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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Liquid Space Title: Looking Forward EP Label: Iono Music Date: August, 2011 1. Small Vibrations 2. Life Breaks Down 3. Looking Forward 4. Bending Time (Liquid Space Remix) - Flegma & Nerso Progressive king of the hill Iono release an EP by Mr. Denny Seidewitz. Never heard of the guy, but as a label, you know you've got some clout if you can get a cameo by the Geico gecko. Perhaps after I give this EP the business he can save me on my car insurance. Small Vibrations- Not bad, kinda has a techno feel to it. There are effects stabs and small melodies but it's an interesting track with short vocal samples. I'm listening... Life Breaks Down- "What happens when life breaks down. When there is systemic contradiction. My name symbolized all that was corrupt to society. His name symbolized all that was pure. And I was being held in the embrace of a man who was pure." You're being a little hard on yourself wouldn't you say? This one slowly evolves and has more of the chopped up effects and sample work. The break is pretty cool though I don't know how to feel about the...chick uh chick aahhhh...I feel like I should think it's pure cheese, but I kinda liked it. Looking Forward- "As creatures of physics and chemistry and memory and hope we tend to fall into repetitious patterns." I was thinking of a way to describe this track and he nailed it. Bending Time (Liquid Space Remix)- Remixing a track off the Opposite album? You've got stones, kid. I hear plenty of massive sweeps and the pounding bass line, but that was in the original. The little melody and oscillating strings brings an airyness and hopeful feeling that appeals to me. It flowed nicely with his added touches. Good job. You know how they have a huge stable of artists that create beautiful and melodic progressive trance that is massive in scope? Well, this isn't that. It's definitely less detailed, but has a simpler charm. Think of it as....progressive light. Good stuff, but I don't think it has any staying power and I see myself getting tired of this rather quickly. Nonetheless, he did a pretty good job with the remix. http://www.beatport.com/release/looking-forward-e-p/399826 Mdk
  2. Artist: Unseen Dimensions Title: Airglow EP Label: Iono Music Date: July, 2011 1. Airglow 2. Wonderland (Unseen Dimensions Remix) - Nok & Zyce 3. Sonic Manipulation (Unseen Dimensions Remix) - Flegma & Nerso Breastfeeding is a purely non sexual act. *shakes head in disbelief. What the f*ck dude?* At least that's what women have told me. And by women I mean the one woman I know who is currently breastfeeding. Look I get it, it's the act of nurturing your newborn child and has nothing to do with sex. The woman's point of view is very clear and rational. But have you seen what happens to breasts after childbirth? Boobs become so big and full that a brother can't help but stare. And that's what lead me to this review. I couldn't stop staring so my wife sent me downstairs. But all is not lost, because I get to review and EP from progressive masters Iono Music. Smooth, melodic sounds are just what I need to cure my banishment. This is Javier Martinez Salinas from Mexico who released a damn fine album a few years ago as Twilight. Airglow- "No one's coming to get us. Ok? No one. We have to help ourselves." And we're off to a pretty groovy start with effects that make you feel like you're riding a star. Very full and lush as numerous layers take you in. Whooshes and sweeps hover above the bass line that moves with a funky shuffle. My advice? Stand back and let this psychedelic bird fly. Wonderland (Unseen Dimensions Remix)- More groove and more effects as small melodies peek out. The break is tangible as comets zoom past and the whole universe opens up in front of you, ushering a change in time signature. After that nice floating interlude, the track assumes it's original position with a pounding melodic sixteen bars. Great stuff. Sonic Manipulation (Unseen Dimensions Remix)- This track is from their album Opposite which to me is one of the benchmarks of progressive trance. Now here are a list of the artists I know that have remixed this track. Liquid Space, Sven Snug, E-Clip, and Protoactive. Some tracks just lend themselves for remixing I guess. Oscillating synths come over you in waves, undulating breaks and liquid effects make this a joy to listen to. If you love the spacious Iono style, then this EP is a no brainer. Congratulations to Javier, he will fit in just fine making this beautiful progressive trance. Highly recommended. http://www.beatport.com/release/airglow-e-p/392750 Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: Stand Up Against Gravity Label: Iono Music Date: July, 2011 1. Jeff Vader - Clubgeister 2. Dark Ages - Egorhythmia 3. Chapter One - Twice 4. Heavy New Beer - Klopfgeister 5. Good Bye Goa (Jiser Remix) - Klopfgeister 6. Clone Baby - Midimal 7. Dirty Santa (Elecdruids Remix) - Klopfgeister 8. Good Bye Goa (Suduaya Remix) - Klopfgeister 9. Apollo - Beatbastards *Barry White Music playing softly in the background. Lights dimmed.* Hey Iono baby. Long time no see. Aw, don't be like that sugar nipples. True, it's been a while since I touched you but you gotta realize those other labels meant nothing to me. Really they didn't. I thought you had lost interest, you know, releasing so many EP's, going all digital on me.... You know I love you right? You look really good with that slimmed down tracklist. I didn't think you had 3 Klopfgeister remixes, a new track and a track by his new project in you. C'mon baby we've been through so much that I think we owe it to ourselves to see if we still have that magic. Whattya say? Another go round, just for old times sake? Jeff Vader- Was that Darth's real first name? Let's see...what project does this remind me of...wait for it, wait for it...AH! Klopfgeister! This is Thorsten Paul with his slower tempo house project. It's got a house swagger to it and from the 2001 movie dramatic string stabs...you know...dah dah!!!! There should be monkeys throwing sequencers in the air in the video. Nice beat and groovy tone, perfect to whet the appetite. Dark Ages- Boban Lazovski has been a busy progressive trance guy releasing several EP's and a recent remix album that I've been meaning to dive into. He's got the atmosphere here, with great effects and a darker tone. Hmmm, go figure, the track is called Dark Ages. Digital farts abound with sounds echoing from every nook and