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  1. I was avoiding this album for quite some time, and have been mainly focused on Digging Mud, but after listening to it for a few times I realized this is a whole new thing unlike the Buddhas sound I was used to. A whole new idea, not the oldskool kind of sound and atmosphere but something more future-like... I really enjoyed Forever Before with the haunting atmosphere being cast away by the vocal, but the best track on this album would be After Death, ending the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the whole album with that morning light-bringing sound of 'there is still hope', only Buddhas track with this intensity of morning sounds that I know would be The Infinite Process, I really love the idea of morning Buddhas... As for the last track, a perfect name and way to close this whole album. The whole concept, atmosphere and idea of the album, also reminds me a bit of Xenomorph's third album, Demagoguery of the Obscurants. The only thing I'm wondering here is where and when can I hear DDave playing this, and not the retro stuff.
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