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  1. just .. well, "finished this" is probably not quite right, "stopped twiddlin about for now" is probably more accurate. still not sure, if those harmonic changes were a good idea; I may have gotten pretty cheesy there.. you tell me.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/outer-limit-native-chants
  2. Well, I always spend ages in search for these chords, and never really seem to be able to find sounds that sound any better than the trusty piano I was using in the first place.. so I tend to just keep it.. heres an example, brand new and subect to change.. enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/piano-resurrection-blues
  3. I know I am close to spamming, but anyway.. actually the Bassline is partly stolen from an old metal song of the same name by a Band called "Voor", whatever that means. thought, Id keep it as a tribute; feel free to tell me off. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/evil-metal-1
  4. just uploaded one from the attic.. another try in weird Strings,..131 BPM. feel free to comment.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/champagne
  5. As the name says- a rather technoid track in B- minor -only the bass beviates towaards the end- enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/march-in-b-minor
  6. another one that will probably go through 75 remixes, but anyway- the general idea was to blend those "tribal" drums into a trancy track, and, well, this is what I ended up with hopeyou enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed doing this; https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/voodoo-child
  7. dont know if anybody might enjoy this, just going crazy with those Kontact string plugs..ad some halfway professional help with this, still probably a little too weird for mosst.. anyway, enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/el-classico-1
  8. tried to do somethng with a Rocknroll Bassline and ended up with this: I guess its somewhere between Electro and Psytrance,138 BPM and.. well.. just enjoy.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/alien-marshmallows
  9. I realised I have been posting anything but psytrance here, so heres some older stuff I still kinda enjoy, where I tried to ²hit the norm".. no idea if I did, thats up to you, anyway. here we go.. first one is a probably slightly dated attempt at darkpsy : https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/static-karma second on is kind of disparate, three pretty different parts , couldnt throw anything away back then; still enjoy the ending though.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/disoriental-travels-1 have fun!
  10. sorry folks, just dont ask.. Iknow I shouldnt post stuff right away..anyway heres remix number one, definitely improved, even has some bass.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/dancing-to-a-different-drum
  11. weird.. reminds me of some real offbeat 70s psychedelics in a way.... Planet Gonnnnggg and such..definitely some nice music there, nice relaxed vibe, but those constant language samples get a little bit random after a while
  12. sorry, took it down for further remixing..
  13. trying to get a rather rockin Vibe going.. what do you think? https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/deedah
  14. enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/420-leagues-under-the-sea-1
  15. <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F78659728"></iframe> altenatively: https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/fallen-asleep-on-the-last hope this works, if not, sorry!
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