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  1. is nt there any flights from london directly to antalya? i think i saw something about that at soulclipse forum, and the prices were ok i think
  2. i think its about 12-14 hours if you take a regular ferry to rhodos and if you take the fast ferry (blue star) its about 6-8 hours but it will cost you, ill check the prices and let you know..... but if you take a plane, thats what I ll do, (aegian airlines) its about 30-40min and cost 46euros one way with taxes and 83 with return now, from marmaris there are buses to antalya and its about 7hours travell, so you cant avoid the bus edit: with blue star ferries its 42.50euros one way and 44.40 with return, i cant find prices with the regular ferries at the moment but i quess its about 20-30euros
  3. from what i found the bus from istanbul to antalya is about 12hrs...... take a look at http://www.turkeytravelplanner.com/WhereTo..._bus_table.html now from greece/Rhodos the ferry takes you to Marmaris Every Tuesday: Departure from Marmaris 9.00- departure from Rhodes 14.00 Every Friday: Departure from Marmaris 9.00- departure from Rhodes 14.00 and from Chios there is a ferry every day at 8.30 but takes you to Cesme
  4. you just made my day people..... i had absolutely nothing to do at work today and reading 7pages made time go by thanks !!!
  5. i have to register again but im happy psynews is back online!!
  6. new infos: http://www2.soulclipse.com/information.asp...=info_transport Edit: **if you dont wish to travel from Kos to Bodrum there will be ferries from Rhodos to Marmaris, tel. +30 22410 74235 (travel agency)
  7. i like that one too np Global Psychedelic Chill Out Vol 2
  8. Yes, but it would be better if they had cheaper tickets for "less fortunate" people
  9. the price wont get any lower thats for sure thats what happened at ozora 2005, i had already booked my flight and they added 1 more day..... .....Son Kite were playing that day and i missed them (they were 1 of the reasons i wanted to go to the festival in the fist place.....) and yes im on a VERY tight schedule anyway i guess im happy too that the festival is getting bigger.......
  10. did you see that????? http://www.soulclipse.com/ the dates have changed its March 27- April 2 hope they dont change it again, alot of people have allready booked flights for this
  11. no is not rubbish... i like it! now listening tetraktys - tetraktys
  12. update on the lineup LIVE Absolum - 3D Vision Alternative Control - Spun Antidote - Solstice Andromeda - Spiral Trax Atmos - Spiral Trax Atomic Pulse - BNE Azak Syndrom - 3D Vision Chemical Drive - Utopia Chromosome - Transient Deeper in Zen - Soular Digital Talk - Acidance DMMT - Freefall Eskimo - Phantasm Echotek - Time Stretch Hallucinogen - Twisted Inner Action - Procyon Jelly Headz - Trishula Kindzadza - Parvati Lish - Com.Pact Midi Miliz/Spirallianz - G+ / Boshke Beats Phony Orphants - Iboga Penta - Auroquake Protoculture - Nano Rinkadink - Alchemy Son Kite - Digital Structures S-Range - Spiral Trax / Liquid Ticon - Digital Structures Wizzy Noise - Harmonia/Exposure X-Dream - Boshke Beats / Gravity Plus DJ's Anti - Spiral Trax / ACDC Arturo - Maia Beckers - Sprout D-nox - Sprout / Plastik Park DJ Bog - Com.Pact Eduardo - Neurobiotic Goetzlich - Synergy Tribe Kristian - Phantasm / Antiworld L'elf - Turbo Trance Paul Taylor - Spun Pena - Flow Sally Doolally - Plastik Park Shane Goby - Alchemy Stella Nutella - Sweden Taka - Mother Light Music CHILLOUT- Live Ghost - Nano Nova - Ultimae / Antiworld PKS - Chill Tribe Soul Surfer - Millenium Simon Posford - Shpongle Dj set/Twisted Tripple Distilled - Boshke Beats/Gravity + i know its expensive but i am thinking about it...
  13. http://www2.soulclipse.com/tickets2.asp TICKETS ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!
  14. the lineup is not competed yet sooo we all have hopes.....
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