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CM Browser and best VPNs for CM Browser

A browser is undoubtedly the most important app on mobile devices. The default web browser for most Android devices is the reliable Chrome browser. If you regularly use other Google services like Google Drive or Youtube, Chrome is a natural choice, but you still have a lot of alternatives. There are some really impressive browsers out there for Android users to enjoy, whether you find Chrome is lacking some functions or simply want to try something new. And if you are looking for a new browser for your mobile device, CM Browser is our suggestion.

CM Browser was developed by Cheetah Mobile, who created a top-rated antivirus app for Android - CM Security Master. CM Browser is a lightweight mobile browser that can protect your device from malicious threats while still providing you with fast browsing speeds. With the help of its video detection feature, CM Browser allows users to download many different online videos. Also, its Ad Blocking function can clean up annoying ads, pop-ups, banners ads, giving you a smooth browsing experience. So, let's Get CM Browser for Android for a secure online experience right now!




Main features of CM Browser

Smart downloader

CM Browser's smart detection function will automatically detect online videos that can be downloaded from most websites. There is an icon on the address bar of CM Browser that notifies you when a video can be downloaded, making it easy for you to download any video you want. However, CM Browser does not support downloading videos from YouTube because it violates some policies and conditions of Google.

Detect and prevent malicious apps

CM Browser will alert you to websites which can be phishing or malicious sites. This browser will send you a notification when you open links that may lead to sites infected with malware. All pages will be compared to lists including phishing and malware software of CM Browser in real time, and if there is any unexpected trouble here, it will send a notification to you immediately.

Incognito Mode

This feature allows you to access the internet without leaving any history, cache or cookies, ensuring your privacy and bringing you a safe surfing experience.

Download protection

CM Browser will scan APK files to see if they contain any malware, ensuring absolute safety for your device.

Block Ads

Blocking Ads is one of the most powerful and prominent features of CM Browser, helping users block annoying ads, notifications, and banners. You can create your own Ad blocking filter or mark ads that will be blocked automatically by clicking and holding them. The ad blocker of CM Browser can not only help speed up page loading but also reduce data usage.




No traces behind

The entire browsing history will be automatically deleted when you exit the browser. Do you want to access sensitive websites without letting anyone know? With CM Browser, you will not need to worry about this problem anymore because it will delete all traces of your browsing activity to prevent personal data from leaking out.

Speed dial

This feature helps you navigate websites and surf the web quickly and easily. You can add web pages through a recommended list or enter a customized URL.

Accelerate Browsing

Automatic reload mechanism to increase web browsing speed.

Translate the website into the language you want

Provided by Google, the page translation function offers translations for more than 40 languages, making it easy for you to access foreign websites.

In addition, CM Browser has several other functions such as text search, personalized bookmarks, font size adjustment, search engine switch, and more. With all outstanding features above, do not hesitate to Download app browser at top1apk and enjoy it now!

Some best VPNs for CM Browser




If you have decided to choose CM Browser, now, let’s discuss how you can keep your browser more secure and private while still having access to geo-restricted websites. We will introduce you to the best VPNs for your CM browser, but first, you need to know why you need VPNs for this browser.

Do you need a VPN for your CM Browser? Yes, you really need to use a VPN for any browser. The security of personal data is really important in a world that is full of cybercriminals today. Many browsers, including CM Browser, offers some features to protect your data; however, there is no guarantee that your data is always safe. VPN - a virtual private network is a cybersecurity tool that can reroute your traffic through its own secure servers and encrypt all your data. In other words, VPN provides users with communication privacy and data security.

In addition, VPN can change your public IP address to show the location of the VPN server to which you are connected. VPN, at this time, will act as entertainment tools, allowing you to access geographically restricted content worldwide. So, why do you need to use VPN for your CM Browser? Simply, you need it to secure your data, making sure your connection is the most private and accessible to geo-restricted content.

Some best VPNs for CM Browser


ExpressVPN is a famous VPN provider who offers all the features you need in an excellent way. It provides all the industry-standard security features and Netflix's US unblocking capability. If you want to find a VPN to do everything and do it well, ExpressVPN is the right provider for you.


BulletVPN may have fewer servers than all the other VPNs, but that does not mean it fails to provide an excellent VPN experience. Fast speeds, a torrent-friendly approach, and free smart DNS features make BulletVPN become a great choice for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the wireless world today.


If security is your top concern, NordVPN is the best VPN for you. It offers a lot of security features that make it a great entertainment-based VPN!

That’s everything about CM Browser we want to give you. Offering a lot of useful features, if you want to experience a new web browser, do not hesitate to give CM Browser a try by downloading it from our Free app store apk- top1apk. Hope you find our article helpful and if you have any suggestion, feel free to share them with us. Thanks!

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