is the first Maltese psy-release ever – released on the first Maltese psy-label. Thus Butterfly Records may not sound like a very original name for a new record label, the background is tragic: the death of Sharyn ‘the butterfly girl’ – hence the name Butterfly Records. Aldo is a veteran in the trance trade, formerly known as Zaldonite. His biggest inspiration for creating music is his girlfriend Marie Clarie… Music wise the biggest source for inspiration is psychedelic rock and the masters Pink Floyd in particularly… Let’s find out what Malta has to offer…


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: 1888 A.C. Train to Madness [138 BPM]

All aboard this psycho-train heading for madness! The dark, gloomy industrial intro is soon brutally shredded by the meanest bassline this side of the Mediterranean… Holy shit – this has got to be among the meanest, darkest teKk-trance I’ve heard since the Spirallianz/Midi Miliz era… Crude Boskhe-fodder… The ‘lazy’ bpm just adds to the horror-atmosphere along with the undecipherable monster-samples… Anti-melodic, minimalist terror-trance for the darkest moments of the night… Sweet! =D


#02: What Lies in the Shadows [138 BPM]

“I am not who you think I am!” We get off the train now, and find out what’s lurking in the shadows… Another techy, deeply industrial-sounding noisy night-tune… Repetitive, dirty, gritty, dark – and funky as hell… Check out the spooky wolf-howling samples…! Make sure you have a proper sound system – this tune will challenge your set-up! Raw and wriggling – like Gollum’s taste in fish!


#03: Piskumany [146 BPM]

“At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the Umbrella Corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the United States. Nine out of every ten homes contain its products. It's political and financial influence is felt everywhere. In public, it is the worlds leading supplier of: Computer Technology, Medical Products, and Healthcare. Unknown to even its own employees, its massive profits are generated by: Military Technology, Genetic Experimentation and Viral Weaponry.” After a lengthy Resident Evil sample, we’re shifting into faster territory now – as the bpm indicator suggests… Apparently Piskumany is a word the daughter of Aldo’s girlfriends’ sister (!) made up, and used to furiously shout out when she was angry… And now, that word has been immortalized as a track-name… ;o) This is night-time hyper-trance… Digital farts, electronic burps, tweaking acid-lines and subtle guitars – alongside a twisted bassline! What else can you ask for? Reminds me a little of Rinkadink, only darker… Very cool track!


#04: Wake Up Call [146 BPM]

Good morning! Someone’s drinking coffee in the intro here… And the courtesy “ahhh” is sampled and used several times + some genuine yawning… Hehe – nice one Aldo! Time to wake up - this track incorporates the call-back message from the local Maltese phone company wake-up service… @ 4’20 everyone should be awake – this stuff will kick you right out of bed! Twisted, shifting, bubbling, vibrant psy-trance here… Like a cross between the Timecode & Parvati sound – with bastard influences from Ørebro, Australia and the Ruhr-district! Brilliant!


#05: Peace on Earth Remix [145 BPM]

“The universe grows smaller every day…Join us – life in peace!” Peace on Earth – now there’s a topic everyone can relate to… Parts of this track showcase the slightly more melodic side of Aldo’s talents… Not melodic in a melodic kinda way – just a tad more melodic compared to the previous tracks… This is still very much dark, deep night-trance – with the Maltese touch! Come to think of it, this is not peaceful at all – this is some severely fucked-up brutal shit! … And that’s meant as superlatives! The track draws to a close with the voice of Kevin Spacey in K-Pax “You humans – sometimes it’s hard to imagine how you’ve made it this far” Another sweet track!


#06: Batidas Por Minuto [148 BPM]

Skazi – this is how you use a guitar in creative way! Batidas Por Minuto translates into ‘beats per minute’ – and this track has 148 of those, so yeah, it’s another brutal noise attack... Aldo is playing around with filters here – slowly adding layers with different psychedelic FX… Guitars, percussion, stomping bass and some mean-ass synths… This track has an interesting composition – the beats are cut and it’s like constantly something is lurking under the surface waiting to be unleashed… That ‘held-back’ technique is very effective in creating a mesmerizing track… I like all the nifty little FX that are sprinkled around the track: Acid galore, digital birds, etc… Highly psychedelic trance here… Very tasty!


#07: Twisted Parameters [148 BPM]

“Do you like to watch? … Come and find out!” Yeah baby, don’t we all? Some horny chick is trying to mess with your emotions here… Don’t let her get to you! Aldo does his best to save us here – with sharp, metallic hisses and haunting, scary pads creating an overall spooky atmosphere… Again! This track has a certain drive that I really like – it’s kinda purposive… The flow here is very focussed, and at 148 beats per minute, it’s done at an incredible rate… But beware, there is something disturbing about this… Slightly perverted even! Aaargh, I fear to watch, yet I cannot look away… She got to me!


