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  1. Hello people! Got pointed to this thread by a friend, and thought I could clear up some stuff: Fragletrollet is not dead, just been put in second seat to finish the Unknown Cause album. There`s a fresh Fragletrollet track being released on Yggdrasil records in the (not so far) future. More to come. But really, who needs another generic psytrance track!? So better wait until there`s something worth showcasing Color/Greyscale has basicly been in the works since Playground of Spirit (P.o.S. haha) and it has been a great weight lifted off my chest finishing it and presenting it for the world. Rest assured no monetary factors have been considered in the manifestation of the album; releasing music is a major investment for me personally, so please don`t assume I`ve changed my musical style for monetary reasons. Couldn`t have been further from the truth! I hope you will give Color/Greyscale a good listen, and keep your eyes open for future releases from both UC and Fragletrollet. Thanks for your support! -mag
  2. Hello there beautiful people While Im finishing up the last tracks on my Unknown Cause and Fragletrollet albums, I decided to treat you with some older, unreleased music. This is my earlier works under the name Unknown Cause. Ranging from ambient to progressive melodic trance, this is for the more chillout-hours. I will upload the wavefiles as soon as I can, but my internet connection is very slow. I would also hope that someone could help me upload the files as the download limit at my ftp is limited to 10GB a month, and that wont last long for wave-file downloads. Also, I´d hope you also could help me spread it around if you like it, post on other forums and such... go to www.fragletrollet.com and Music section to find it!
  3. A summergifts for all my brothers and sisters... Going abit more fullon, heres my interpretation of Atmas masterpiece "Beyond Good and Evil". Thanks to Atma for mastering it :=) Enjoy the beautiful harmonies from the void past good and evil.... http://www.sendspace.com/file/6xvy1m
  4. Will be sure to check them out! Your music is always a treat! Peace & Love from me!
  5. Unknown Cause is Magnus Støren Wedén's dedicated chillout project. Trancey beats combined with anything epic, melodic and strictly psychedelic is used to produce euphoric chilled out beats... varying from the abstract and beatless to fulltempo psychedelia, Unknown Cause fuses different types of chillout in the search of the ultimate chill. My first released track under the project Unknown Cause will be on Psybertribe records very soon under the album "Raindrops in the forest" See www.psybertribe.org And ofcourse, dont forget to check out the full length samples on my myspace! http://www.myspace.com/unknowncausesound Lotsa love!!
  6. Yeah man, totally bizarre partyexperience Me and my gf was just chilling and meditating in the tent, we had aten some acid so we were pretty tripped out, just enjoying ourselves and listening to the music from the dancefloor. Suddenly I realized that the music was not playing anymore, and probably hadnt been for the last 10-15 minutes or so (difficult to say on acid ). Anyways, only logical explanation for that, at the moment, was that the previous act was done and everybody were just waiting for me... haha! So I runned for the dancefloor and stage with my equipment, probably looking abit comfused over the situation... but then I was stopped by a fellow psyhead who told me that the police had come and closed the party... even tough it was sad news I was a bit eased when I heard... obviously everybody wasnt just waiting for me Haha! Also be sure to check my chillout aswell, under the name Unknown Cause. Link pasted on the site (new tracks) Lotsa love to all of you!
  7. ive got the axiom 49, very happy with it but would probably go for a smaller version If id go again. Pity the axiom 25 doesnt have sliders...
  8. www.myspace.com/fragletrollet www.myspace.com/unknowncausesound Fragletrollet & Unknown Cause :clapping: :drama:
  9. www.myspace.com/fragletrollet www.myspace.com/unknowncausesound Fragletrollet & Unknown Cause :clapping: :drama:
  10. Follow the flow, the technical side of production will come naturally. Remember: use inspirational energies whenever possible, and when your bored and not in the spot of finding anything new and original, use ur time on the tecnicalities. Even tough inspiration is the essense and sooul of the stuff ur producing, the technicalities is how the sounds are pronounced English doesnt sound like it when it is pronounced with a french accent Peace & love Magnus
  11. Hi there! Heres the liveset I played the 7/4 here in Oslo. Hope you enjoy, and feedback are welcome :=) Peace & Love! File: 320kbps 266MB 01:53:45 long Enjoy! http://www.sendspace.com/file/vptl2o'&...ndspace.com/fil
  12. Hey there, thanks for the interest Here's a link to a previously played liveset here in Oslo, enjoy: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vptl2o'&...ndspace.com/fil Playing at Triplag aswell. More on the way!
