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  1. I don't believe in the traditional notion of karma, but I do believe we pay a price for every action. If we are unkind, I think our own consciousness progogates unhappiness in ourselves; and when we are kind, our consciousness rewards us by making us feel good. I don't believe it's possible to be content without being good. That's the karma I believe.
  2. He won't if you keep that attitude up. It's all about confidence with these intellectual academics, once that's shot they seldom achieve anything, so a little more encouragement please.
  3. blinkin riots....none in keighley, no-one can be arsed! I do think this town is weed central by the amount of fireworks set off on a friday afternoon! oh the was a bullet fired at the taxi office by the station! that was front page news!! lol...that was probably weed related too!

  4. I didn't realise how similar the Swedish language is to Caveman. Haha. Get it? Oh, come on, that was funny. I'll get my coat.
  5. Rotwang is too busy working on the mythical Theory of Everything. I was hoping Hawking would discover it but I fear he's now a spent force. It's time to unload all our hopes and heavy expectations onto Rotwang's broad shoulders.
  6. I'm sorry I know you're reger.
  7. Do you still fancy your relatives, sexual way?

  8. Charlie

    Dead Space

    I think off topic closing down gave a lot of people their life back. This was place was addictive back in the days when it was busy, too addictive.
  9. I wish I understood what you two were saying. I'm fascinated by physics but understand very little of it. Even those cool physics programmes the BBC make for the thicko layman sometimes confuse me.
  10. fancy a cup of tea?

  11. Charlie


    I find a hard, honest days work ensures a good nights sleep.
  12. Really badly drubbed by you guys , nose to the ground , seems hard to recover from here, but the good news is you are here!! what kept you away and how have you been?

  13. Hey lovely! how are you? :)) x

  14. That's pretty weird if it's true. Isn't matter supposed to spin as it contracts, not as it expands?
  15. A love of wisdom and the illusion maybe I can get some. That and sweet music.
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