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  1. tracks 6, 8, & 9 are good, the rest i think is a complete waste of the talent

    that they have; it sounds like it took the 5 minutes to make most of the other


  2. Tranan is one of the guys from Logic Bomb :o) this is one of the best

    compilations of the year... tracks 1, 3,4 and 7 rock, and the others aren't

    bad either... proper outdoor party music, I give it 8/10 =o)

  3. V/A - Transient Dawn


    Posted Image


    Artist: Various

    Title: Transient Dawn

    Label: Transient

    Date: 1997


    Track listing:


    01. 07'41" Astral Projection : Ambience

    02. 09'30" Messiah : Hypnosys

    03. 07'33" Slide : Sarching Slowly

    04. 12'13" Cosmix And Kristian : The Vision

    05. 07'17" Anubis : Temple Of The Moon

    06. 08'26" Medicine Drum : Slipstream

    07. 10'16" Doof : Blue Sun Shrine

    08. 08'05" Cosmosis : Dawn Of An Era




    perfect post party music; pumping enough to keep you up there, yet it still

    soothes those battered brain cells. On a par with any of the best chill out of

    the last few years. I lost my copy a while ago, and when i tried get it again

    from transient last year I was told it was deleted, is it still delted ? If it

    is, could somebody burn me copy please ? I can make it worth their while by

    exchanging it for a fine piece of dutch produce ;-))

  4. IMHO this is a very good compilation; Boom Records is going from strength to

    strength at the moment. What is great about this cd is the variety it

    contains, there is a track here for all occasions, from the screaming darkness

    of HuxFlux, to the gorgeous, almost retro, melodies of Twister. All the tracks

    deserve some sort of mention because they are original, interesting a well

    produced, but the stand-out ones for me are the Subcouds, which has a

    brilliant creeping, whispering melody that sweeps you along; BotFB with

    Andrenachrome (trainspotter's corner : this is the name of the legendary drug

    taken from a human adrenaline gland, which is mentioned in H S Thompson's Fear

    and Loathing in Las Vegas) is a stomping night time track with excellent Homer

    Simpson samples; the Logic Bomb track also stands out with its good sample and

    uplifting (but certainly not cheesy) melody.

    Children, i think giving a compilation 6/10 because 2 of the tracks don't have

    any melodies is a subjective piece of reviewing :-) For me this is one of

    the top 4 or 5 compilation releases of the year, its definitely worth checking

    out, 8.75/10 ;-) no ikea trance here.

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