  13. Hi there! This is my first review, so dont really know if its going to help anyone, but lets go Welcome To My Home... We move into dark territories. Some nice strings and dark atmospheres and a creepy voicesample right before we are thrown into... The Hostage Not invisible, but subtle and atmospheric kick/bass combo, wich really makes things moving for me. Nice strings and freaky fxmelodies all through. A very nice drumloop gets the groove going allong with the groovy semimelodic fx-work playing along with funky kickrolls and a smooth bassline constanly rolling. More nice atmospheric work at the end, before we hear a little introduction to Vlad, the Impaler. Great track. Birth of Justice - Part 1 Following the path up to the castle... Its going fast, we are followed by demons. More fx-work is added, playing along, and the bass is changing at a smooth rate along with more heifty kickrolls. The nice snareloop comes back, adding to the groove. Kinda feels like marching Birth Of Justice - Part 2 Intensity coming back, along with some nice fxwork adding to the atmosphere in the background. Still same kick/bass-combo as the previous tracks, wich goes for all the tracks on the cd. Its a story you know, following a path all the way We are approaching the castle, entering... Vlad Dracula Intensity going down for a moment, making the listener focus more on the horrible screams of pain and agony in the background atmosphere. Your evil, Aldo More basscvariation, great. Playing along with the kick all the time, but still steady as a moment. Always playing, I love that so much with Kemic-Al's music. This cd should have been the original soundtrack to the dracula movie, it would have been so much scarier (actually every time Ive tried to see Bram Stokers Dracula I've always fallen asleep, but If this was to be the original soundtrack id actually manage to stay up) We greet Vlad, before we are thrown into a furious melodic hellride yet again. Time to leave the castle allready, you say? Ah, well have to follow Vlad for a little visitasion to his land then... We are in a land far away from any civilization, things are getting more quite... the track looses intensity, and we glide softly into... Birth Of Justice - Part 3 Gliding along, into the battlelines... followed by a speech and some creepy organ-play...BOOM!!! were thrown into full speed again, with no warning. Going upwards, reaching for something. Airy fx's, long pitched sounds that really makes the music seem to go slower and slower, even tough the tempo of the tracks always are 148 throughout the album. We are lowered into a torture chamber, screams of despair fills up the dark atmosphere. At the end, more nice fxfunkiness is added, and follow Vlad deeper and deeper into the lands of Transylvania... Boyars Of Trigoviste After a little rest, we are lining up again. Nice, strict (and at times modulated) brass-ensamble in the background, as we are approaching the new lands. Bass and kick is going peacefully for a while, until we are thrown into full-power yet again. Nice and playfully we are moving along, even tough the atmosphere is dark as hell. Very atmospheric, the bass goes in waves (best way to describe) along with the airy fx-leads. Approaching the battle soon, I think. No pauses, we are moving along. Hearing some battle around us, people fighting and screaming.. creepy. Stakes A freaky womans voice floats around, and some nice, suble leads adds to the atmosphere for a creepy setting. Very atmospheric all along, even tough the kick/bass always is steady as hell (and variates very often). Quite nice percussionwork, very monotonous and hypnotizing. Wolves crying in the horizon, and aldo's playing more with the bassline. Accepted Darkness Approaching light again? Total ego-loss in bliss? Pfft, just an illusion. Back to the castle might be the answer. Welcomed by a fanfare and drum rolls, we enter the huge gates of Vlad Dracula's huge castle. We get some small breathing pauses here and there, we have accepted the darkness... there is nothing else to do than following on the ride. Eternal Life Going deeper, wouldnt like to live in this castle hehe."Come with me, and be immortal" Vlad orders us. More brasswork, wich goes in another tempo/sync with the beat, eich adds to the oddness... Going along, with a steady kick/bass not varying as much as in many of the other tracks. As the track is going to its end we are entering a more mysterious atmosphere, overhearing some conversation and... Buried Alive As the title implies, this is no happy-track More percussion work, along with creepy atmospheric pads and acidyfx's. The fx's really adds to the tracks groove, makes it alot more interesting. Other sounds keeps on adding in the same manner, making this a quite danceable track. I miss more playing with the bass and more kickrolls tough, but I guess were in a smoother, more calm part of our voyage... But the fxwork is awsome. Whats really great, is that all the leads very clearly "have a conversation", in a way they keep answering eachother, wich makes a really nice effect... great! Creepy monotounus melody in the background, and we are welcomed with more cinematic strings to... End Of Journey The nice snarerolls are back, we have reached the end of our journey... Or so we are led to believe? Forest of the Impaled Pft, were up for more! Launched into full power again, with some really powerful leads following the nice snareloop as were marching away. Very "percusssive" way of layering acid/fx-lines, adds alot to the groove. The last Battle of the Ottomans Reaching for the end, but were still up for full power. More fooling around with nasty, freaky leads. We have escaped the castle, but the demons are still close behind. Nice kickrolls before we get to the last part, where a little fanfare salutes us our escape. Did we escape? Kinda sounds more like we were caught up by the stalkers and eaten alive... --------------------------------------------- What can I say... this has been one hell of a ride. The first time I listened to it, played by Aldo at a party here in Oslo himself, I couldnt really dance to it all through, and I thought it was a bit too monotonous. But as ive listened to the album at home many, many times, I enjoy it really really much. It has a special value through its story-telling, and its difficoult to see the tracks individually, as the are all a part of a story(line). I guess this is also why Aldo chose to recycle many of the elements throughout the album, as they are closely connected. But he does it in a way so it never becomes boring, because everything varies and changes all the time. That is why I also find it difficoult to "choose" favourites, as the all are a part of a story, and the track alone doesnt really have to matter all that much (if you can understand what I mean). But if I had to choose, wich I dont , I'd go for the early part of the album (especially nr. 2, 3, 5). But I love the album as a whole, but I find it a bit difficoult individually on a dancefloor, even tough Im sure some of the tracks fits much better than others... All in all, big ups to Aldo, for making such a massive piece of magnificent artwork. Cheers Fragle
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