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Any1 from Turkey here ?


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Guest trans-vortex

Turkey sucks, no goa events here :(


greece has some events but its sooo exp. to go there.


maybe i should visit isreal, but i afraid of bombs. ANY1 FROM TURKEY ??

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Well I am from Turkey

dont preoccupy your mind with what you ve told

come and experience

we ve been making goa parties here for years

we didnt have a single interruption by any force

maybe our parties were small

but people this is not the first festival in Turkey

there are many festivals reaching around 30.000 people (rock festivals)

so no worries, i dont think there would be any problems

i live now just a half an hour ride where the soulclipse will be

and partied nearly at that location this summer

and it was beautiful

the landscape, the people, the colors


if anyone is disturbed about terorrism

it has diminished very very much, and it is at the southeast region of turkey only

i hope it will be solved someday

and we ll get back to our tradition of multicultural life

in turkey there is not only turks and kurds, there are many more cultures living together

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