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  1. @Hypnotic LFO Room, when I say they I mean FrankE and Illionton, since they are credited on the album. And yes I agree, it is more than obvious that Peter Candy and Ian Ion were the ingredient that made KoxBox stand out so prominently in the first 3 releases (well Peter was only on first 2). I listened to the album a few more times over the past few days and it's shameful how lasy of an album it is. As generic psy it works ok, but then FrankE should not muddle the name KoxBox built at the end of the 20th century. If he'd release under something like Frank.E or anything similar, i wouldn't have a problem with this. But to use both KoxBox name AND the alien from the Forever After, that's low...
  2. Ah KoxBox... I got the album and my impression is that they tried the best they could to sneak in a whiff of the original pshychedelic gradients of the "Dragon Tales" and "Forever After" while rigorously sticking to the full on rhythm and bass sections, no deviations allowed if you want to get booked. It works for what it is, but in my opinion doesn't deserve the KoxBox alien on the cover, not even close. If they allowed for more playfulness in the rhythm and bass part of the album and everything in general, it would have been far better. Personally I have hoped to hear the brilliance of "The Great Unknown" again, but instead was welcomed to an as generic as possible bass, percs and hats, with an occasional remake of successful melodies from "Dragon Tales" and "Forever After" sounding as if they were remade by someone else, not the original author. But even those whiffs are added just for a few seconds and then back to safety. Instead of working great for me, they simply make want to pop in the originals and listen to the real deal, not some diluted, cowardly version of it. The way it is I constantly have to force myself NOT to hit the skip button and listen the songs to the end, again and again in some hope that I will discover something that just simply isn't there anymore. This is what it sounds like when incredibly skilled and experienced artists make music for money, and the simple fact that i KNOW that they can do a hell of a lot better makes this album a no go for me.
  3. 2014 has marked 20 years of Goa Trance, and I wanted to create something special to mark the occasion. After nearly 5 months of work on this single track, it is ready to share Enjoy and have fun! https://soundcloud.com/angry-dwarf/dwarf-smash
  4. This music makes dwarf jump and twirl his beard happily! Bring out hammer and smash rock in celebration of this release!
  5. After long recovery from the open chest surgery, Angry Dwarf is slowly returning to his cave to finish up stories that he had started! New album sounds, work in progress preview of 5 songs; working titles: http://soundcloud.co...w-album-preview 1. Monster 2. Bubbles 3. 6th Extinction 4. Wake Up 5. Oceans And Seas Hope you like!
  6. Hi all, Playing around with some ideas for new Angry Dwarf material and the super awesome AKAI APC40 is distorting reality, as usual, because it's just so awesome! http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlEcchnBLBI&context=C40df164ADvjVQa1PpcFNdAGc0mM3ASNog4krguM-CyBn7-PNuhhg= Love <3
  7. oh yeah,,, wanna get ma hands on those physical copies if possible :DDDD So I'll keep a look out on this gorgeous surprise! yum yum, Can't WAIT!
  8. Angry Dwarf brings you his first full album release, “Celebration Of Life”. After successful singles such as “She Rains” and the hit “Continuum” the full story is brought to you in form of this album! Composed, mixed and mastered by Serbian born (Norway residing) Vojislav Dimitrijevic, this release has patiently been waiting for 7 years to be picked up again, carefully and tenderly remixed and rebuilt from the ground up for it’s shiny release. Combination of mystifying atmospherics, twisting psychedelic leads, snarling synths, tender orchestra and cosmic build-ups bust the doors of traditional psy-trance and explore new sonic and harmonic territories presenting you, the listener, with a unique listening and dancing experience! This epic psy-trance release will grip you tightly, twist you wildly and make you smile greatly, having you return for more and discovering new depths with each new listen. Come and join the Celebration Of Life! Tracks: 1. Neon City 2. Continuum (Space-Time RMX) 3. Pulse 4. Organic 5. Chasing The Dragon 6. Wings Of Dawn 7. Everything Is Sound 8. Dreams Bonus Track: 9. Hell Sludge All Tracks written and mastered by: Vojislav Dimitrijevic Cover Art by: Vojislav Dimitrijevic Released by: Angry Dwarf Music Release/catalogue number: ADM001 http://soundcloud.co...ration-of-life/ http://www.last.fm/m...bration+of+Life http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/angrydwarf Cheers! www.angrydwarfmusic.com
  9. Angry Dwarf quickly ran out of his cave and took the basket and the magical note away leaving another one instead in the empty clearing... "Some hum0ns want releaz Dwarfz notes! So soon, iT be on 'Psychedelic Dance Records', grumble, brumble"
  10. ...another note flies out of the dark cave... and on it just a secret code of some sort was written! http://www.angrydwarfmusic.com/Albums/Angry_Dwarf_-_Celebration_of_life.zip P.S. link dead intentionally, look below
  11. One sunny Saturday morning, behind 3 hills and a stream, Angry Dwarf emerged from his secluded cave and left out a little gift in the middle of the forest . A fruit basket full of images and sounds, free for everyone to enjoy in . A rare thing happened, smile blitzed across his twangy mustaches , then he quickly returned to the darkness of his cave . There was a note left next to the basket saying "Spring cleaning, so old junk goes out!" Angry Dwarf - "Celebration of Life"; unpublished album (2004) Tracklisting: 1. Continuum 2. Pulse 3. Chasing The Dragon 4. Hell Sludge 5. Wings Of Dawn 6. Organic 7. Neon City 8. Dreams 9. Dawn Of a New Era (bonus track) Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71zdVjDWd-k&list=PLAF2548745A86D708 Enjoy!
  12. ...those damn bats keep pooping in my bed...

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