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Found 3 results

  1. Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds050L Format: Compilation Released: September 2017 Tracklist: 01. Aerodromme - Cosmic Trigger (ExecutiveProducer Rmx) 02. Excizen - Someone One (Bratenschneider Remix) 03. Jitter - Funkee Shit (Alic Remix) 04. Daäna - Little Animals (Trilingo Remix) 05. Fredrik Astevall - Block (Luis M Remix) 06. Ben Rama - VALIS (Crennwiick Remix) 07. Code Therapy - Waves (Flembaz Remix) 08. Alic - Icedive (Trevor McGregor Remix) 09. Trilingo - Kalix (Code Therapy Remix) 10. Simmetune - Endless Moments (Ben Rama Remix) Digital Diamonds is proud to present 'Digital Decade', an ambitious release that celebrates the label's 10 years of activity in the underground scene and being run by Alic. Compiled by Ben Rama, 'Digital Decade' features 10 exceptional remixes of memorable tracks from the label's extensive back catalog, expertly crafted by Digital Diamonds artists both past and present. As one of the scene's more active proponents of 'psychedelic techno', it's no surprise that this sound is well represented here. Backed up by some progressive leaning numbers that don't shy away from melodies, this well-rounded release will appeal to fans from across the techno spectrum. Get it HERE: http://www.digital-diamonds.com/index.php?id=digitaldiamonds050l
  2. V.A. Digital Family Vol. 5 - compiled by Alic Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds040L Format: Compilation Released: March 2015 Tracklist 01. Point - Tripolation 02. Frech And Koch - Deep Sky 03. Trilingo - Kalix 04. Flembaz - Lubrsune 05. Alic - The Host 06. Troy Polygon - Der Rote Stier 07. Mydä - Offtopic 08. Daäna - Nice To Meet You 09. Alic - What Is (Ben Rama Remix) 10. Simmetune - Endless Moments For many years Digital Family compilation series is the most important output on Digital Diamonds. Part 5 is compiled again by labelfounders Alic uniting artists from the first hour with fresh upstartes from the psychedelic and hypnotic techno scene like Ben Rama, Daäna, Flembaz, Trilingo and Mydä. Alic accomplished their mission of compiling 10 wonderfull tracks ranging from deep and cinematic atmospheres over to peaktime techno hits. FREE DOWNLOAD WAV/MP3 The full release Digital Diamonds catalogue is available here.
  3. VA - Digital Family 5 Digital Diamonds Tracklist: 1. Point - Tripolation 2. Frech & Koch - Deep Sky 3. Trilingo - Kalix 4. Flembaz - Lubrsune 5. Alic - The Host 6. Troy Polygon - Der Rote Stier 7. Myda - Offtopic 8. Daana - Nice To Meet You 9. Alic - What Is (Ben Rama Remix) 10. Simmetune - Endless Moments The roots of techno netlabel Digital Diamonds go pretty deep into the psytrance community. Early on in their existence the label released a tech-trance EP from the great Nuclear Ramjet project as well as releasing some tracks from the likes of Excizen (the techno project of progressive act ManMachine) and psychedelic techno heavy hitter Opsy. And even while I have enjoyed these releases over the years it is because of how deep their roots go into the Toronto psytrance community, in particular, that has kept their releases a bit on the personal side. My hometown may be in New York but no question my psychedelic heart beats for my home-away-from-home, in that metropolis of Ontario, where several lifelong friendships have been struck. And several of the familiar faces and first-name basis acquaintances made over the last decade in that community have in turn graced several D.D. releases. Keeping with that tradition two Toronto based producers grace the 5th edition of the tech-heavy "Digital Family" series. Making his production debut, progressive psy DJ Mythrophan teams with Daana on the groovy, slow-burning "Offtopic," the lone psychedelic track in this compilation. Torontonian Daana in turn goes solo on the pretty techno chimes of "Nice To Meet You," offering up a slice of beauty matched by other D.D. alumni such as Simmetune and Trilingo. The always-great Point takes a different direction from his normal warm, captivating techno and tech-house to offer up an opener that is slightly cinematic and patiently rewarding. File this one under down tempo and give it a few listens as it just grows richer over time. Label boss Alic offers up the best work on this edition with some acidic, raw, old-school grooves on the excellent "The Host." In turn, Canadian Ben Rama remixes Alic's "What Is" and comes away convincingly with second prize. Flembaz offers up his usual blend of funky and flamboyant techno for another winner. Digital Family Vol. 5 is a bit of a departure from the other volumes in this series, not too many chances are taken in this one, not much in the way of experimentation. Instead, much of this compilation is patiently rewarding, slowly unfolding, grooving mid-afternoon style techno. And, as per usual, it is available for free play or download at Ektoplazm, an entity with pretty deep Toronto roots of its own. Digital Diamonds Netlabel
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