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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Guys, my new video is ready! Psytrance-folk-rock fusion at Burning Mountain Festival 2018 Live:
  2. Artist: Lunar Dawn TItle: Triglav Label: Neogoa Records Date: April, 2016 1. Jav 2. Nav 3. Prav 4. Golden Arms Of Kresnik (Journey Into Sound Remix) 5. Svarog's Celestial Fire (Proxeeus Remix) 6. Golden Arms of Kresnik (Lectro Spektral Daze Remix) 7. Svarog's Celestial Fire (Dragon Twins Remix) "Darkness! No parents! Super rich! Kinda makes it better!" I did not realize that Triglav was also the name of a heavy metal band from the Ukraine. But I ain't about that. Gotta love Neogoa. A label whose only goal was to release quality goa trance for free has certainly blossomed into something quite irreplaceable. While they still stay true to the mantra of goa trance liberation they've also dipped their toe into limited album sales. To which I say thank God because the music they release is certainly worth having in physical form. Lunar Dawn recently released their debut album Kolovrat which was steeped in Slavic folklore and mythology. Triglav is a continuation of that with 4 extra tracks (remixes of two tracks from that debut album) for those that order the digipak. This duo is no stranger to an album full of remixes or have you forgotten the Blessings From Irij digital release? On top of that the artwork in the form of wallpapers are also included. The cover is quite intricate and invites the eye to search out new apects every time I look at it. Jav certainly sets the medieval atmosphere with a very folksy and Games of Thrones gravitas. You can just feel the mud of the land and the privileged royalty. Nav is where we get down to the business of goa trance. And also where we get a real world instrument contribution on the bouzouki from Amir John Haddad whcih adds to that ethnic vibe. I'll be honest I felt very European listening to that. Prav for me was the weakest track that felt too full-oney without any of the feelings of the others. But then we get to the remixes and it's a tough job to remix great tracks. One thing that is a must for a remix is that it cannot be a carbon copy of the original with just a few different sounds. And the two chosen for remixes were some of the best tracks on Kolovrat. Golden Arms of Kresnik and Svarog's Celestial Fire are such epic tracks that carry the medieval folk melodies as a shield on one arm and a battle axe of goa trance in the other hand. The remix by J.I.S. gives it some hyper motion with other melodies and a break that was quite appealing. The LSD remix of the same track however felt unremarkable and inferior to the original in pretty much every way. Too herky jerky for my tastes. Proxeeus had me with that 303 wobble and I never looked back while the Dragon Twins applied a little BOTB acidic flare to their effort. Both with great results. I appreciate the effort that went into this and for Lunar Dawn and Neogoa to offer this as a physical release well I think it's got its place in my collection. Happy to have it there. That said it's not the shiniest gem in the Neogoa crown with a couple of tracks that fall short of greatness. Sometimes I felt that it was seemed more important to incorporate the ethnic mythological feel in the tracks that the actual goa trance took a back seat. I didn't feel that way with Kolovrat. It was so deep and involved and struck a harmonious balance. That said the majority of the music found within is really good. Sound quality is beyond reproach from my ears and the art is a joy to behold. Free at Ektoplazm, but don't be a cheap f*ck...buy the digipak and get the 4 extra tracks.
  3. The Music of Epirus a small region of north west greece lend their musical notes to Andrian Enescu former producer of Enigma, and pink floyd, and there comes modern downtempo ambient to hug all this feast of world music. Mogolian huun-huur-tu met the bulgarian voices there where the east music and musicians met the "black continent" music, with the sleepless eye of Ross daly and somewhere there A solo lyra by Psarantonis (music of crete) "cries" through pontos region and japan. Tracklist: 1 PetroLoukas Chalkias - Miroloi me Gyrismata 2 Reasonandu & Adrian Enescu - Peaceful Heart 3 Pink Floyd - shine on you crazy diamond 4 PetroLoukas Chalkias - Skaros 5 Cell -Brother 6 Huun-Huur-Tu & Bulgarian Voices- Legend 7 Serkan Alkan & Burak Malcok - Udon 8 Bahramji & Mashti - Let It Go 9 Makyo - Takshaka 10 Ross Daly & Bijan Chemirani - Gulistan 11 Palyrria - Pangala 12 Psarantonis - Solo Lyra 13 Hiromitsu Agatsuma - Yoakemae 14 Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze (Ott Remix) http://www.mixcloud.com/Psypunk/psypunk-a-land-beyond-the-borders-tribute-mix-to-world-music/
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