cranny. Nice. Chapter One- This one is true Iono spaciousness. No idea who is behind this project, but now I'm behind this project. It's a bit of a slow and minimal starter, but then the effects kick in and the groove intensifies. Short synth melodies echo and whoever this is got his PHD in the delay button. The break is superb with a brief slow beat and warm pads. The best so far. Heavy New Beer- This is the one new Klopfgeister track and he decides to tackle the most popular beverage on the planet. We sent our crack team of investigators into the field for a little research as to why this was the case. "Again too small of a sample size...how many times must we go over this?!?" This track is more under the radar. Gone are the echoing synths and crammed in sounds. The lead appears more than halfway through in the form of a chopped up synth and then vanishes and doesn't return. Not bad, but nothing that makes me want to put this beer down. Good Bye Goa (Jiser Remix)- Juan Carlos tackles a Thorsten track. Actually, I think it tackled him because it wasn't very impressive. How would I describe this...you ever have one of those ideas that seemed really good at the time, but didn't turn out how you thought it would? Yeah, like that. Clone Baby- Christian Merkis recently reviewed his 2nd studio album The Pursuit of Happiness. It wasn't bad at all but he is probably still searching. I know I am because this was a thin slice of vanilla. Nothing at all stood out, it just...went. He tries for a recovery at the end with a bright melody, but too little too late homie. Dirty Santa (Elecdruids Remix)- "Who would even like those tracks?" That is a great question. Ok, so now Phillip Schweitzer will attempt a Klopfgeister remix with the same boring results only he trumps the other remix? How...well, for starters the track is over 9 minutes. 2nd, there are samples promoting Thorsten's slower, club project and picking on the name. Remind this guy that this is dance music...I'm going to take a leak. Sorry kitty! Good Bye Goa (Suduaya Remix)- Newcomer Suduaya is the latest to try and remix a Klopf...really, almost 10 minutes? You know bigger isn't always better. Ask this guy... Holy sh*t. Right about here...yep, that's where I would've crapped myself. Suduaya released his debut Dreaming Sun this year and I am really interested in hearing it. He gives this track the spacey pad treatment. Throws a little breakbeat your way and gets all angelic choir on your ass. The melodies are quite airy with pretty good breaks. Not bad at all. If this was a streetfight and we were to compare Good Bye Goa remixes, well Juan Carlos... Yeah, you're Joey. Night-night! Apollo- This is the perfect non-commital track. Not a lot happening and no risks taken. It won't be remembered not because it was terrible because it wasn't, but like that blind date your mother insisted you go on to get you out of her house you just know that this isn't the girl for you. "No Mom! I can do it myself!!!" So...that was great yeah? Man it was really good seeing you. We should totally do this again. *Hops on one leg as puts pants on and looks around for keys* Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll call you. *Pokes head back in the door* Of course I respect you...you're wonderful...you. Can we do this another time, I've got a....thing. You know how it is. http://www.psyshop.c.../inm1cd049.html http://www.beatspace...ity/detail.aspx http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4541 Mdk
  4. Artist: Timeless Title: The Journey EP Label: Iono Music Date: August, 2011 1. The Journey 2. Freedom 3. Night & Day - Timeless feat. Nitrodrop Iono Music is the top of the mountain when it comes to progressive trance. You know it, I know it, and that lady down the street with like 42 cats knows it. Their style is massive and melodic with a drifting quality that lends itself to storytelling. Sure I'm a fanboy, but when you consistently put out music of superior quality what do you want? This is a project from Israel that I don't have much experience with, but this label has earned some credit from me. Besides, the cover is f*cking awesome. The Journey- "What of your journey?" "A spy of sorts. I track a creature...small in size, yet cunning" "I have seen new breeds of Orc, but they grow larger and stronger, not smaller" "This is no Orc. It's tracks are like those of a Hobbit. It must not fall into the wrong hands." "This may be of no use but...I have heard rumours, whisperings of a nameless fear. In the outlying villages they speak of a ghost that drinks blood, a horror that lurks in the trees." That and more samples are from the unofficial fan made prequel to Lord of the Rings for the grand total of $5,000. Really? That's it? Couldn't get Daddy's law firm to pony up a few more sheckles? I've seen girl scouts strongarm more coin from pushing those damn cookies. You would think a film made for that amount would've sucked donkey balls, but apparently it appealed to more than the never kissed a girl dorks that still live at home in Mom's basement. Ah yeah, there he goes. It has over 10 million views and last I checked there aren't that many 40 year old virgins. But I haven't been to ComicCon yet, so the numbers are a bit fuzzy. You can find it on YouTube, but I didn't watch it...too lazy. The track itself plods along with echoing effects and reverberating synths, just like you would expect from Iono artists. It's dark and doesn't have many surprises, but the samples work so well, that I enjoyed it anyway. Freedom- "Lost in oblivion. Dark, silent, incomplete." Warped bass hums like computerized machinery with more great effects to set the mood. Once again it is dark and mysterious as a very familiar lead melody snakes its way across the sky. There are loads of layers with a very textured break that seems to breathe with life. Drifting and dreamy just the way I like it. Night & Day- Another galloping track but what sets it apart is the breakbeat style in the middle with the mind rattling synth and kick. When the shiny melody , ummm..shines over top it fits in nicely. I know, I didn't understand f*ck all what the Rastafarian said, but I don't speak weed. At least, not anymore. Why, you got some? It's kind of a reserved progressive track with all the glorious touches that make Iono music great. This label keeps on delivering the goods for my money. Wide open, storytelling progressive trance the just takes me away. http://www.beatport.com/release/the-journey-e-p/445394 Mdk
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