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About Me

Matsuri Productions has long been considered one of the foremost labels in the Psychedelic

trance scene. The label was founded in London in November 1994 by marketing manager John

Perloff and DJ Tsuyoshi, an influential and established worldwide trance DJ,who was one of

the founding members of Prana,Joujouka.


Prior to Matsuri Productions ceasing their activities in 1999, the label released a

multitude of EPs and singles, since February 1995 issuing 14 artist albums,

11 compilations, and 3 mix CDs, including those of DJ Tsuyoshi.


Now Matsuri has returned in digital format, rebranded as Matsuri Digital and

currently based in Tokyo. Now DJTSUYOSHI and Yuta is working for Matsuri, Yuta is a key

person in the recent Japanese Goa/Psychedelic trance scene and has sparked the Goa Trance

revival of Japan.


Matsuri Digital is releasing singles, albums, and compilations, in addition to organizing

events and introducing psychedelic art tothe world as the New Psychedelic movement of this

new century. Stay tuned - the best is yet to come!



Website : http://matsuri-digital.jp/

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital

Mixclound : https://www.mixcloud.com/MatsuriDigital/

Bandcamp : https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/

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