#08: Klassic-Al [148 BPM]

“You don’t like it; you can kiss my furry little butt!” Ahh, the odd-ball track… Check out the very cool piano-intro – brutally interrupted by one of the most twisted basslines I’ve heard in a long time… This is soo repulsive – it almost has a physical effect on me when played loud… I love it! ;o) Soon it’s time for some fun - This is obviously a piss-take on Aldo’s behalf… Trumpets, jazzy atmosphere, etc… We’re really exposed to this guy’s immense talent now – he intelligently incorporates the familiar melody from Mozart’s Für Elise – creating a no less than AMAZING track… Hands down, the best track here! Magical!


#09: Z.Zora [90 BPM]

And finally it’s time for some chilling… This reminds me of the chill-track of the Digital Talk album – which is spooky chill! This is deep, heavy, dubby chill… Created to let you catch your breath again, but still puzzle you – leave you with a ‘what-the-fuck-just-hit-me?’ goodbye greeting… Very nicely done – very well-fitting outro-track for a truly impressive album! The track finished off with another lengthy Resident Evil sample: “The Hive has its own defence mechanisms... all computer-controlled. A nerve gas was released into the house. Primary effect of the gas: complete unconsciousness, lasting anything up to four hours. Secondary effects are varied but can include acute memory loss. For how long? Subjective. An hour, day, week. So you're saying this place was attacked? I'm afraid things area little more complicated than that… Sir! We've breached the Hive.”


Well, this album was definitely a big surprise for me… A big positive surprise! Judging by the name Kemic-al, I was afraid this was another boring Skazi-clone… But luckily I was proven wrong… Very wrong! This is among the finest darkish night-time trance I’ve heard for some time… I’m no technical buff, but to me the production and mastering sounds like a lot of effort has gone into it… And I’m even more impressed that this is a debut album!


The sound spectre is very impressive here – though mostly dark hyper-trance, we get hints of other styles ranging from full-on to dub, and from tech-trance to melodic goa in the good old sense… Diversity rules! Also this has it’s own, unique sound – one of the many cool features is the way Aldo ends his tracks – it’s usually 10-20 seconds of added value fun… Playing around… Nice!


Aldo is a busy man, and the second album is already in the pipeline – along with upcoming compilation tracks on Alkaloid Rec., Golden Dawn Rec., Temple Twister Rec., Trishula Rec. & Disco Valley Rec… Fans of these labels have something to look forward too – as do anyone else interested in intelligent night-time music… This album rocks! Highly recommended!


Favourites: 1, 3(!), 4, 6, 7, 8(!!!)



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External links:

Kemic-Al: www.kemic-al.com

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...howDetail=67823

Saiko Sounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=4551

Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=1497


Should also be available @ Psyshop.com and ChaosUnlimited.co.uk shortly!

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ah usually I'd say that dark trance isn't my style... but I like this particular album a LOT!! Tracks 1,2 and 5 remind me of The Delta period: dark, minimalistic, mechanical trance. Actually this made me realize how much I missed those days since now it seems that Marcus is into electro :(


Twisted Parameters , as the name suggests, brings in some really twisted sounds, I like it, but find Batidas Por Minuto to be even better :) These 2 tracks sound a LOT like the typical russian trance (especially reminded me of Osom so if you like that then chances are high you'll like these too.


Klassic-Al is the wierdest track here, brings in some classical music and some jazz... I guess you have to open-minded to like that one. Personally I find that the classical and jazzy part make it sound "goofy" whereas it's supposed to be a dark track. Hence I don't really like the mix...


Pskumany and Wake-up Call don't really speak to me. They're dark but nothing special IMO.


Last but not least comes the downtempo track Z.Zora . A VERY deep kick, although slow and spooky (although I could've done with a little more "spook" ;)


Conclusion actually this is the best dark trance album I've heard in months if not a whole year. It's a definate treat for all those who regret the era when The Delta and Midi Milliz ruled the dark trance scene. It also has some more "nowadays" dark trance that sounds like the typical russian style (which I like a little less but still the tracks are MUCH better than most in the style). And also some more original ones. All and all this feels like a musical documentary on the evolution of dark psy from 2000 until now... and how many albums do you have in your collection that can do that? ;) 9/10

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Welcome to the first Maltese Psy-Trance ever released on the first Maltese Psy-Label. It’s dark and it’s twisted! Kemic-Al is a former Psychedelic%Hallucinogenic trance composer/producer from Malta. He’s a veteran in the trance trade, formerly known as Zaldonite and in recent time known as Dimension-Al as he is reaching out to other realm of his mind and closing down the Kemic-Al chapter. His label, Butterfly Records is an independent underground label based in Malta (Kemic-Al Lab Studio). The concept of creating the label is purely to release previously unreleased psychedelic music of Kemic-Al's own creation as well as underground music from their artist friends from around the globe. The label and its releases are dedicated to a long lost friend, Sharyn, who was lost in a tragic accident in 1999, Holland. Her nickname was Butterfly as she had a butterfly tattooed on her chest. May she rest in eternal bliss..


