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  1. Hey all, I'm from the Industrial scene so I'm kind of a noob when it comes to the psytrance scene. I love the music but don't know anything really about most of the subgenres or trends in the scene over the years. Anyway, I mainly listen to neo-old school (I guess it's called) Goa, mainly all the stuff from Suntrip and then some other stuff like Artha, Ephedra, Frantic Noise, Psy-H Project, Pleiadians, etc. I am looking for new music to check out that sounds like that (dense & atmospheric + lots of melodic stuff with good/modern production) but that has more tribal/ethnic elements in it, like specifically "egyptian" or "middle eastern" sounding stuff. I guess sort of like Ra but with more traditional instruments and percussion. Thanks
  2. Cool, thanks for the tips guys! I'm in DC so none of that stuff is too close unfortunately. But NC and NYC would be doable for a fest at least. Can't believe Gaian Mind has been over for 5+ years. Shows how long I've been out of it
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question, but it seems to be the one that gets the most action. I am getting back into this kind of music and wondering if there are any DJs or events still playing psy music on the east coast in the US. specifically virginia, baltimore, dc, philly, or nyc? All I can find so far is that they still do the Gaian Mind Fest in maryland (just missed it unfortunately) and possibly some fest(s)in NYC. Really want to get back into going out but I can't do dubstep which seems to have overtaken all the edm events
  4. He is one of the dudes I first got into when getting into psytrance. Earth Moving Sun was really great, I used to listen to it all the time. Interstate Highway was cool and had a darker, more futuristic vibe but overall I didn't like it as much. So is he officially back and making new tunes again? I saw his name on some recent festival(s) and thought it was weird but cool. Really curious to hear what he would make today and hope he is seriously back
  5. I have to give Ra some appreciation because finding the album "9th" in a used cd store was the catalyst that got me back into goa trance after many years. At first that album didn't really wow me, but after several listens I found a real appreciation for it. Now I listen to it all the time. "Unearthly" is a really great album too, one of the best psybient releases I've had heard in years
  6. Cool, thanks for the recommendations. I could never get into Filteria for some reason, I just don't connect with the sounds he uses. I'll check out the others though!
  7. Hey all, I used to be pretty into goa trance and psybient some years ago. I haven't really followed it for almost 10 yrs now (wow) as I have been mainly into industrial, dark ambient, and IDM. Anyway, recently I've started to explore goa stuff again and am looking for recommendations. I really like the neo old school stuff like Suntrip records is putting out and I guess the psybient stuff Altar Records is putting out. But there is tons and tons out there and I don't really know what to listen to. My fav stuff right now is: goa Goasia - From Other Spaces E-Mantra - Arcana psybient Ra - Unearthly E-mantra - The hermit's sanctuary E-Mantra - Silence ultimae records stuff, namely Aes Dana, Solar Fields, and Carbon Based Lifeforms also stuff like Bluetech, Abakus (first album), Entheogenic, Krusseldorf, etc. looking for stuff with lots of melody and atmosphere, preferably ethnic/tribal sounds, and dark stuff is good too thanks!
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