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  1. I agree ! ... the final solo on Azriel song is fantastic !
  2. This new goatrance comp is a Challenge. A new stage is crossed.
  3. For me it's a masterpiece because this album contain real songs. In principle, it's full-on, but a full-on style (caracteristic kick drum and bassline) + very goog melodies, it's very surprising. I had the same feeling with the Aniki lp last years ("open your ear" on Phonokol records). "Masterpiece" also in a sense that you could re-listen an album without lassitude.
  4. I've just receive this album from my favourite shop. It's a wonderfull masterpiece ! It beat most of the others productions in this time because we can find all this ingredients : - there is reals melodies, - the basslines are melodic to, - there is a big synth (an big analogue synth i suppose, like Roland Jupiter 8 or Oberheim Obx ...) that give an extraordinary ambiance in "pagan sunrise", "real men don't dance" and "byte me". And it's a real trip for ears to ear this kind of sound. All the songs are greats.
  5. I listen and re-listen those samples from this new album... This is not full on ... This is POWERFULL ON !!! This new album will be a piece of bravery, with no doubt.
  6. I listen, listen and re-listen Project Genesis since 1998 ! I call it the "wet" album because of the sensation that the synths in this album have wet sounds. A very uncommon album. (your "Titanium" is uncommon too ! )
  7. tb303 on "Mind Expansion" ...... wonderfuuuuulllll !!!!!!! I love this instrument. thank you Jannis Tzikas. It's a privilgege to hear this instrument played by a great musician talented like you.
  8. Hello, I'm not a great fan of full-on... .... BUT IT'S FULL-ON FROM MFG !!!!!!!
  9. more ... groovy ... and that's so good ! TB303 on "SpeechModule" ...!
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