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  1. it's a shitty day, and as my government has fecked off to sweden i''ve left to my own devices so i'll be playing some chill/downbeat/dub/electronica/randomness working our way to some proggy sounds and slow trance eventually.


    the vibe is very much "get out of bed and switch psystream on, then go back to bed and roll yourself a very large bifta"


    we'll be 'avin it (slowly) from about 12.30pm CET





  2. Yah here in Los Angeles the psytrance parties are full of really drugged out people, lots of tweakers, drinking, etc - the psytrance the DJ's spin is that obnoxious full-on stuff without subtlety or depth - party music - the dumbing down of the psytrance culture...



    sometimes i read stuff on forums and think i must have been existing in some weird parallel scene for the last 13 years. the psytrance scene has always been full of "drugged out people" and the music has always been party music (ffs we call them parties for a reason!!). it came out of a hedonist crowd and was developed as a soundtrack to dance and have a good time to. it's not rocket science! sometimes i wish it had been born anywhere other than goa, so we wouldn't have this pseudo eastern mysitcal bullshit rammed down our throats as a justification for getting trolleyed and having a good time (which is just spiritual and good for your soul in itself). anyway, enough off-topicness ;)


    as far as the album goes, i've heard it live 3 times in the last 12 months, twice this year. i've now heard it a couple of times at a friend's house as well, and imho this album is the best hybrid of old school pystrance melodies and vibes and modern production techniques that i've heard. i think it's track 2 that when i've heard it on the dancefloor its like being stuck in a timewarp, yet it doesn't sound outdated at all... absolute bliss. this time next week, when i get paid, the first thing i'm going to do is buy this album, it's class and it's timeless.

  3. Yeah, I knew that about Zoe, Ott and the Child, but I had to mention her, as she took really good care of me the whole time when I was there. Did we meet when I was over playing by the way? :)


    Edit: Yes, eventhough I have only played at one of Matt & Remkos parties, I must say that I enjoyed that gig and the party more than anything else I have played at the last 3 years, even more than my own party with Atmos in Sweden 1 year ago haha :)

    no, we didn't meet... at that time i was living in holland probably; i've only been living back in the UK since the summer of 2004. from '96 to 2003 i was living in first groningen and then amsterdam :)


    snapinho, i definitely met you... just not sure whether it was at the easter party in the simplon last year, or the new years party in the climbing hall a few months ago :)

  4. Tribe of Frog has to be up there for me too, they are the most professional party crew around... Nemo, Zoe isn't really involved anymore, she's got married to Ott and had a baby last year :)


    apart from them, it's always a joy to play in the Netherlands for the groningen crowd at Matt & Remko's parties, and when I was in Australia for the Discordian Monkey Tribe (Tom Jaimz, Richie & Klara).

  5. i'll be spinning some tunes from about 20.30CET on psystream


    there'll be music joining the dots from chill to prog to full-on (and i don't mean cheesy israeli full on), i'll be featuring quite a lot of the new releases, including the arkanoydz and cosmosis albums and gus till - the rhino years... but age doesn't mean anything in on my shows, will be playing good tunes from across the psytrance era :)


    if you want to know what a tune is, or just want to have a laugh with the local lunatics, get involved in the shoutbox :)


    Posted Image

  6. that comes from the sales bullshit, dude, surely you don't believe everything you read in that? if everything written about every new release was true then every single cd released is the next genre busting, innovative, big thing.


    i've listened to this twice now, and they may think they have all those influences mixed in (and maybe they do!), but to me the sum of all the parts just sounds like good, old fashioned psytrance. if any of those influences stood out more than the old school touches, they would have put me off and i wouldn't have enjoyed it so much.

  7. cosmosis was the first live act i ever saw, back in '95 and i was blown away, everything bill has ever released has been quality, and although i haven't heard the new album yet, i have heard him play live twice this year already and have been blown away (again!) both times. and twice isn't enough... i'll be hearing him a third time next month at glade, and i can't wait, it'll be one of the festival highlights for me.


    can't wait to get me mitts on his album either.

