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  1. Couple of UK's finest psychedelic compilations of last couple years:


    V/A - New Generation (Organic Records)



    V/A - God Save The Machine (TIP World)



    V/A - Build Your Own Reactor (Liquid Records)



    V/A - Origin Stage 3 (Nano Records)



    V/A - Get Your Wonk On (Sonic Dragon Records)





    AMD - BigFish (Nano Records)





    good man, hope you enjoy it :D

  2. *bump* for the twisted folks* :)


    How to get from Twisted @ Brixton Academy to DayTrippers @ Cafe 1001, in Brick Lane:-


    You can either take the bus or tube...neither really being quicker than the other...


    By Bus:-


    Bus 35 goes direct to Liverpool Street from:- Gresham Rd /Brixton Police Stn Stop: H and takes 30 mins (buses leave every 20 minutes)


    Bus 133 goes direct to Liverpool Street from:- Brixton Station Bus Stop and takes around 35 mins (buses leave every 10 minutes)


    By Tube:-


    By Tube there are 2 options both of which take much the same time...


    - Take the Victoria Line North bound to Oxford Circus then change and take the Central Line East bound to Liverpool Street.


    - Or take the Victoria Line North Bound for 1 stop to Stockwell then change and take the Northern Line North Bound to Bank and change at Bank and take the Central Line East Bound 1 stop to Liverpool Street.


    Both routes take around 30 minutes.


    Posted Image


    DayTrippers is is a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Street station...if you follow the map below Liverpool Street Station is on the left and Brick Lane (B134) is in the middle (in yellow). Cafe 1001 is just past Hanbury Street on Brick Lane...if you have any problems just ask someone most people round that area know where it is!

  3. hope you enjoy it :)


    you gotta support the artists, and if my mixes help people buy original cds it's great. i get more emails from people saying they've bought a cd cos they've heard tracks in my mixes, than i do from promoters asking me to play, which is fine by me :)

  4. finally, after 2 years of meaning to get around to it, i've got a new mix online :posford:


    Lurk - Original Wonkstah (DJ Mix 12.05.07)


    1. O.O.O.D. ~ Marijuajuana (O.O.O.D. - Free Range - Organic Records)

    2. Benza ~ Acting In Concert (Benza - Shwarze Now, The Defender - Sonic Dragon Records)

    3. Union Jack ~ Two Full Moons & a Trout {Domestic & Pixel rmx} (Unreleased)

    4. Prometheus ~ Oz (Prometheus - Corridor of Mirrors - Twisted Records)

    5. Hemi-Sync ~ New Method (V/A - Get Your Wonk On - Sonic Dragon Records)

    6. Electric Ant & a Commercial Hippy ~ Electric Hippy (V/A - Origin 3 - Nano Records)

    7. Etic ~ Try Not (Unreleased)

    8. Silicon Sound ~ Electro Body Music (V/A - Decoder - Neurobiotic Records)

    9. Zen Mechanics ~ Vurt (V/A - Luna Agent - Alchemy Records)

    10. Tristan ~ Dream Machine (Tristan - Chemisphere - Nano Records)

    11. Telepathik ~ Anomoly (V/A - Divine Inventions - Liquid Records - OUT SOON!)

    12. Rastaliens ~ Chaos Theory (V/A - Get Your Wonk On - Sonic Dragon Records)

    13. AMD ~ Slightly Turbo (AMD - Big Fish - Nano Records)

    14. Vibra ~ Casablanca (V/A - Neurology - Neurobiotic Records)

    15. Mr Peculiar - Hero (Mr Peculiar - Infinite Evolution - Sonic Dragon Records)


    This mix takes you on a trip through the morning sounds of psytrance, starting at 136bpm and finishing at 145bpm, and unrelentingly funky throughout.


    If you like the tracks, please support the artists and labels that make it all possible; check out and buy the releases that these tracks come from... they're all quality =D




    this is just a temporary url; it'll be on my website, http://www.hoipolloi.nl/djlurk, once i've got my passwords and stuff off the person doing the hosting


    i hope you enjoy it, all constructive criticism, both good and bad, is more than welcome :)

  5. Posted Image


    best quality sound for dj'ing i've ever heard in a pair of headphones (the bass is boosted slightly). very well built, i had my last pair for nearly 4 years and they went all over the world with me in my backpack when travelling.


    anyway, i liked them so much i bought the same again when my last pair died.


    the only disadvantage, as snaphino said about the technics, is they are not built for prolonged, continuous listening and get uncomfortable if worn for a long time.


    i wouldn't touch sennheisers with a 10 meter pole after having these, as they sound soooo tinny in comparison.