Posted Image


Kemic-Al - Twisted Parameters (Butterfly Records) 2005 (BTFCD01)


1. 1888 A.C. Train to Madness

2. What Lies in the Shadows

3. Piskumany

4. Wake Up Call

5. Peace on Earth Remix

6. Batidas Por Minuto

7. Twisted Parameters

8. Klassic-Al

9. Z.Zora


as the album starts to spin we are greeted by a very mystical intro with sounds from an old amusement fair, then a massive baseline with a pumping heavy atmosphere rumbles out of from nowhere followed by a deep and rumbling voice that could have come from the underworld itself. A man speaks of the returned genius. What characterizes this album is the intense dark rumbling sound of Kemic-Al's imagination. It's a deep world of horror, joy, frightening sounds and beautiful pumping dark beats. The first track is really the whole essence of Kemic-Al - Twisted Parameters. What lies in the shadows? Whatever lies in your imagination, right? Kemic-Al seems to be pushing himself hard to make the listener move into his dark and trippy world of strange voice and sound samples that make the listener forget what heaven sounds like. This sounds odd, I know, but it works. This isn't your average album that follows a common structure. It plays with your mind, health and stability. It's bouncy and scary with high energy, massive hulking structures and complex multiple layers which at times can be too random and disturbing. For the sample lover there is more than enough to feast your ears on. There are so many different sound samples, like the simple, but oh-so-genius brushing your teeth on the fourth track. If you’re fond of lots of cool movie and sound snippets this should work for you. Actually, the sound samples in general used in this album are so enormous that it would take me days to write about all of them. Of course, we have seen many artists that abuse samples and unfortunately ruin their otherwise good albums. But Kemic-Al manages to use these samples in such a comfortable way, that they almost melt into the tracks.


As the album spins in your CD player, you will get tired. Although it is a masterpiece of a dark twisted world, I do miss some light in-between the darkness. Some floating pieces of light in the tunnel would be great. Because this album will not let you go, it will not let you breathe. Its intensions seem to be that it wants you to crack your head open against the wall. It wants you to suffocate, to make you understand that it is lethal. And you are mere mortal. The second last track on the album is another twisted dark track that brings you into a more playful world of classical melodies and instruments. I am of course talking about the powerful Classic-Al. In this piece Cheech Martin, famous from the Cheech and Chong franchise, makes sure that if you don’t like Kemic-Al’s music, then you can kiss his furry little butt. And after that speech the classical piano jumps in, and the piano is just a tool for Kemic-Al now, playing with the buttons making the world of Kemic-Al go twisted and classic. After a hard pumping session Kemic-Al turns softer with a slow track of 90 BPM. Now this track isn't bad per se, but it doesn't speak to me as much as I hoped it would. It seems a bit too easily made and he seems a bit too carried away with the strange atmosphere that he has given us throughout the album. Yet as a finishing piece to a dark and epic album like this, it's acceptable!


"You humans, sometimes it's hard to imagine how you made it this far"


Overall this album is as mentioned dark, twisted and energetic. It's a massive psychedelic work with tons of layers, depth and atmospheres. This is an artist who does not care about appealing to everyone, about normal standards, boring beats and unoriginality. This is an album seemingly inspired by earlier acts such as Xenomorph, The Delta and the likes. The baseline is in the same style of artists such as Hujaboy, Fungus Funk, Bug Funk, Psykovsky and other PsyCore acts. The production is clean and very professional yet fuzzy and unclear which makes it come off as dark and dirty. Highly recommended for fans of the darker side of Psy-Trance!



Where to buy and other links:

Butterfly Records: http://www.myspace.com/butterfly_records

Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/bft/bft1cd001.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=4551

Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=1497

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...howDetail=67823

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Kemic-Al

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/psytonesmusic

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is there any difference between the prerelease and the released one (mastering,...) ??


Yes, there was a pre-released version without proper mastering... You should get a hold of the retail version... It's totally worth it! :D



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