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Found 8 results

  1. From the old dream to be part of this unique experience called Boom Festival, this tribute was born in form of music. Artist: Hexaliohm Title: Boom Format: Digital Release Release: 2023.03.31 Catalog: CAT793521 Tracklist: 1 - Hexaliohm - Boom 1 - Hexaliohm - Dance Temple 1 - Hexaliohm - Surrender 1 - Hexaliohm - Beyond Eternity Writer: Hexaliohm Producer: Hexaliohm Mastering: Hexaliohm Artwork: Hexaliohm Listen and download: https://fanlink.tv/hexaliohm-boom Follow us https://bit.ly/HexaliOHM https://soundcloud.com/hexaliohm https://instagram.com/hexaliohm https://facebook.com/hexaliohm https://hexaliohm.bandcamp.com https://vk.com/hexaliohm
  2. StarLab Music - Psytrance Artist India Bharat Bindal under his stage name StarLab is an Indian Music Producer and DJ specializing in the genres Psychedelic Trance and Goa Trance. Early life and career Bharat Bindal started the Starlab project in New Delhi. Touted to be the promising one and will be seen as a cornerstone in the world of music. Bindal started his musical journey by learning about Indian Classical Music to the western genre such as psytrance for a strong foothold in the music. Starlab has worked with several biggest musicians and top music labels and is all set to entertain with future landmark projects in Psytrance music & Psychedelic Trance DJs Bharat has a rich history in music spanning decades beginning with him getting a junior diploma in Indian Classical Music at the age of 8 and a senior diploma at the age of 13. “My music is inspired by Indian classical music traditions, so my love and respect for regional music are tremendous. (citation available) During this time he started listening to Rock and Metal Music due to the influence of his parents and older brother and discovered the band's Guns n’ roses, Def Leppard, Nirvana and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers who became his very early music influences. This inspired him to pick up his father's acoustic guitar which and eventually taught himself how to play it from the ear. In 2000 when Bharat was still in High School there was an opening for a bass player in a popular local Rock Band Cyanide. This became his first foray into composing and recording original music. The band gained acclaim in India which enabled them to start touring the cross country and finally, their success lead them to perform at the highly coveted Great Indian Rock Festival and were the finalists on the popular TV show Channel [V] Launchpad. In 2006 on a trip to Goa he stumbled upon an underground Goa Trance party. This experience completely changed his perspective about music and in 2009 he joined a music production school Beatfactory Academy in his hometown where he learnt to use the music production software Logic Pro. His early music as a solo musician was highly inspired by bands such as TOOL, Oceansize, Karnivool, Porcupine Tree and his first productions under the alias Until There Is Light, a psychedelic rock and metal solo project was also featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. Meanwhile, he started dabbling in synthesis and learnt to produce his first Psytrance track reading tutorials from online forum isratrance. At this time he decided on the stage name StarLab. The theme behind my sound is usually inspired by science, facts and fiction, and nature with regard to the universe and creation,” In 2011 he got his first break as his new alias StarLab at a local bar called The Zoo which was very well received. He became a regular there with a monthly night dedicated to Psytrance music & Psychedelic Trance DJs In 2012 With a desire to take his music to the next level he went to San Francisco, USA to study music production at Pyramind Studios. During this time he made his first single release on German Label Yellow Sunshine Explosion. He began attending Psytrance events in San Francisco and got acquainted with local party and festival organisers. This enabled him to start getting gigs all around California and playing for a more global audience. On returning to India in 2013 he got signed to the Indian record label Digital Om with whom he released his first EP ‘Lightspeed’. Discography EPs: Lightspeed (Digital Om, 2014) 1. Lightspeed 2. Innerspace Distances (Digital Om, 2015) 1. Critical Distance (w/ Maitika) 2. Remix to Nitrodrop — The Architect (w/ Maitika) Cosmic Contact (TechSafari, 