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Found 5 results

  1. Traveller Remixes EP out from Matsuri Digital Label : Matsuri Digital Artist : Skizologic Cat No. : MD016 Official Release date : 2018.3.5 Beatport Exclusive : 2018.2.19 Previews is on Soundcloud *** ///ENG/// In 2015 Matsuri Digital released the Traveller EP by Israeli Nu-Goa artist Skizologic, who has in recent years played at the major European festivals and who ended 2017 with a hugely successful Japanese tour. Now the global psychedelic traveller is back with Matsuri with a new release: the Traveller Remixes EP, featuring four brilliant versions by international producers of that first release, each reflecting different dimensions of the track. Funky Gong from Joujouka, whose reboot of Prana’s classic Boundless was ripping apart dance floors across the planet, offers a remix that fuses the original’s ethnic roots and bouncy baseline with funky breaks as well as a powerful four-on-thefloor kick that builds tension throughout the track. Next is Coredata, a promising talent from the UK blasting with 90s acid vibes, whose take features a more driving rhythmic pulse, full-frequency percussive loops, and a frenetic 303 buildup that’s sure to raise the roof each time it’s dropped on the dance floor.Kobi Toledano of Loud joins forces with Roy Sason, founderof the Zion 604 label, for a mystical reworking that emphasizes the track’s harmonic elements with atmospheric effects, agroovy bassline, and massive acid riffs - perfect for twilight and sunrise. Finally, Japanese Nu-Goa producer Jikooha bring their analogue synth vibe to their revisioning of the track, blending acidic,melodic, and rhythmic elements in higher frequencies to create an uplifting, celebratory atmosphere. With Skizologic’s 2017 year-end performances fresh in the memory of Japanese audiences. Matsuri is thrilled to give international audiences a taste of what will be rocking dance floors worldwide in 2018! ///Credits/// All Tracks W & P by Maor Hasbani 1. Remixed by Minoru Tsunoda 2. Remixed by Jonathan Royall 3. Remixed by Kobi Toledano & Roy Sason 4. Remixed by Jun Iwai & Masakazu Shimonomura Tracks 1,2,4 Mastered by Maor Hasbani @ Skizologic Studio Track3 Mastered by Ido Ophir @ Domestic Studio Artwork by Idan Vaknin, Edited by Shahar Wolper Matsuri Digital: www.matsuri-digital.jp www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital www.youtube.com/user/matsuridigitaljp www.instagram.com/matsuri_digital/
  2. Artist: Jikooha Title: Spacemen Underground Label: Matsuri Digital Date: June, 2017 1. Neo Tokyo Apocalypse 2. Decode Reality 3. Gravity Controller 4. Shamanarchy 5. Shambhala UFO 6. Lemuria 7. Nextgen Odyssey [Jikooha & Asteroidnos] 8. Ecco Weed 9. Mandalavision I hope to go to Japan one day and experience the melding of an ancient culture and a modern metropolis. So many things to see and do. From way over here in the states it seems so foreign and that they aren't afraid to be different. That principle also applies to their goa trance as it doesn't sound like anything currently out there. This duo has been around a long time and they seem to push the boundaries of goa into sometimes loud and abrasive places. Perhaps it's the punk vibe flowing through their veins. It's been five years since their last album Sirius Rising and what do you know this is their fifth album. They open things with an onslaught of analog sounds, thumping beats, and a progressive feel. Neo Tokyo Apocalypse is mostly a positive track, but that vibe doesn't last very long. Decode Reality brings an ominous analog wave pierced with 303 tones as if in warning. It churns and throbs while Gravity Controller oscillates with no less insistence. Not as dark, but still driving. Shamanarchy is tribal and mysterious with intense melodies. Shambala UFO brings guitar into the mix, but merely as a handrail for the electronics yet it's my least favorite track on the album. Lemuria is an addictive track with electric analog sounds pulsing in layers. Nextgen Odyssey has a more groovy and less aggressive feel with ample opportunity for head nodding. Ecco Weed is a more mellow offering that seems to say the album is winding down from its intensity and I believe should've been the final track. But they close with Mandalavision, and the intensity makes a final appearance raising the blood pressure like a new Trump executive order. Their sound is dancing in an underground club until the wee hours of the morning amidst flashing lights and multitudes of colors. Taking a simple melody and twisting it until it becomes hypnotically lush. Before you know it you've sweated through your clothes. As I've mentioned the beat is always heavy and there is an analog presence throughout while adding tribal elements in some tracks. While none of the tracks for me rise to the Etnica/Pleiadians level of detail this was a solid goa trance album and definitely worth the wait. Psyshop