  8. Well, it is not a matter of will really. How many new CDs you've got each month? I'd say on average for me it is about 2-3, on some months much more, on other much less so I guess that average is pretty accurate. Therefore I need this kind of "restriction". Besides, what can you say about the actual music if you listen to 6 CDs at once? :)

    um, not as many as i used to. i very rarely buy psy anymore as i'm lucky enough to be given a lot of promos/demos. if the promo is a cd-r and i like it, i will then buy it. i get a constant, but slow flow of new music, so i have time to give them all a good listen before the next one came a long. when i was buying 5 - 10 cds a month it was a different story, i'd try to listen to them all in as short a time as possible... mainly to find tracks for dj sets. your method sounds a lot more sensible :)

  9. dude, this is a SICK mix...thanks for sharing


    you've put me onto a heap of new shit i wouldn't have necessarily checked for


    that benza track is really dope


    *plays mix again*


    bingo :D


    cheers mate, check the rest of the benza album, it's the dog's bollocks :)

  10. :lol:


    Nope, but I think it's a pretty fair review. I'm not blind to the cd's weak points, I just happen to disagree with damion where the weak points are. ;)


    The reason I posted this myself, is that Damion told me he doesn't make a habit of putting his reviews up on forums and told me that "he'd get around to it", I know what this means ;) l just wanted to use it as a bit of launchpad to find out what people outside the UK think of it. The reaction on psyforum.co.uk has been very positive, but no-one from any other country has actually commented on it, so I'm very curious to hear what the rest of the world thinks of it, if they have even heard of it at all :)

  11. Posted Image

    Being honest is good, so I’m going to be honest. British DJ Tom Lurk, who compiled this album, is a good mate of mine. A very good mate of mine, in fact: I’ve known him in various states and on various continents for years, we’ve talked 13,576 hours of abject shit, and I’ve stayed at his house more times than anyone else I’ve ever known in my life (an utterly pointless bit of trivia that I only realised when sitting down to write this review.)

    It came as something of a concern, then, when I learned he was compiling an album. Obviously I would be expected to provide a review, which would presumably go some way into deciding whether or not I would continue to receive Christmas cards from the Lurk family in the future.

    It would probably be fair to say that Tom Lurk and I disagree with about 80% of what we think is brilliant, and agree with about 80% of what we think is shit. Somewhere in the middle there is evidently some sort of crossover, and happily that’s exactly where Get Your Wonk On sits.

    The vibe here is sophisticated, understated, and rather cool. Much like Lurk’s DJ sets, there are no cheesy breakdowns; no dodgy keychanges, no Michele Adamson and no Raja Ram. He’s given space to fresh new talent (Hemi-Sync, Beatnik, Fromem_Ory), and of the more established acts (Fractal Glider, OOOD, Zen Mehanics, Rastaliens) he’s plucked artists who share a discernable common thread: groovy without being too funky, baggy without being lazy, focused without being moody.

    None of these tracks will tear the roof off, but that’s sort of the point. The sequencing and selection all point to maintaining a tight vibe, like a slow-boiling casserole rather than a microwave vindaloo. This means, of course, that the album grows on you the more you listen to it – which is a good thing.

    Rastaliens’ Chaos Theory is exceedingly fine, as is Beatnik’s appropriately wobbly Balloon Tricks. Braincell’s Total Control has some lovely little melodic flecks, although hearing that “LSD unsanity” sample again is something of a drain.

    OOOD’s Starseeker has some of the finest trans-track progression around at the moment, a pure wide-eyed fantasy that picks up exactly the right amount of melody at exactly the right time. My personal favourite is probably the Flip Flop remix of Zen Mechanics’ New Propulsion Technology: you can hear Zen Mechanics in there, but you’re not sure where or how – and the spacing between the sounds is like an old friend with a wet nose to those of us who believe that less is more.

    Your obvious reaction to this review is that I’m being cod-positive, telling you to buy a mate’s album because “it’s flawless”. It’s not flawless, nothing is: Touch Tone’s crisp, French-sounding Ammo sounds out of place amidst the other, far more solid tunes; and Fractal Glider’s Spherical has a melody that gets too silly. This may be the point, but it’s still silly.

    Get Your Wonk On is another segment in the orange of decent new UK psytrance. It’s fresh, it’s fun, and it deserves points for sticking to its guns and not going over the top with big choons which, while selling well, make you want to cut your ears off.

    Confident, tight and unswervingly not gay. Tom, you’ve done well here mate.


    it would be great to hear other people's opinions about it, if you've got hold of it :)
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