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  1. A thoroughly disappointing album. While protoculture still has very decent production skills they're ultimately wasted on a mostly boring, simplified and cheesy album.
  2. This album is excellent. All the tracks are solid with some very beautiful and interesting bits. I'd highly recommend this to anyone. My favourite track would have to be fallen idols.
  3. https://soundcloud.com/psyshell/dancing-is-active-meditation This set is a journey through some amazing oldschool goa trance tracks that evoke an imaginative sci fi esque mood. Let me know what you guys think! Tracklist: 1. S.U.N Project - Tribolus 2. Doof - Lets Turn On 3. Phreaky - Over the moon 4. Total Eclipse - Pulsar glitch 5. Multiplex - Flotation 6. Total Eclipse - Free Lemonade (Psychaos remix) 7. Etnica - Party Droid 8. Psychaos - Science Fiction 9. Plaeidians - Taygeta 10. Dimension 5 - Harmonic Convergence 11. Pigs in Space - Solar 12. Dimension 5 - Deep Space 5d 13. S.U.N. Project - Going With The Flow
  4. A definite must hear album in psytrance. It has many tracks that are relaxing, smoooth, energetic or all 3. Definitely my favourite vibrasphere album. The production on this album is excellent as well with thick basses, smooth pads and overall a very clear aesthetic permeating throughout all the tracks. Favourite tracks: Tierra Azul, Resevoir, Morning Breath.
  5. Psyshell - 4am in Healesville Tracklist: 1. Ocelot insane 2. Re-Horakhty - Dreamy Cybernetic 3. Dohm-Lost Engineers 4. Parus - 5-Vek 5. Atriohm-Dream Converter 6. Dark Elf - Caprica Six 7. CTO Gram - It's Too Late For The Fall 8. Drury Nevil - The Invisible Hand 9. The Nommos - Drum Language Format: Wav https://soundcloud.c...-in-healesville Mp3 320 for people with smartphones (Aka recondite troglodytes)
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