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  1. Yeah , gonna get this one!!!! but the coming soon taked soooooooo damn long
  2. how old are you guys??! 15 I guess!!! many cover are really ugly and stupid , Yahel wants to be a psy-pop star-idol and ends doing idiot covers for his album that have nothing to do with the psy-trance feeling we all want from it!!! Big "myself" pictures on the album covers are really egocentric! but please give respect to gay people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise you are much much much more idiot and intollerant than this USELESS forum! The world don't need you
  3. this forum is gettin'gossip like! fightin'with each others idea??.... hallucinogen had make good music in someway , somekind of evolution.... no thx
  4. hypnopotam


    wow! that's an interesting subject to talk.... (but don't forget this is really a personal opinion) LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!! when I was a child I listened many stuff , hip hop , rock, pop ,punk , '60-'70 music.... Now I'm listening to psy-trance and chill out/ambient 90% since 5 or 6 years...and never get bored... I guess it gives me such a good feeling that I'll never loose! It's my universe-expanding and then collapsing.....over and over! 10% I listen to Radiohead , Chemical Brothers , Kruder&Dorfmeister, some Doors , some Bob Marley and some Led Zeppelin and Neil Young.... I'm not going to party a lot , actually because there's too much drugs and youngster people who takes lifes without any care.... I like the feeling of outdoors party a lot , but I miss a variety of people.... younger,older.....and not a 80% fucked with drugs.... ..but anyway that's my opinion , everyone is free to do what they want and when I don't agree I search good vibes elsewhere.. I try to respect what I don't understand....and there are sooooo many things I really don't understand! there's no right , there's no wrong peace to everyone out there!
  5. I have order an old release once from a webshop and when I got it , I turned the cd to have a look on the back surface and discovered it was already played many times.... they sold me a second hand cd without saying it... I found it pretty shitty , but fortunately the cd was all playable.... that was the worst experience with web shops
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