2015) 1. Cosmic Contact 2. Remix to Liftshift — Plantlife Post Human Consciousness (Digital Om, 2017) 1. Post Human (w/ Djantrix) 2. Access To Concsiousness (w/ Genesia) Singles Ones Who See In The Dark (Yellow Sunshine Explosion, 2014) Dream Engine (w/ Sonic Entity, Digital Om 2014) Streamline (Remix for Eclip, Digital Om 2015) Innerspace (Remix by Waveform, Digital Om 2015) Celestial Beings (w/ Middle Mode, Digital Om 2015) Tokyo Teleport (Digital Om, 2016) Tokyo Teleport (Remix by Sabretooth, Digital Om 2016) Synthetic Vibes (Remix for Liquid Soul, Digital Om 2016) Dissolve (w/ Maitika, Expo Records 2017) Ilbechin (w/ Stryker, Digital Om 2017) Rise Of The Robots (Remix for Protonica, Iono Music, 2017) Transformation (TechSafari Records 2017) Sacred Medicine (w/ Ital, Digital Om 2017) The Sage (TesseracTstudio 2017) Crossing FX (Remix for Outsiders, Sacred Technology 2017) Abiogenesis (Digital Om 2018) Esoteric (w/ Sonic Entity, TesseracTstudio 2019) Alignment (w/ Out Of Range, Digital Om 2018) Mission Simulator (Digital Om, 2018) Universal Prayer (w/ Ital, Iono Music 2019) Pretty High (w/ Hypnoise, Maharetta 2019) Dogon (w/ Burn In Noise, Digital Om 2019) Inside The Atom (w/ Mono Sapiens, Dacru 2019) Earthlight (Digital Om, 2019) Vivid Visions (w/ Chronosphere, Digital Om 2020) Post Human (Remix by Mono Sapiens, Repost Network 2020) Distant World (Remix by Morsei, Digital Om 2020) The Great Awakening (w/ Spinal Fusion, Digital Om 2020) Primitive Future (2021 DM7 Records) VA Appearances Book of Changes compiled by Astrix Distant World (Future Music, 2017) Psyblasters compiled by Lunatica Symphonic Universe (w/ Mental Control, Digital Om 2019 Dimensions 005 compiled by Alpha Portal Physical Nature (Shamanic Tales, 2019) Psy Nation, Progressive Nation compiled by Liquid Soul & Ace Ventura Beginning Of Time (w/ Suduaya, Iboga 2019) YouTube Channel Of Starlab - https://www.youtube.com/c/StarLabMusic
  3. Set 8 is full of some classics you know & others you love. This show takes us deeper into the progressive side of psytrance, be prepared for a mega fluffy loved up journey as we take you on some proper cool twists & turns. You'll be jumping like crazy as we start the vibrations from a deep and steady 100 – 136 bpm in the first track & then its ramped up to a reliable 138 most of the way till we get to the end where to give it justice we super charge it to 140 bpm. Enjoy & for best results played loud & with a subwoofer. Tracklist: 00.00 Astrix (Zyce Remix) - The Fourth Revelation 07.48 Phaxe - Never the Less 12.53 Ace Ventura (Red planet mix) - M.A.R.S 20.47 Vertical mode & Ace Ventura - Vertical Ace 26.38 Shivatree - Altered States 32.33 Sphera & Freedom Fighters & Domestic – One Level Down 37.05 Symbolic & Vertical Mode (Talpa_Zyce remix) - Moving Forward 43.06 Morten Granau - Scope 48.54 Atmos & Skizologic - Transductive Behavior 55.19 Liquid Soul, Zyce - (Symbolic, Outsiders Remix) - Anjuna
  4. Website 3p Soundcloud Psytrance scene are here for long time now the big change happen I think at 1992 when Israelis artists start to inspire the goatrance scene worldwide with a uniq style of sounds. many Goa hits release back then from Israel and played across the world. 
today with a really massive digital release its getting hard to find good music, this is way we create this label company our Vision is create artist family and bring you the best of psytrace & electronic music produced on earth 3p records Claim since 2017 psytrance is our world we live breath eat sleep psytrance we are here to take you on a 3p trough our vision for the next consciousness state with our talent feature artist such as: SavaGe, Black Monkey, Roketto and more.
  5. Website 3p Soundcloud Psytrance scene are here for long time now the big change happen I think at 1992 when Israelis artists start to inspire the goatrance scene worldwide with a uniq style of sounds. many Goa hits release back then from Israel and played across the world. 
today with a really massive digital release its getting hard to find good music, this is way we create this label company our Vision is create artist family and bring you the best of psytrace & electronic music produced on earth 3p records Claim since 2017 psytrance is our world we live breath eat sleep psytrance we are here to take you on a 3p trough our vision for the next consciousness state with our talent feature artist such as: SavaGe, Black Monkey, Roketto and more.
