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Found 3 results

  1. Covid-19 Blah blah blah... Been away for over a year Blah blah blah... Let's talk about the things that matter...Music Androcell - Chronicle Yeap, that's right. It's time for Tyler Smith to enter the few artists that are part of Digital Reprints' catalogue. I first "saw" rather than "heard" Tyler's art through the cover of the excellent compilation Natural Born Chillers. Although I am not a fan of faces in cover art in general, there was something in that one that really struck me. That made me dig a little deeper and was surprised to find out that the artist responsible had released an album as well. After my first listen of Emotivision I knew he would be up there, with the rest of my favourite artists on the Psydub/Psychill genre. Since then, he never failed to deliver a high quality, emotional release time and again. Only problem being that the last physical release was in 2014. A remixed album and several EPs that followed after were always on a digital format only. Which is a shame really, for us, the people that take pride showcasing their collection of those magical, silver discs. Don't worry though because I (and you) am here to put things right. Four discs on an 8pp digipack format with artwork and layout provided by Tyler himself. Three of the discs will comprise material never before released on physical format and one will be a collection of tracks from various compilations. The music will be presented in a chronological format showcasing the evolution in Androcell's sound. Please follow the link for more info and to pledge. Project is already funded and only 20 copies left. http://kck.st/3ieso0s
  2. First chill-out / downtempo album by DNAprocess As opposition to dark psytrance, 'Shamanic Frequencies' album is presenting downtempo / psybient tracks, perfect for chill out and meditation. Created in 2020 and designed to calm your mind, body and soul with deep, psychedelic frequencies. Get it now on Bandcamp. https://dnaprocess.bandcamp.com/album/shamanic-frequencies
  3. Artist: VA Album: Summer Label: Altar Records Genre: Progressive Psy-Chill, Psy-Chill, Downtempo, Ambiant 1.Sacral Reason - Journey Through the Minds 7:09 2.Suduaya – Over the Edge 8:03 3.Elea – Yãtrã 8:02 4.E-Mantra – Dance of the Firefly 6:15 5.Merlin – Immortality 6:28 6.Alwoods – Blue Horizon 11:28 7.Astropilot -Stellar Night 10:26 8.Abiogenesis (CJ Catalizer & Manmara) - Sun Birds Dance 7:13 9.Asura – Always ''LS Vintage Edit'' 5:08 After the delicious album ''Spring'' released last year, Altar Records is now proposing ''Summer'', the second adventure to its new compilation series celebrating the seasons. This time, the owner of Altar Record, DJ Zen, asked nine of the most talented PsyChill artists to produce an exclusively imaginative album, one track for each of the artists to inspire the energy of the summer. Well-known names like Suduaya, Astropilot, Elea, E-Mantra and Alwoods share the soundscape with surprising composers such as Merlin, Sacral Reason and the original duo project of CJ Catalizer & Manmara known as Abiogenesis. This gathering offers a kaleiodscope of colors blowed by a warm wind of textures and vibrations. The energy is high! Whether it's under the zenith of the sun, or embraced by the touch of the moon, the music whispers the desire to fly in the sky. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - - - ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sacral Reason – Journey Through the Mind Upon his first meditative album ''Soul Splinter'' released in 2010, Anton Bakhtin, a.k.a Sacral Reason, always created enchanted melodies juggling raw instruments and electronic texture. With ''Journey Through the Mind'', he brings alive a sacred space of beauty. An airy introduction lead by a enigmatic chant that slowly develops in a complex psychill structure, seated on a moving bass line. Suduaya – Over the Edge As usual, Suduaya offers a pure masterpiece. Heavenly melody and spacey floating texture accompany by sparks of light, supported by deep massive vibrations. It feels so intense and so gentle at the same time : the encounter of the moon and the sun. Elea – Yãtrã With more than 650 live-acts around the world with 3 live formulas (Prog and Psytrance, Chillout and Ambient, Meditative and Healing), 5 albums, 4 maxi vinyls, 10 EP’s, more than 30 compilations … Elea does not need more introduction. This artist is recognized to propose shanti sound in an original fusion of dance culture and ancestral vibrations. With Yãtrã one is brought into a deep trance journey lead by hypnotical sitar lines and multi-layer of psychedelic notes. E-Mantra – Dance of the Fireflies ''Dance of the Fireflies'' continues the personal and unique signature of E-Mantra : a spatial environnement where simple but efficient notes, connecting the cell of our brain with the orbiting planets around our solar system. Merlin – Immortality After a surprising remix of the track ''Sun Trap'' from Alwoods, Merlin is now releasing his first original tune : ''Immortality''. Strongly inspired by the Alwoods universe, this track infuses an introspective feeling while keeping a rolling kick that puts the dance floor on fire. Beautiful! Alwoods – Blue Horizon Offering a strong kick structure, ''Blue Horizon'' plays with the infra-layer of our counsciousness. In a pure goa trance influence, it's a shamanic travel that Alwoods proposes to the listener. Gloomy vibes intertwines with squelchy sounds of insect and traditional native voices ... a dance floor killer. Astropilot – Stellar Night In the same vein from the tracks of his previous album ''Iriy'', Astropilot offers a crystalline ambiance grounded in a warm bass spectrum. A beautiful luminous melody that develops in chapters of variety, while keeping a homogenous and cohesive feelling of light and transcendence. A real orgasm that take its time to embrace the space. Abiogenesis (Cj Catalizer and Manmara) – Sun Birds Dance Shining layers of micro-melodies envelopped by simple but efficient psychedelic notes. Awesome introduction that prepares the listener to a heart-warming journey through an organic trancy country. Asura – Always ''LS Vintage Edit'' ''Always'' is an atmospeheric adventure that propose an epic melody filled with hope. In the same feeling of the tune ''Everlasting'', released on the Altar Records compilation ''Ether'', ''Always'' gives the desire to be lulled by the charm of the wind and slowly smile to the universe. You can buy and listen to samples at: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/summer YouTube links : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hHk0IdKi3M
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