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  1. Maybe this here thing? Alien Solo faze
  2. Interesting timing. I have been looking into all three of these myself. Looking forward to your reviews on these if you choose to do so! f
  3. There's the online one from ATT. ATT Text to Speech demo One of them sounds like the current trends in Benny Benassi stuff, or Luke Slater's "All Exhale". I forget which female voice it is there. Faze
  4. Ordered today. Got a week long wait for arrival here in US. 1 * Prisoners of the sun: Are you scientific enough [sunset 1CD] 1 * Abakus: That Much Closer to the Sun [Dragonfly 1CD] 1 * Voice of Cod: We Are Free [Organic 1CD] 1 * Vaishiyas: Flaxid [Jum Jam 1CD] 1 * Compilation: Groove Zone [Groove Zone 1CD] 1 * Compilation: Spiral Trax Volume One [spiral Trax 2CD] 1 * Compilation: Back To The Future [Groove Zone 1CD] Faze
  5. Hi all, Returning to psy after a long break. All seems a bit different now, lots of new genre descriptions I am not familiar with. My question is, anyone here have any recommendations for currently available CDs similar to Doof - It's About Time? Which of these new genres might this album fit under when searching for similar stuff? Thank you for any advice, f
  6. I have been "Psy-less" for about 5 years. Last album I purchased was Doof-It's about time. Returning to this genre, I have started buying again. Just purchased Ticon - Aero (MP3 from DS site) VibraSphere - Lime Structure (MP3 from DS site) Placed my first Psyshop order ever. Just arrived today. As usual with shipping CDs, about half of them have the broken teeth so they won't clamp the CD. I hate that. Other than this, they arrived safely. Set/4 (Iboga) Set/5 (Iboga) Set/6 (Iboga) Sonic Cube - Filter (Tribal Vision) Ticon - Zero Six After (DS) VA - XXL (Spun) I have missed so many releases in the last 5 years, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
  7. This album has the distinction of being the last Psy-related CD I purchased in 2000. I didn't really get much chance to listen to it, and was slightly disappointed. I actually stopped listening to Psy for 5 years right after I bought this, not that I blame this album, I was just burnt out in general. After 5 years of listening to more mainstream stuff like Breaks and such, I have returned to the Psy genre. I am back in love again! I was looking through my old CDs and forgot I even had this Doof release. I popped it in the player and lay back and took a long, hard listen. Today I ADORE this album! I am so sad I ever left, I wish I had saved all the money I spent on other CDs during those 5 years and bought Psy instead.
  8. Very cool. Was that Tiesto CD just used as packing filler?
  9. Oooo! Nice find, Ukiro. Thank you much! Just purchased some albums from them. F
  10. Thanks for the replies so far. I did try eBay but never realized there was a Worldwide option. Thank you! That does help with more matches. US eBay no matches on any of my searches. Yes, download is an option, but is my last option. If available to purchase, I shall purchase first. If not available for purchase then... Thank you all.
  11. Hi gang, My first post here. Just found this site recently. I used to visit a previous site long ago about GOA reviews, they seem to have shut and the link has forwarded me here now. So far I am really enjoying these forums. I wish I had found them a lot sooner. I used to listen to Psy music years back, but then took sort of a vacation from it and started listening to more mainstream stuff, breaks, etc. I have recently come back to some of my older CDs and am enjoying those tremendously. The problem is, I have missed out on stuff from the last five years or so. I found Psyshop.com and that site is an amazing find. So addicting going through all the samples there. I have made some purchases and am eagerly awaiting them. Reading through the forums here, I have found a lot of recommendations of CDs that seem to be essential listening. Psyshop is out of stock on a lot of these, as they are a few years old. I have searched some other shops without luck as well. Do you have any recommendations of where I might be able to track down some older releases? Any sites that specialize in older releases, or have I just missed the boat? One CD example is Vibrasphere - Lime Structure. Every place seems to be out of stock. Thank you for reading, F
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