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Your Favourite Track Names ?

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Always liked a humorous title...


the nam shub of enki - noizzzzeee kuntz

Ect & Mass - Angry little men (with sharp sticks)

Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Rise of the black bin bags

Deviant Species - A night to dismember

Deviant Species - Spiritual beings in fluoro shirts






Marchaos - Corollary of flesh

Battle o the future buddhas - Battlebong

Xenomorph - Silimaki murder tool kit

Neuromotor - Fuck the dat mafia trance


heaps more also.



Non Psy.


Macabre - Drill bit lobotomy

Macabre - Hot Rods to hell

Dead Kennedys - Too drunk to fuck

Dead Kennedys - Kinky sex makes the world go round

Dead Kennedys - Goons o Hazzard

Dead Kennedys - MTV Get of the air

Dead Kennedys - Religious Vomit

Dead Kennedys - Nazi punks fuck off

Dead Infection - Xenomorph

Fuck...I'm Dead - Shotgun Facelift

Fuck...I'm Dead - Barefoot and shitfaced

Fuck...I'm Dead - Army of Hermaphrodites


Kyuss - Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoopa

Libido Airbag - AK-47 Bitch

Libido Airbag - I piss on your body bag

Libidi Airbag - Fisted on LSD

Napalm Death - The Kill

Napalm Death - Unchallenged Hate

Napalm Death - From enslavement to obliteration

Disembowelment - Cerulean transience of all my imagined shores

Autopsy - Mental Funeral

Impetigo - Wizard of Gore

Impetigo - Cannibale Ballet


And many many more that would offend you all..............

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Technosomy - VTOL   Vertical Technique of Landing

*bump*   Astral Projection - No one ever dreams Cosmosis - Reclaim your mind Cujorius one - The pay per view sound Dark Soho - Tales of tragedy Deviant species - A night to dismember

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Tegma - Trapped In A Hypercube

Son Kite - The Stars Within Us

Toi Doi - Star Shoot Trippers

Cosmosis - Interspatial Meltdown

BOTFB - Life In The Trenches Of Hyperspace

Talamasca - The Hunted Becomes The Hunter

Chi - A.D. - The Flame Of Eternal Life

Bamboo Forest - Back Of The World

Xploring Inner Space - Shifting Shiva

Chakra & Edi Mis - Hell Razor Puzzle

Xenomorph - Obscure Spectre

MFG - Life Signs Terminated

UX - Alien Earth Activity

Pleiadians - Family Of Light

TYranswave - Cycles Of Life

Encens - Spiritual Transgression

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Hallucinogen - Fluoro Neuro Sponge

Infected Mushroom - Sailing In The Sea Of Mushroom

Infected Mushroom - You Don't Exist

Ozric Tentacles - Trees Of Eternity

Shpongle - Behind Closed Eyelids



Acid Bath - Scream Of The Butterfly

Dark Tranquility - Monochromatic Stains

Graveworm - (n)utopia

Meshuggah - Closed Eye Visuals

Meshuggah - Glints Collide

Meshuggah - Straws Pulled At Random

Mudvayne - Trapped In The Wake Of A Dream

Slipknot - (sic)

White Zombie - More Human Than Human

Amon Amarth - The Sound Of 8 Hooves

Behemoth - As Above So Below

Bloodbath - The Ascension

Decapitated - Spheres of Madness

Deicide - Once Upon The Cross

Hypocrisy - The 4th Dimension

Morbid Angel - God Of Our Own Divinity

Nile - Lashed To The Slave Stick

Nile - Chapter Of Obeisance Before Giving Breath To The Inert One In The Presence Of The Cresent Shaped Horns

Opeth - Demon Of The Fall

Origin - Staring From The Abyss

The Berzerker - The Principles And Practices Of Embalming

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Astral Projection - No one ever dreams
Cosmosis - Reclaim your mind
Cujorius one - The pay per view sound
Dark Soho - Tales of tragedy
Deviant species - A night to dismember
Dohm - Space for empty minds
Doof - Youth of the galaxy
Eat static - Last ship to paradise
Electric universe - Orange night
Elysium - Dance for the celestial beings
E-Mantra - Depth of nothingness
Eraser vs Yojalka - Nice to mute you
Etnica - Fluorophilia camps bay
Evolution - The experience of taking a step into someones dream
Exelization - Ego transplant
Fiery dawn - Wings of fantasy
Fools and Tools - Hundreds of sunsets
Fractal vivisection - My name is Trance
Ghreg on Earth - Immaculate entanglement
Ghreg on Earth - Tea time at loneliness chasm
Ghreg on Earth - Subterranean bliss
Ghreg on Earth - Permutation city
Ghreg on Earth - All paths pronoia
Ghreg on Earth - The invisible college
Ghreg on Earth - Hex Vex Elixir
Ghreg on Earth - Book of lies
Hallucinogen - Fluoro neuro sponge
HedustMA - Possible worlds
Human blue - Dream creator
Infected mushroom - Never ever land
JaraLuca - Acidic Goacamole
Jikooha - My revolution and yours
Koxbox - Lunar bin
Koxbox - Stratosfearless
Lectro spektral daze - Yellow and green and blue patterns
MFG - Born into a new life
Morphic resonance - Return of the bad dreamer
Ocelot - Thoughts per second
Ocelot - Waves of relief
Planet BEN - Trippy future garden
Prisoners of the sun - Candy from the strange side
Proxeeus - Down the six thousand steps
Shpongle - The aquatic garden of extra celestial delights
Shpongle - Around the world in a tea daze
Shpongle - Once upon the sea of blissful awareness
Space tribe - Echoes in eternity
Space tribe - Nuclear fission chips
Space tribe - The ultraviolet catastrophe
Tegma - Trapped in a hypercube
The Delta - Travelling at the speed of thought
Xenomorph - The pit and the pendulum
Yahel - Last man in the universe

Ghreg on Earth is the GOAT when it comes to track names :)

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