  6. Title: Faders & Mental Broadcast - Psychedelic Theory Catalog No.: DOPDIGI010 Format: Digital Online Mastered by: Bart Xsi - XSI Mastering Cover Art: Onam | Graphic Design Distribution: BONZAI Release Date: Beatport Exclusive : 21/ 4 / 2014 iTunes & Rest of Digital shops worldwide : 5/5/2014 Track list : 01 Faders Vs Mental Broadcast - Psychedelic Theory 02 Sonic Species & Mental Broadcast - Receiver (Faders Remix) 03 Faders & Roger Rabbit - Lucid Dreams - (Mental Broadcast Remix) About Ep : Faders & Mental Broadcast join forces and create a 3 tracks Ep including a original track a remix to hit track between Mental Broadcast & Sonic Species and also eaturing a remix by Mental Broadcast to a collaboration track between Faders & Roger Rabbit. Their new Theory is so good that it comes with a guarantee of quality music been delivered keeping the old school style but with some fresh new developments too which is expected to make some massive movement on all the global dance floors with idea of focusing on strong, mind-bending FX and highly detailed sonic manipulation which will whip a full-on serious psychedelic storm suitable for any dance floor and must have tracks for all the Dj bags. ------------------------------------------------- Buy digitally online on Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/psychedelic-theory/1274238 Listen samples on : https://soundcloud.com/digital_om ------------------------------------------------- https://www.facebook.com/faderslive https://www.facebook.com/mentalbroadcastofficial http://www.facebook.com/digital.om.productions https://www.facebook.com/universal.religion.nepal https://soundcloud.com/digital_om
  7. OOOD’YOU THINK IS TALKING? Way back in the ‘90s, Parallel PR’s Steve and Dex were involved with a monthly dance event called ‘Skankadelic’ in their home town of Banbury, and enjoyed performances from many up-and-coming young musicians and DJs. One band that stood out from the rest was ‘Out Of Our Depth’, who since then (and after a couple of personnel changes) have gone from strength to strength to achieve almost legendary status in the worldwide Psychedelic Trance scene, under the acronym ‘OOOD’. OOOD was formed as a three piece in 1994 by Colin Bennun, Steve Callaghan, and Nigel Bradbury. They immediately made their mark, and have worked with some of the top names and labels around the Psy/Goa Trance world. Since losing Nigel, and gaining Ramsay Melhuish and Ryokan Potier, OOOD has continued as one of the most sought after and original live Psytrance festival favourites, as well as being prolific in the ‘STOODIO’. Their latest album, ‘You Think You Are’, out on the ‘Vertigo’ label, is ample proof that the group’s creativity is as fresh and exciting as it ever was. Ahead of their much-anticipated sets (yes…that’s ‘sets’, plural) as a band and as individual artiste’s at this year’s Waveform Festival, Parallel PR managed to get the guys to take time out from their busy schedule to talk to us. PARALLEL: Hi, fellas. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have a chat. You guys are absolute veterans of the Psy scene, what were you all doing before OOOD? Colin – I was unemployed, having just finished a stint writing music for computer games. I'd been in bands and worked in studios since I was 15 but by then I had a little MIDI setup at home and was making dancy, dubby tracks on my own, and with random friends. Rama - After being involved in a noise band called Conform or Die in the late eighties, I made the transition onto 1210’s just as acid house morphed into harder-edged acid techno. Living in London at the time was amazing, it was total carnage in terms of the quantity and size of free parties. Ryo - Fiddling my other knobs, raving in the 90’s in between DJing on lovely vinyls, working, studying and getting too farted for studying. Oh, and vinyl shopping. Lots and lots of vinyl shopping. Musically, I was in a school band (drums) and orchestra (violin). Steve – Before OOOD I was in various other bands, DJing, and putting on psytrance parties in Oxford with Rama, and writing mostly psychedelic dub. PARALLEL: Who were your earliest influences? Steve – The Beatles, Hendrix... then a million others. Rama – My first 7'’ was Nellie The Elephant by The Toy Dolls, then making endless compilations of John Peel shows off the radio; he opened up the Pandora’s Box of musical mayhem, from Spacemen 3 to Napalm Death and so much in between.. Colin – I guess my very earliest influences would have to be my parents for sitting me in a room with a piano and an EMS Synthi at the age of 4. Human League, Art of Noise (and other Trevor Horn productions), ELO... Bob Moog got in there pretty early too, via Wendy Carlos. Ryo - The Blue Hearts (80’s Japanese punk rock band), Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi (no, not that Tsuyoshi), Led Zeppelin. PARALLEL: In the nineteen years since you formed, you’ve become regular world travellers. Are there vast differences in