  6. yep, they also played at the twisted recs 10 year b-day bash. dick has done an amazing job on remastering the tracks, and giving them some new twists, so they sound bang up to date :)


    it's very difficult to get them all in the same place at the same time though, cos the other 2 have successful music careers in their own right.

  7. i agree with mr tentacles, not as good as unlimited, but still very good and head and shoulders above the majority of releases.


    i'm very glad they haven't tried to change too much as well... if it ain't broke don't fix :)

  8. i'd like someone to review the "get your wonk on" compilation on sonic dragon. it's got a good reception in the uk, but i'm curious to hear how it's going down in other parts of the world... but maybe no-one has bought it yet :lol:


    and just because i asked for it, doesn't mean to say i don't want to hear the truth :)

  9. i completely agree about the overuse of breakdowns, it's horrible and shows a lack of imagination from the artist, because they clearly don't know how to build a track just using sounds.


    in fact it pissed me off so much, that i actually got off my arse and put together a compilation where i told the artists they weren't allowed more than one break per track, and it had to be short.

  10. imho the AMD album doesn't sound like everything else that's getting released, they have a very distinctive sound, but i was just using it as an example.


    structure, pattern and sounds was what i was referring to in my last paragraph :)

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  11. i've just been reading the AMD album review thread and most responses were pretty positive, apart from one. this person said it wasn't innovative, therefore it wasn't good. now, i just don't get this. what i loved about AMD was the fact that it was back to basics psytrance with top quality, intricate production, which didn't pretend, or even try, to be anything else. which is refreshing in itself these days. am i the only one who appreciated it for this reason?.


    why is the psytrance scene so obssessed with innovation, and what do they mean by it? for me, there are two types of innovation. first, stylisitic innovation which basically involves borrowing bits from other genres. this often doesn't fit or detracts from a tune and is often used by artists in a seemingly desperate way in order to make themselves stand out from the crowd, or more commercially appealing (infected and skazi are the best examples of this imho). the other type is technological innovation which is obviously limited by the speed at which the software and hardware developers can come up with it, and also the affordability and availability of these products. in any case, good psytrance producers seem to be well up on all the latest production techniques and methods.


    i don't think there is another music scene where artists are under such pressure to "innovate". just sticking to dance music, drum n bass sounds the same to me now as it did 10 years ago, as does hard house, for example, and you never hear the people who listen to it complaining about this. if it's banging and "'avin it" and it works well on the dancefloor they're happy. why aren't happy with this? or are we, and am i just spending too much time reading the anoraks of the internet? surely, so long as it sounds unique within the genre and isn't indeterminable from every other release we should be happy... using AMD as an example again, this album manages that, what more do we want? if someone wants more than that, perhaps they should just give up on psytrance and move on to new pastures, because it's clear that psytrance isn't going to do it for them anymore.


    having said all this, there is one type of innovation this scene desperately needs more of, and that is in a unique style/sound for each artist. it seems that when an artist becomes popular, there are hundreds of wannabees who try and copy the successful style, and many others who actually want to release it, so in the end the scene is flooded with GMS clones, or Protoculture clones, or whatever, and not only does this become boring for the punter (full-on psytrance is only just recovering from the protoculture phenomanen imho) it also usually ends up killing off the act that starts it.


    i'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts on this :)

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  12. Posted Image


    to celebrate not being deckless for the 1st time in 2 months and owning my own pair for the 1st time in 3.5 years i will be doing a show on www.psystream.net from 7pm


    you can expect tunes from the AMD, Prometheus, Tristan and new Mr Peculiar albums and from Origin 3, the forthcoming Liquid Records comp Divine Inventions and of course some wonktastic stuff from Get Your Wonk On, which is out soon on Sonic Dragon! plus new stuff from rastaliens, braincell and fractal glider... and that's just some of the full on stuff... we'll start a bit random and ambienty and work ourselves up from there


    Posted Image

  13. it's by far his album imho, audiodrome had it's moments but the last one was awful.


    for me this one was a grower not a shower, i liked it the 1st time i heard it, but it's definitely grown on me with repeated listens.

  14. Where did you find the info about the Allaby and Laughing Buddha albums that are coming out soon? I went on Nanos website and didnt see any mention of these two.

    from one of the people who runs nano. to say they are coming out soon is putting it too strong, but both are due out before the end of the year.

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