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Found 4 results

  1. Check out our latest release from tropical north queensland Australia, Mecca!! This young fella is a musical weapon,,,humble genius!, Groovy, intelligent psyprog at its finest. http://www.beatport.com/release/native-navigation/1163396
  2. hey psygang! my debut solo ep "All Knowing Universe" is available now,,,thanks everyone for the awesome support behind No Qualms...we are truly humbled and only more inspired to do much much more with No Qualms. respect!! http://www.beatport.com/release/all-knowing-universe/1140553 1. All Knowing Universe (10.42) 2. Your Eyes Unpeel (10.35) 3. Got Anything deeper (8.39) 4. Tribe, Buzz, Staunch (7.00) 5. Way More Fun (vs Waltone) (8.54)
  3. No Qualms Records is proud to announce our debut release on Beatport. Bushmech - Inner Odyssey. Fresh off the press @ No Qualms Records, this release is one of many to come for ya ears. fresh australian tropical beats,,, http://www.beatport.com/release/inner-odyssey/1129062 http://www.noqualmsrecords.com/
  4. GEOPARADISE FULL MOON GATHERING BOCA DEL DRAGO (BOCAS DEL TORO) ** THE CARIBBEAN SEA ** PANAMA 6th-8th APRIL 2012 Live ENTHEOGENIC (UK) - Universal Symbiosis Records www.entheogenic.net ZEN (NL) - www.djzen.nl SUNSHOW (NL) MI5 (UK) - GeoParadise GeoParadise FUGITIVE (US) - The Freak Beat thefreakbeat.com L.S.D. (UK) LUA MEIGA (ES) - GeoParadise GeoParadise.org MURLIDELIC (PA) - BPM www.bpmglobal.org GIZZ ORO (PA) - BPM www.bpmglobal.org PROPORTION (PA) - BPM www.bpmglobal.org D'JK (PA) - BPM www.bpmglobal.org MIND PULSE (PA) ALE (PA) Many more DJ's to come Welcome to the third edition in our series of free Full Moon Gatherings Featuring the very best of the Amsterdam Psy-trance scene with DJ Zen and Sunshow, bringing with them the latest flavours on the European Progressive vibe. Entheogenic returns after touring Europe and Russia. He has started working on his latest album, with inspiration coming from the Caribbean lifestyle and its oh so gorgeous nature. Expect some surprises during his set. Representing the UK scene at its best MI5 will be on site with the deepest dance music going. The Fugitive is popping down from the States to regale us with his Psychedelic Dub and trust us, when we say psychedelic, we mean it. Lua Meiga, our resident Galician spinner, will as usual weave her own blend of magic. Crossing the country from the capital the BPM crew headed by the irrepressible Murlidelic are for sure gonna rock the place with the funkiest tunnage on the dance floor. Mind Pulse and Ale two of the hardest working DJs in Bocas will add to the already impressive line up with their full-on, dark and wonderfully introspective music. As with all our gatherings, more acts will be added to the line up as and when they are confirmed The Full Moon Gatherings are FREE, that said we are more than happy to accept donations to help fund the Indigenous Meeting in the Tribal Gathering 2012. BOCAS DEL TORO IS A TROPICAL PARADISE CONSISTING OF 64 PERFECT CORAL REEFED ISLANDS, ADORNED WITH COCONUT PALMS AND WHITE SANDY BEACHES, NESTLED IN THE WARM CARIBBEAN SEA OF THE COAST OF PANAMA. Food and drink: We kindly ask you to leave your coolers and alcohol at home, please. The party is free and your money at the bar helps cover some of the costs. There is food available nearby at the beach in 2 gorgeous restaurants or you are more than welcome to bring your own. PLEASE BRING DRINKING WATER for the duration of the event. Accommodation: You should bring your tent or hammock. Camping in the Wavy Tribe center is free during the event. There is also a local budget hostel at the beach (10$ per night) if needed. Guidelines: This event is on a beautiful, natural beach, so please take everything home that you decide to bring. Your litter is your responsibility. If you visit the neighbor beach "Playa de las Estrellas" (Starfish beach), please, do not touch or disturb the starfish to keep them healthy. IMPORTANT!! Cash machine and petrol available in Bocas Town. There is no petrol or cash machines available in Boca del Drago, so make sure you bring enough for the weekend!! Locals are really friendly, you just have to ask around to find anything you need. We should also point out that all our Full Moon Gatherings are free and the artists play for free. We try to book artists who are playing in or around Panama at other paid events, consequently our line-ups could change from time to time through the actions of these other events. Entry fee: FREE Location: Wavy Tribe Center Boca Del Drago (Mouth Of The Dragon) Colon Island (The main island with the airport) Bocas Del Toro, Panama In the Caribbean sea by the border of Panama and Costa Rica GETTING HERE COULDN'T BE EASIER: There are numerous buses to Bocas Del Toro Panama. Costs from Panama city are around $23, David around $12 and the Costa Rica border $14 (add $3 for the boat to Colon island) Flights from Panama city to Bocas are around $80 + taxes each way, with two companies operating that route: Air Panama and AeroPerlas. Nature Air flies from San José (Costa Rica) to Bocas at about $180-200 each way. Check their websites for more info and book in advance to guarantee your place cause its Easter and planes will get all booked up. Once on the island catch one of the buses at $2.50 to Boca Del Drago. After the left turn on to the coast road, stop at the Wavy Tribe Center, the first property on the right. Taxis from Bocas Town are about $10 ($20 after midnight). Sharing a ride is always recommended. Pop to our website for more info
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