people’s approach to the Psy scene, or is it generally the same the world over? Rama - Wherever you go there’s a shared love in surrendering yourself to the 4/4 beat in a visually spectacular environment, it transcends language and culture. Ryo - Definitely different, but at the same time the essence is similar everywhere. Some places like Japan, where there are not many sweeties to help you fly with the pink rabbit, the scene is clean, wholesome and organic, yet their love of the music is enough to take people to that pink rabbit and beyond. Steve – There is a beautiful vibe the world over, they're all slightly different. We're all very lucky to be a part of this scene. Colin – Everywhere has its own slight take on it but even with the differences of location and culture it's kind of all the same party, just different stages and rooms of the same global celebration. PARALLEL: You’ve played at some of the best festivals in the world (Boom, Fusion, Glade, Universo Parallelo, etc.), as well as clubs large and small. What kind of venue do you enjoy most? Colin – They all have their moments! Small clubs can be very intense and intimate, but large venues have their own special tingle up the spine. Indoors is best in the winter or if the weather's bad, outdoors is best when the sun is shining. Ryo - We enjoy the experience of festivals and parties in all the ones we go to, just like everybody else. It is after all why we are doing this and it is as important for us to enjoy and dance with all the lovely people who bring us there as it is for us to play for them. It's what keeps our creative juices flowing. Steve – I've got a bit of preference for outdoor nature parties/festivals, big or small, but there's been some great indoor parties too. Rama – Whether it's indoors or out, it's as much about the people you're with as the place you find yourself in. PARALLEL: While we’re on the subject of festivals, what is it about Waveform that keeps bringing you back? ALL: We have had many memorable moments in the history of Waveform, many good times. We played at the very first one and ever since then we've supported it through its various changes and improvements. We keep coming back because it's local to us, with a great crowd and a dedicated crew – particularly Jason and the TRiBE of FRoG team who we've had strong connections with since 2001. PARALLEL: Do you all involve yourselves in side-projects? Steve – I'm currently writing a few dance tracks with various people, an acoustic experiment with Alex Gaves, and will soon be doing a remix of a Sidewinder track, and a chillout track of my own. Ryo - Yes, I’m writing music with 3 separate projects, all for the compilation I am putting together. And I am also writing a tune with my sister Yas-ko on vocals, which will be somewhere on the House spectrum. It’s good to stretch your boundaries in terms of writing different stuff. Colin – I'm currently involved with one main side-project with my friend Mark Kerridge, making deep rolling trance-influenced tech under the name Kleesh. We've got an EP out right now on Horns and Hooves Entertainment. It's also my turn to work on the new Voice of Cod track Andrew and I started; I've been very slack with that and I need to get a move on. PARALLEL: What other genres of music do you prefer to listen to when it’s time to kick back and relax? ALL: Everything from 15th century spoon music to next level Acid Chav. PARALLEL: What’s next for OOOD? ALL: We've recently started to be asked to do a few remixes so we've got our heads down right now working on a version of the huge 'Killer Wheels' by Acidova, for Rune Recordings. We've also just done a remix of Hedflux's classic track 'Rhythm Prism', which should hopefully be coming out on Broken Robot at some point – Colin's also done a more techy remix with Kleesh. We just finished a new psy track called 'That's Why We Shwing', which clocks in at 148bpm; gotta balance the psybreaks with some heavy four to the floor action! Steve, Rama and Ryo have a new track on the go called 'Pythagopus' which is heading in a psy-techy direction and is most likely to be released on Aux Records, and there's a drum+bass track in the pipeline for Ryo's compilation, which itself is looking very interesting. It's provisionally titled “Liquid Acid Bass”, and will have a heavy drum+bass emphasis with a serious dose of psychedelia. Some of our favourite artists have agreed to write tracks especially for it, like Dick Trevor and Hedflux. Summer is coming up, and we're playing across the country, and heading Nordicwards a couple of times too. Pick of our summer dates are probably Pearl Festival in Norfolk, Waveform (of course!), and Existence Festival in Finland. PARALLEL: And a cheeky final ask, how much have your rider requirements changed in the last nineteen years, and what would be your ideal rider? Colin – Personally I'm happy just to be kept fed and watered. One nice thing that happened at a festival we were playing at the other week