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Found 2 results

  1. LUMINOUS VOID ARTIST Recursion Loop RELEASE DATE 2016-08-18 LABEL Gert Sound Records CATALOG GSR055 Here I have a bunch of my tracks released by Gert Sound Records with a nice cover Tracks 1, 3 and 4 are proggy stuff, track 2 I think is full-on of sorts. As usual, I put emphasis on melodies trying to make them catchy and emotional but not overly cheesy, you decide if I have succeded Here are the tracks And here is the buy link if someone is interested https://www.beatport.com/release/luminous-void/1825974
  2. Artist: Terrafractyl Title: A Speck of Dust Label: Kinematic Records Date: March, 2013 1. Thoughts of Mind 2. Retribalization 3. Care to Join Us (Vs Launchpad) 4. A Speck of Dust 5. Machinery of Nature http://kinematicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-speck-of-dust Terrafractyl is a name synonymous with the Aussie morning psy scene, and one that every self respecting doofer knows well by now. Over the last decade or so he has been pushing forward his own unique blend of melodic morning psytrance with hints of jazz and extreme doses of psychedelia, all tied together in a funky musical and uplifting way. Following up from the success of last years Electronic Evolution, Felix Greenlees brings us this five track EP - A Speck of Dust.. At once evoking images of the vast expanse of space in an all too distant universe, A Speck of Dust continues right where last years Electronic Evolution left off, perhaps taking things in a slightly different direction for those with discerning ears. From the opening notes you are instantly transported into the familiar Terrafractyl world filled to the brim with psychedelic intricacies just waiting to be explored by the intrepid traveller... A Speck of Dust is a journey in and of itself. The first track Thoughts of Mind is a true to form Terrafractyl masterpiece that will send any listener on a trip through inner space.. Wasting no time it kicks off with a funky bassline and intricately reverberating psychedelic leads that weave their way through the audio spectrum. Some perfectly placed samples reignite the track halfway through as some deft percussions work keeps things flowing nicely until the climax. 7/10 Retribalization is an absolutely stellar track that captures the imagination and sends the mind reeling and the feet stomping. Some of the most psychedelic sounds of the album flow throughout as Felix’ audio wizardry shines through. Perfectly pitched leads guide the listener gently through the vast landscape while a funky beat underlays the whole thing throughout. 8/10 Care to Join Us is a slightly darker track starting with a beautiful sample and growing to a crescendo at its peak that has a break and vocal samples that will send any dancefloor into a frenzy. 8/10 The title track, A Speck of Dust is a prototypical Terrafractyl track,continuing with the theme of human evolution and our not too distant future. Big basslines and funked out sounds all the way through, with lush piano lead melodies spiralling and swirling throughout. 8/10 The last track The Machinery of Nature is more progressive in style, with a gentle and building flow, reminiscent of some of Felix’s other projects almost, but with the distinct Terrafractyl style. 7.5/10 Overall this EP flows gradually and precisely through an almost dark vaccuum of humanity, possibly some of his “darkest” tracks yet, in the context of Terrafractyl at least. It takes a peek at our coming future, the hopes, possibilities and dreams as we truly enter the electronic age. From classic style morning tracks to more progressive, almost Hypnagog like sounds. A Speck of Dust is a beautiful aural journey and one of my favourite Terrafractyl releases yet, and thats saying a lot. Overall: 8/10
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