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  1. There's another great vid on youtube from the same year and i think the same dj. Could anyone please identify the track playing from about 12:53 to 14:21 ?
  2. The Scene in Osaka/Japan

    They seem to have lots of psy parties (and many GOA parties, if that's what you're after, much more at least than where I currently live) in Osaka and elsewhere : http://www.trancelife.net/
  3. The Scene in Osaka/Japan

    Thank you very much guys!
  4. The Scene in Osaka/Japan

    Hello! Are these weekly goa events still going on? I'll move to Japan in a few months to study there, either to Tokyo (Waseda Universitie) or near Osaka (Kansai Gaidai University). Either way I'd like to know more about the parties there, or any info you might have to help me choose between these cities/schools. I'm interested in Goa trance mostly, but any kind of music is fine so long as the vibe is nice. (Of course I'd still go to Japan even if the scene is dead, like another thread from 2008 suggested... hope it has changed for the best since then.)