was the organiser gave us a carrier bag full of high-grade booze after our set, which was great. More of that please! Steve – I require one medium-sized lake populated by a pod of mermaids, a 50cc multicoloured flying fluoro wheelbarrow and at least three remote-controlled pineapples. And biscuits... lots of biscuits. Rama – I'm grateful for anything from a beer to a... Ryo – Don't get me started. How long do you have? PARALLEL: Thanks a lot, guys. Some excellent responses. We’ll definitely enjoy reading them back later. We wish you well in all of your future projects, and we are gritting our teeth in anticipation of what you will pull out of your magical Psy bag at Waveform. WORDS BY DEX FLETT (Parallel PR on behalf of Waveform Festival) www.waveformfestival.com www.oood.net https://www.facebook.com/pages/Parallel-PR/34168036863
  8. Waveform Electronic Music Festival 2013 September 6th – 9th 2013 Waveform Electronic Music Festival will be in its 7th successful year in 2013, and to celebrate this magical number we have some new and unique experiences for you. We are moving to a new site, a stunning location in Somerset, which will enable us to run all the main music stages later and louder! Exact location details will be coming soon but first let’s highlight what we will be bringing back..... The Vibe... everyone who attends says the same thing, there really is nothing like the vibe felt at Waveform...it is just out of this world, and we want more! The Music ... 2013 will see the return of all 5 Stages from 2012... Cats Cradle Solar Stage, The Psychedelic Stage, The Electronica Stage, Chooneys House Stage/Eartheart Stage & Gaia Chill Space. We are also bringing back the Waveform Outdoor Stage. The full eclectic music line up of Live Electronica, Psy Trance, Breaks, D&B, Techno, Progressive, Classy House, Downtempo and Ambient is coming soon. Consciousness...For those of you who want more than the music, we are pleased to welcome back the highly successful Worldshift Space after such an incredible debut last year. There will be even more thought provoking talks, workshops and performances, including a second installment to the Merkaba Activation talk from 2012. Greener Ethos....we will of course be bringing back the beautiful Green Village with all its loveliness, beautiful vibe and educational aspect. This year there will be an expansion of the village to include a solar cinema and a host of cutting edge site art and installations. Art Gallery....we welcome back the Psy Art gallery, and expect some pleasant surprises! Healing Temple...we had so much positive feedback from the newly expanded healing space that we want to give you even more this year. So What’s New For 2013? You can be sure the priority is the Waveform festival vibe. Musically, we can confirm the return of the Waveform outdoor stage...yes it’s back after a 4 year absence...we have the location and the line up to deliver an outdoor space, and a dream music line up for all the stages coming soon! ....but we want to give you more....this year we want you all to feel something new and very special.... Waveform introduces the Sun-Moon arena... Waveform 2013 Sun-Moon Arena Fancy a cosmic ride to the stars and back...would you like to feel the astral planes....how about really feeling the ultimate expression of our reality? Well you have come to right place...the Sun-Moon Arena. Here is a list of just some of what you can expect to feel, see, taste, touch, and hear: - · Legally lift your mind to a higher vibrational state, how you may ask? A combination of technology, natural resources, flower of life sacred geometry, Merkaba meditation, healing grids and a few more secrets up our flared sleeves! · Art installations and visuals that will make you, as the expression says, well beside yourself! · Catch the best sunset of your life, yes that’s an ancient pastime, but not whilst sipping our sun-moon infused elixir that has an extra magickal kick! So if like many before you, you yearn to experience something more than our 3D reality and vibrate faster than the speed of light....then come and join us. STOP PRESS: All Adult tickets are now £99 (+bf if through agent). A very limited amount will be available on the gate at £115. DON'T BE DISAPPOINTED - www.waveformfestival.com/tickets/ Location: We will be able to confirm the exact location soon, but it is in Somerset, the nearest city is Bristol. Waveform website www.waveformfestival.com 2013 FB Event Page http://www.facebook....96504680493897/ Official Facebook Fan Pagehttp://www.facebook....121148311242865 Official Facebook Group http://www.facebook....roups/waveform/ 2013 Facebook Event Page http://www.facebook....96504680493897/ Soundcloud http://www.waveformf...com/soundcloud/ Forum http://festivalweath...d95afd1d2d32136 PEACE AND LOVE. PS – Well worth a read: http://psypressuk.com/2013/03/04/waveform-festival-2013-the-psychedelic-bonanza-is-back-for-its-7th-year/
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