  3. TIME PARADOX Compiled by YUTA outsoon!! Full details please check https://www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital/ The next edition of Yuta's compilation album series ”Nu Goa from Japan” -"Time Paradox" - is being released by Matsuri Digital. Following debut track of the 'Rezonance Mood' project by Yuta and Asteroidnos are works featuring Yuta's great artist friends from around the world: Nobody Home, Graham Wood (aka The Infinity Project), Shiva Chandra, Masa... Let's TUNE IN!!! Track List 1.Rezonance Mood / Return To The Source 07:57 2.Shiva Chandra / Galactic High 05:18 3.MASA / Escape(Short Version) 08:25 4.Graham Wood / Slow One 07:29 5.Marcus Henriksson / Metanoe 09:09 6.Graham Wood / Feeling Weird 08:41 Release Date 2015/12/21 on Bandcamp https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/ CD is Limited, only 300 copies.. pre-order may starts on 16th Dec Samples https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/sets/1221-out-time-paradox-compiled-by-yuta
  4. Artist: Various Title: Nu-Goa From Japan Vol. 2 Label: Matsuri Digital Date: March, 2015 1. Slum & Yuta - Black&Green 2. Asteroidnos - Black&Green (Deep Remix) 3. Asteroidnos - Black&Green (Acid Remix) 4. Jiu - Liquid of Gaia 5. Asteroidnos & Yuta - Andromeda 6. Jikooha & Yuta - Mind Trippers 7. Masa - Rising Thunder 8. Asteroidnos - Ascension 9. Guusun - Watashidare (Masa Remix) What the f*ck? If I studied Japanese culture for a decade I don't think I would understand it. Have you seen their porn? Of course you have. That is some twisted sh*t. When did tentacles become a sex toy? I'm such a square. Unique surely, but it does make me wonder sometimes. Like Matsuri DIGITAL releasing a physical CD. Or starting a compilation with three versions of the same track. The original was goa, deep mix was a throbbing bass heavy bit of simplistic minimal, and the acid mix is fairly tame yet pulsating. Normally I'd view the track positions with skepticism, but oddly enough it works. It flows well and gives me the vibe of kids twirling in the clubs in weird costumes on a school night against their parents wishes, but what the f*ck are you gonna complain about when everyone in school is the valedictorian? And that sums up the entire album for me. Bare bones beginning with the slim envelope the CD comes in. The artists aren't trying to out Etnica anyone with layers of melody or brute force. It's more the scaled back, bubbly head nodding club vibe with house like tempos. Of course they drop some signature atonal riffs in there because what would Japanese goa be without it? Tracks like Ascension and Rising Thunder shine (for me anyway) and the closing Watashidare combines funk and goa with smiley results. They want yo hypnotize you rather than blast you into outer space. And that should be appreciated because going to space is a whole thing that can really f*ck with a brother's calendar. Psyshop
  5. Artist: Various Title: Prana Remix Ep Vol. 3 Label: Matsuri Digital Date: December, 2014 1. Alien Pets (Filteria's Kami-No-Michi Remix) 2. Boundless (Skizologic Remix) 3. Alien Pets (Trinodia Remix) 4. Boundless (Nervasystem Remix) Having reviewed the first volume in the series it seemed only natural to tackle another one. Missed the second one (on my way to Beatport as we speak) but the third volume gets two resounding thumbs up from me. Two of the best known Prana tracks get a makeover and they will be a welcome addition to your goa arsenal. Filteria and Trinodia knock it out of the park with their storming versions of Alien Pets. The Skizologic remix is rather low key, but still good. The Nervasystem remix cuts the tempo and has a funky, sinister vibe to it. It's all superbly done and sounds great. After being disappointed with Volume One I feel pretty good about throwing 6 bucks Beatport's way. Beatport Mdk
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