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  1. 1:Kacid - Confusing Patterns 2:Remote Access and Psykinetic - Entering Nirvana 3:Radioactive Sandwich - Sound Vibration Technique 4:Phobium - Klavierlektionen 5:Neon - There is no coinsidance 6:Ubuntu - Ego 7:Solarvibe - Mindtravel 8:2:Alchemy Circle - Into the void 9:Saluberrimae - fl0ating 10:Human dextroid - Poles ---------------> I wonder why there are not so many voters here? Good luck with compilation!
  2. We are happy to present new free release by Pureuphoria Records! "Supersensitive EP" by Cosmic Replicant. Release info/preview/free download(wav/mp3)here: http://www.pureuphor.../supersensitive We'll be glad to hear your feedback, Share it & Enjoy!
  3. Hello Everyone! Pureuphoria crew is happy to present third release by Pureuphoria Records! Release info/preview/free download(wav/mp3)here: http://www.pureuphor.../colorsofsounds Special thanks to all participants. Comments are welcome Share it & Enjoy!
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