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  1. Sure. Not every trance/psytrance album cover displays a personal drug experience. But unfortunately, many album covers are not well-designed and seem to be totally irrelevant to what the album cover exhibits. Meanwhile the wrong title/name given to the songs is the second mistake that many DJs/Musicians often make.
  2. Hi @Penzoline, Thank you. Admirable. Even I understand why you had to created a complicated logo rather than a minimal one that follows 2020 trends. As a graphic designer, I have had the pleasure of designing many logos, websites, social media cover, album cover and festival/concert poster of infamous electronic and rock bands. Therefore I know the reason why a logo for a psytrance DJ or Black-Metal band need to look complex like graffities on the wall. In my first thread of this web forum, I asked a question about psytrance album covers but as you said, this web forum is now less active than ever. I'm just a designer and a fan of Dark Psytrance. I can't produce any kind of music and willing to learn it gradually. I told you my positive opinion about the logo you designed. Not bad at all but some comments left by members like @Procyonsee sound... impolite and humiliating. Sorry to be so curious. I know its normal to tease a friend but are they your friends? is it allowed to be rude like that in this web forum?
  3. Waiting for a reply.

  4. Hi. My name is Tumaj. Glad to be here among Psy mucic fans/Producers. Good-looking forum template. Large number of members. But can someone tell how long the members wait to get at least one reply in any Threat they post?
  5. Hello to all. Glad to be a member of this amazing forum. I've always been wondering about what what illustrated album cover of genres like "Trance" or subgenre of Trance like PsyTrance usually express. CEV/OEV that DJs experience when they are under the influence of Psychedelic Substances like LSD/DMT? Is there something to consider when choosing a title for songs and albums?
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