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Found 4 results

  1. abasio


    I didn't realise until recently just how many posts I have in this forum. I am now third behind reger and traveller as the highest spam-a-lot-a-bot. So I'd like to apologise for spamming this great forum with whatever it is I post about, probably viagra or promises of riches.
  2. PSYSHOP Title: The Call Of Goa v2 Label: Timewarp Rec Catalogue: TIMEWARP022 Format: 2 Panel Jewel Case 2CD Barcode: 881034133380 Release: May 2014 CD1 01. Sky Technology - Life or Coma Dream 02. Fractal Geometry & Bionic Delay - Dancing Shiva II 03. Celestial Intelligence - Evolution of the Atmospheres 04. Javi & SkoOma - Flubber 05. 01-N - Re:Glitch 06. Siam - Transparent Feelings 07. Doruk - End of the Beginning 08. Trinodia - Re-Mote 09. Asterope & Analogic Culture - Melodias Ancestrais 10. Laboratory X & RDM - Kenaz CD2 01. Psilocybernetics - In servitude to Cephalopods 02. Jayex - Instant Enlightenment 03. Persistent Aura - Century 04. CoaGoa - Sequoia Valley 05. Ephedra & Imba - Mystical morning in Vielsalm 06. Anumana - Lunar Dreams 07. Alienoma -The Invasion 08. Timofey & JBC Arkadii - This are the Asteroids 09. Nostromosis - The Road Home 10. Lunar Dawn - Ananke Release Notes: Timewarp presents: “The Call Of Goa v2”, a momentous retro-themed 2CD compiled by Nova Fractal & Dr. Spook. Once more the sacred tones ring forth, the annual ritual will soon begin! The High Priest has been selected who has shown exceptionally dedicated results and will be elevated to a new level. His followers and psychophants eagerly awaiting this prophesied event muster a fervour and exuberance here to for never experienced! As the orbit of our planet marks the passing of another cycle so does the earthbound growth usher in a new era! Behold the first solo physical limited edition dual disc release from the Timewarp cult! Giving the celebration new purpose Nova Fractal is handed the sacred sceptre by none other than arch wizard Dr. Spook who combines forces to issue forth this tome of secret treasures. From the four quarters of the world the call is heard. The prophesied day is coming when the messengers of the skygods would come and reveal to the worthy the arcane secrets and mystical methods. And so it was a gathering like none had ever seen before, Wizards & Warlocks, Witches and Wiccan, Sorcerers and Sychophants, Conjurers and Incantationists, and so many more… on they came bringing their own secret boxes and stuffed stash pouches, chests and coffers, and countless more contraptions of magical might. Together the greatest 20 formed a circle and began a momentous casting of all their most powerful spells, each releasing the power in tandem with the next, fluidly and flawlessly manifesting gestures and uttering half muttered phrases. As this great conflagration reaches its crescendo a series of hidden portals open and usher forth the heralds from the higher continuum… Timewarp Records is a new sublabel of Ovnimoon Records focusing on classic retro inspired goa trance co-managed by Nova Fractal, Hector Ovnimoon, Random & Dr. Spook. Expect some out of this world music light years ahead of its time, get ready to enter the Timewarp. Label Profile: Timewarp Records is a new sublabel of Ovnimoon Records focusing on classic retro inspired goa trance co-managed by Nova Fractal, Hector Ovnimoon, Random & Dr. Spook. Expect some out of this world music light years ahead of its time, get ready to enter the Timewarp. https://www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec www.facebook.com/ovnimoonrecords Ovnimoon Records is a label founded in 2010 based in Chile as an independent sub-label of Goa Records. Ovnimoon is the visionary producer whose name sake the label was based upon. All the music released with this imprint has passed his approval as true high quality gems of psychedelic goa trance. Expect only the top shelf selections worthy of the best collections and praised by the most noteworthy DJs in the world. www.ovnimoonrecords.com Goa Records is now a well established label founded in 2006 based in California/USA. Focused on finding the very best of the worlds leading psy-trance and goa-trance hits and compiling these into a highly commercialized package suitable for mainstream distribution outlets. Expect a steady stream of high quality, cutting edge releases from this already amazingly popular new label. www.goa-records.com www.geomagnetic.tv CREDITS/CONTACT INFO: Compiled by: Nova Fractal Art: Ivan Neo Goa Mastering: Igor Čeranć aka Deimos http://www.deimos-soundlabs.com/mastering Distribution by Psyshop & Geomagnetic Distribution (p) and © www.Geomagnetic.tv info@geomagnetic.tv http://www.geomagnetic.tv/news/timewarp022 PSYSHOP
  3. Who are the Federation? Well it's a group made up by Solarstone (who is quite famous in the trance scene) and Ben Lost (who did some tracks in the past with Solarstone and is currently working with Lost Language label company) along with other folks. They try to make trance music with rock, and to create a more darker mood than what Solarstone usually does (which in short is more of a happier mood). Here are some tracks: What do you guys think? It may not be a typical cup of tea of everyone else, but I have to say that I did enjoy the songs when I heard them. Some of the remixes of their songs are also pretty good.
  4. Helicon Sounds Music presents "Release the Beast 2014" 24h Outdoor Party celebrating the release of HSS013:The number of the beast http://heliconvibrations.blogspot.gr/2013/06/hss013the-number-of-beast-coming-soon.html Live Irgum Burgum (PsyBaba records)-Hungary Blisargon Demogorgon (Bhooteswara Records)- F.Y.R.O.M. Hishiryo (Wild 7 Records/DVM Records)-France Sample Bugs (Ohm Ganesh/ Pro-Plegma Recs) Lost Reflection (HSSR) Metahuman (Electricmoon-HSSR) Tsek (Eleusis records/Tsek-Art) Psylence Mind (4 Elements) Paranoia Sector (Scared Evil/Horrordelic Records) Sungazer(HSSR) Darkchico(Eleusis Records) DJ-sets Helloki(Arcade Disfunction Records)-Belgium Spiros Tsot(Amphidromia , Atlantis FM) Miss Lina(Amphidromia , Atlantis FM) Mendor (Eleusis records) Spyros (Gravitysense) Techspex(Psychedelic.gr) Necroillusion(HSSR) Cain (Scared Evil Records) The line up is confirmed and closed .Thank you Timetable coming soon Loud and Clear Soundsystem Special Deco and Visuals by HSM Chaishop, Drinks,beverages,food and sweet stall with special prices This is a PRESALE ONLY event limited to 250 ppl Damage Until 31.12.13 :10 Euro Until 31.3.14 :15 Euro Until 30.4.14 : 20 Euro (+CD) Presale starts @ 1 November 2013 -Update soon Info - Helpdesk : Helicon-sounds@hotmail.com or contact Helicon Sounds or LostReflection Dimitris The Party is scheduled to be held outdoors . In case of bad weather , the party will be held at the same spot but indoors. Support your local groovers http://heliconvibrations.blogspot.gr/ https://www.facebook.com/events/1376321019274907/ http://hss-odyssey-2011.blogspot.gr/2013/10/release-beast-24h-party-17-18-may-2014.html
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