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  1. Wow, thanks for the tracks I'll check them out
  2. Yes The MFG track is exactly what I'm looking for. Indeed maybe you could call it moody . I don't tend to think of Miranda's tracks as 'dark' but I can see why you mention Gnocchi. Atmospheric or aggressive, both sound wonderful. I've listened to a lot of Chi-A.D.and although I love his music really badly, I don't get the creeps like the MFG or Bypass Unit tracks give me. Somehow behind the screeching and deep drums there's just too much positivity going on behind the track . But I've never heard Kopfuss Resonator. Thanks for the tips guys
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for a certain type of tracks. I seem to have a hard time finding so called 'darker' oldskool songs. It doesn't need to be hard, intense or overly acidic, that's not what I'm aiming at. A perfect example would be Nanosphere Courier by Bypass Unit. The sinister atmosphere this song produces is exactly what I'm looking for, but these tracks appear to be rare to me. Does any of you know some good examples or great songs?
  4. Nice thread Most of my faves have been posted. But I like these ones too. Hunab-Ku - Dreamstar Mandalavandalz - Everything is love
  5. Ursus


    Thanks Dagani! To mars; that's sad to hear. I still play that track often.
  6. Ursus


    So what happened to him? He made this great track on V.A. - Apsara and after that he (for as far as I know) was never heard from again. Does he write music under other aliases or did he vanish from the earth? I tried searching this forum but couldn't find anything. Anybody got some info? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcK1KbjFRfA
  7. You can look up entire discographies of the artists on www.discogs.com
  8. Great review. Although I think Ra is also a master when it comes to tying very few layers together to make a great song. There isn't very much going on but everything fits together perfectly. Every layer is complementary to the others and they're all memorable.
  9. Hey welcome! I've been listening for five years now and there is still a lot to explore. There are a lot of hidden gems, great compilations and amazing albums so you'll have a lot to explore (but it's fun to). I'll help you get set too Chill out & Tribal Carbon Based Lifeforms Aes Dana (actually the entirity of Ultimae records) Asura Vibrasphere Entheogenic Shpongle Juno Reactor Androcell Full On Vibe Tribe (first two albums) Phi Montti 1200 Micrograms Fraktophon Braincell Rinkadink Omegahertz Suomi Pavel Svimba Mandalavandalz Texas Faggot Salakavala Luomuhappo Forest Phobos Azazel Ka-Sol Scatterbrain (did I put this correct here guys?) (also check out releases by Lost Theory Records) Progressive Ovnimoon Mythospheric Nithzo Agneton Goalien Amithaba Buddha PharaOm Alienapia Technossomy Oldskool & Newskool Everything by Flying Rhino Records, Dragonfly Records, Cronomi Records and Suntrip Records Blue Planet Corporation Chi-A.D. Asia 2001 Bypass Unit Doof Jaïa Jikooha Indoor MFG Man With No Name Mindsphere Miranda Portamento Zerotonine Khetzal Shakta Prana Crossing Mind Transwave To make things easy, I'll post some old & new classics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e-38YXrIgs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBhfpXPXTMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfjt7i0Gz-M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRw8B5U5bZY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZt8oX4C6c8 And for cooling off from that trip down the wormhole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dEtrqZSwWE Enjoy listening! Edit: You can download goa for free at www.ektoplazm.com. Be sure to check out the Dimensional Gateway series Also, like Neogoa on facebook to be up to date about the latest news in goa trance world. Buy the music to support the artists and labels whenever you can but if you, like me, cannot do so 'cause of financial reasons I recommend downloading the peer to peer program Soulseek.
  10. I went to the release party of the album and got it there. Usually I don't like the darker stuff but this album is one of my faves in the genre. The title of the album really does it justice, the songs do sound 'organic' just what I like in forest . Also the overall bpm isn't to high, what usually my first complaint is. The whole doesn't sound too chaotic, the sounds fit together nicely and so do the songs on the entire album. Ooh Scatterbrain haven't listened to that in a long while. Gonna put it on right now.
  11. I'm also not a big fan of the progressive genre, doesn't have enough melody for me and it tends to get a bit boring after a while. Although there are some artists I enjoy. Like Ovnimoon which also a lot of others users suggested, I also enjoy most of Mythospheric's tracks (although some might find them a bit cheesy ). Recently I got the album Zorba by Zorba, which has a decent amount of fairly good tracks (in fact I'm listening to it right now). Jaïa also has a couple of great proggy tracks. Of which these are my favourites : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rIwooPMYQc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uRTjooOnsc
  12. The Hunab Ku live set this year on Solarium was one of the best I've ever heard. Totally made my summer Sadly I don't have a recording or a video.
  13. Thanks Mantra 604. If you like Hunab Ku check out the track Dreamstar.
  14. I don't know, it really sounds like goa to me. Which Asura song would it be then?
  15. So I was digging through some old videos of parties and came across a video of the 2012 Fractal Gate Indoor edition. I like the song in the beginning very much but I can't figure out what the name is, not even which artist it could be. Maybe you guys got a clou as to what the name is? Thanks in advance http://vimeo.com/56473767
  16. Thanks goa constrictor, I'll pick it up one of these days. I'm sorry psytones but the track you send me really didn't do it for me. But thanks for the warm welcome on the forum. I wish you and all the other members a superfluffy 2014 as well! And a warm and fuzzy christmas off course. I got another one to keep it fluffy. Other suggestions are always welcome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t4BL4TfTmM
  17. Currently I'm picking up the Union Jack album, the two albums by Ibojima (never heard of that before, can you maybe give a good track so I can preview it on YT?) and the compilation where Luomuhappo-Seinahullu is featured on (it wasn't on YT sadly enough). Nice, a lot of new stuff to listen. Thanks again guys Btw: great site goa constrictor Edit: I thought I'd share another one of my favorite fluffy ones to keep this thread going. Maybe it's on the verge between fluffy and euphoric but I have a very nice memory connected to this track. Enjoy
  18. So I listened most of the tracks and I must say that the great lot of them are great tracks. So thanks guys . The Red Gravity album is good, I didn't like the Deedrah album though. I will pick up that Platipus compilation too, very curious about that one. Can you guys give me some tips for Luomuhappo and Mandalavandalz tracks? I'm a bit lost when it comes to their fluffy work. I only know this one : But I absolutely love it. So if you guys got more of this kind off stuff I would be very thankful.
  19. I'm making my way down more tracks. And I really liked what I've heard so far. Especially fond of the Red Gravity track (has a nice surprise towards the end), the Astral Projection remix and Rain. I didn't like the main melody of the Indoor track initially but I'm getting more into it now (listening it for the fourth time now ). Currently I'm picking up the Red Gravity album and Body & Soul which psytones suggested. Curious 'bout both of them. A friend kindly donated the entire Platipus discography a while back, but I didn't get to listening it yet. Maybe I should get into that. Edit: Just listened Paragliders - Oasis. Nice! That's what I'm talking about
  20. I'm checking the tracks right now. I haven't checked them all out yet but the ones I did check out already didn't have the same level of fluffyness as the mentioned ones. But they definately are all al good tracks. How does Angel Hair remind you of Maï Maï Imba? Anyways thanks for the reactions so far, I got a lot of good new tracks
  21. I'm looking for a specific kind of sound/feel to the kind of tracks I'm looking for. I like to call it fluffy . I'm talking about tracks like Butterfly Trip by SFX, Maï Maï by Jaïa and Venus from Dreamtech. And maybe Rain by California Sunshine. Can you guys help me out? Thanks
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