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  1. Ohai,

    long time no post :)

    Just came here following a link that said Radi posted but now the thread tunred out much more interesting than that fact.

    If the archives worked properly I could find that post where I said this was a cool concept like 10 years ago (here's the one that convinced me). But as I'm useless at organizing the non-technical aspects of this (not to speak of lack of experience in the music business) I never even set out to try. Now if lack of Code Foo skills is all that's holding you up, I'd be happy to contribute!

  2. On most people I like the fluoro psy bling stuff, except for a few who ridiculously overdo it. Sometimes you think it's a bloody carnival, especially if you know what the guys do in RL :rolleyes: Myself I've never had much of the stuff though. I've brought some clothes from abroad and love some of the most cliché'd things like the Thai fishermen's pants. Usually it's just some shirt with an obscure and/or ironic hacker/political slogan and some hoodie.

    I'm a plainclothes hippie :)

  3. ticon is for me kinda of the definition of prog :lol:


    If I didn't know it's too newskool for him, I'd say "We are the Mammoth Hunters" is a good candidate Radi may have blasted his Logitech woofer with. And I just noticed it really kicks of at 4:20 :D

    "Play my Boy" is just as much of a stomper, IMHO much more than Texas Magnusson that turns a bit lalala towards the end.

    Did anyone mention Sonnenvakuum? If you forget about the cheesy sample, "Reborn" rocks. Notherone:

    Auricular - Dirt Dog.

  4. Posted Image

    Ouch! She looks like she knew she's gonna have to drink the whole jug of GHB in a moment.


    Posted Image

    The guy from Flying Circus, dressed for once!


    I have a friend which owns this record and actually listens to it once in a while.

    I know a guy who's been using it as his avarat for a long time :P
  5. Thanks, I'll sleep better now! :D That's something I wouldn't just come across by coincidence as it has happened with a few other samples. Very strange deja-vú-feeling when you've know heard some phrase a lot of times over the last 10 years or so and suddenly it's there in context.


    Does it all mean something more profound? - Maybe. Possibly. Probably not, even. It's still a fascinating trip. :)

  6. Your Fluorostani Transcendance single was one of the biggest Flying Rhino classics.

    :wub: Up there with L.S.D. and Vitan! Colin, I'm still wondering where those samples in "Syncronity Converger" are from. Haven't found them in full_on's sample database either. Now after a decade, care to spill the beans?
  7. Possible Worlds (2000) (movie)



    eventualy Miranda - Visitors

    or Cosma - Keep going

    I don't know the movie but Cosma is correct!


    im at your house right now.. go on pick your phone and dial it.. thats fuckin crazy man

    The movie is easy, that's Lost Highway. Dunno the track though. Something darkpsyish presumably :)
  8. COntinue !!

    Uhm...I didn't guess any so far (been hanging out in OT too much ;)) so here's an easy one:

    There is a light that flashes...occasionally, but we don't know what it means. Clever described it as kind of a...dream.

  9. I have very good hearing.

    I just dont like it. And after all those "oh oh" comments i was expecting something absolutely outstanding. IT IS NOT

    It's deep, it's a total stomper, it's got oldschool goa melodies---or what else do you call this thing that starts around the end of the 6th minute? I can understand if you think it sounds "plastic", too synthetic, something like that. It's not today's synth technology. And I'm a total n00b when it comes to mastering, it's probably less than perfect in this department. Nevertheless a very powerful track and very high up in my best-of-evargh!


    i finally know mine as well: shakta & moonweed - micronesia. ftw.

    :wub: Gooseflesh psychedelia! I got the 12" back then :)
  10. see this is where it gets interesting!


    can i hear those tones?? -maybe , maybe not. the low end of human hearing is 20hz


    but can i FEEL those vibrations ??? HELL YES. THAT is where the difference comes from, and with a good sub, you'll feel it.

    :lol: It wouldn't hurt to learn the difference between Hz and kHz before arguing with anyone about sound quality.

    as far as a true double blind test (no i had to look up your abx) you're right my tests are not that complicated, but i find them uneccessary. most of the tiem the diff in wav to mp3 is like a punch in the face

    You must be using incredibly bad MP3 decoders.

    Have you ever tested the spectrum flatness of a typical party sound system?

  11. Only 2 remarks... it's not only about the audience, but also about the music, the artists and the labels... because without them working with good material... no folks and audience ;)

    Sure. Taking a pocket-size HD to a party is one thing, doesn't mean you'd have to fill it with stuff you don't own though.

    second remark: for you dj-ing is mathematics on a computer, for me it's a form of art... i always look at it as a "collage" (or patchwork), which means you take different pieces of art (the tracks) and you make a new thing (a mix) out of it, that is your expression... But to make good art you need days and months and years for practicing... You have to listen each track 5 times to understand mood, and with what it fits... you have to know the technique to mix perfectly and when you manage to do that... You may be able to create a perfect artwork for people once in a while (because sometimes artwork fails as well)!


    This is UNTHINKABLE with a PC, you don't even need skills, my grandmam can do it...

    That's like saying painting is an art and computer graphics isn't because your grandma can use MS Paint. That's true, but you can create art in different ways, there's lots of other software that lets you create art in a variety of ways---mathematically like with POVRay, simulating traditional painting like with Corel Painter (basically the same as MS Paint yet totally different in the level of skill you need and the things you can do), or different from both like with Maya.

    Using a computer doesn't keep you from listening five times to each track and understanding it perfectly, does it? Now if you try to run two WinAmp instances and create a good mix with it, it will probably sound crap, but you don't have to. Though it can be an art in its own right, like writing 4K intros where you deliberately make things difficult for yourself to show your 5k1llZ0r are 1337 enough to do it anyway.

  12. Sorry but no. The difference between ANY compressed and uncompressed format is blatantly obvious when viewed with a spectrum analyser. MP3s all have everything above a certain point cut off, the exact point and nature of the audio above the cutoff point being determined by the encoder and bitrate.


    The only way a blind test can tell us anything is if it takes place under controlled conditions.

    Looks like it.... I stand corrected!

    But then...that's pretty low bitrates, and probably a sample read directly from CD, not postprocessed through the filters that are there in any CD player. In a 320 kbps file, more bits will be assigned to the lower frequencies as well, so it wouldn't just double the frequency range as compared to 160 kbps, but I still wonder if it couldn't be pushed close enough to 20 kHz that the difference is hard to tell.


    Wicked idea! Let's bloody do it!


    We could just use a simple poll? Who is keen to provide Acido Domingo with some files?

    Well, Reger and Colin still have a point, if people just used a spectrum analyzer it would make telling at least the low-bitrate compressed files trivial.
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