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  1. An alarming amount of people close to me can relate to this topic, so I thought i´d do a little educational song about it; braking it down decidedly lenthened it way more than I thought it would.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/i-thought-it-was-speed
  2. started out with an 80s- style hardcore bassline "huggachuggachuggachugga chiggachiggachiggachigga etc.. turned out surprisingly "normal" for that approach.. have to try harder next time.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/critical-mass-choir
  3. 143 Bpm oscillating between trance and remnants of song structure; Especially unsure about the "cheesy" middle part.. although its definitely over the top in away.. what do you think? .comments, opinions stuff welcome https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/enrico-morningstar
  4. Great groove and whatever you cal that jouneyesque thing.. . If it was my track, i would put the "Fanfare" synth that plays the theme a little bit further to the back.. but thats just taste..
  5. i like it; not a fan of these talking breaks, but thats just me. lots of fun ideas flying around.
  6. a rather, well, slow one, trying to capture that slipping feeling.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/coming-down-slowly
  7. an older one from the attic dusted off- loads of stuff I Would do differently these days, and apparently I didnt believe in breaks back then. still , hope you enjoy it.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/game-of-pilots
  8. I seem to have kind of a fixation for these ringmodulated bass sounds, but doing a whole track with those always turns out , well actually it doesnt really turn out- except this time it did.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/electrocution
  9. Straight out of the random name generator.. hope you enjoy it.. opinions very welcome.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/bouncing-whispers
  10. a fast one, obviously.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/no-teeth-for-the-creatures-of
  11. my latest effort.. had a lot of fun doing the "riffs², but not at all sure if they fit.. anyway.. http://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/mischievous-metalheads
  12. tried to go for an olschool vibe here, phasing 16th note and all.. at the moment I am way too oversaturated to tell If I succeeded .. opinions very welcome https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/man-of-straw
  13. .. or that is what it sounded like to me; One of those occasions where I was just playing around with filters, and all of a sudden it sounded voicelike... at least to me. If it had been on purpose, I might have chosen a different message.. Anyway, An older track from the attic, 145 BPM, and probably leaning slightly to the dark side hope someone enjoys this. http://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/destroy-said-the-computer
  14. and back up.. will it ever end?? https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/disoriental-travels
  15. back up.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/alien-marshmallows
  16. OMG. I am close to spamming agein.. really should try something else next.. anyway, I tried to stay relatively simple this time; sorry to anyone who is sick of 909- hihats..here you go: https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/free-falling comments very welcome
  17. ..oops.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/houdini sorry..
  18. or whatever. I just wanted to sample some djembes, and kind of stumled over this african vibraphone, and things got quite cheesy from there.. I feel this might be one of my beter effords. enjoy!
  19. oscillating rather indifferently between trance elements and remnants of song structure, this is what I ended up with: https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/coriolis-effect feedback always welcome
  20. sounds pretty nice to me some might consider it cheesy, I dont care.; always had a thing for flute; actually, i have been experimenting with several digital woodwinds myself, but its always ,well, digital.. some of that stuff is up on my soundcloud page; its pretty eclectic though, not necessaily trance; if you feel yo can do better than that, just contact me;examples https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/headfirst-through-the-chinese https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/fl-totto
  21. an older one that just went through its 27th remix.. thought I might as well post it; I have no idea if you would call this "industrial" , "trance"or whatever; if anyne of you has a fitting tag, I will happily take it.. https://soundcloud.com/nebulanova/jumping-around-on-the-edge-of
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