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  1. forgot to mention the allaby and laughing buddha albums that are both coming up on nano... and also rastalien's next album is coming along nicely and will be out on the new uk label phar-psyde records. also watch out for the debut album from Flip Flop, rising stars of the uk scene, on alchemy... might not be out this year though if we're unlucky. oh, also zen mechanic's debut album is ready and waiting release on neurobiotics.


    loads to look forward basically :)

  2. my girlfriend likes all the same stuff as me... good non-cheesy morning full-on and progressive and hates the screaming dark night trauma trance type stuff, just like me. she's also a very good dj and plays for a good label. where our tastes in psy differ is that i also like a lot of chill stuff, but she finds it too slow and boring ;)

  3. Posted Image


    Posted Image


    :: daytime grooving after Twisted Records @ Brixton Academy ::

    ultragroovy lighting by Photon Weaver

    decoration by Kinky Pixie


    this is in a very cosy venue within easy reach of brixton academy... lots of comfortable sofas, good food (!), the drinks are cheap for london and the staff are friendly. there's also an outdoor terrace area :)

  4. Well 2006 in my opinion was one of the worst for psy trance with very scarce good releases but 2007 looks so much better. We already had the brilliant Prometheus album, the Tristan and the AMD, Sound Field, Cafu and Vibrasphere albums, a few good compilations incl. VA Uncharted on Flow, and a few albums to be released very soon that look very promising like Younger Brother, Antix, Ott?, Ace Ventura, Cosmosis, Perfect Stranger Remixes, Talpa, Twisted DVD and probably more.

    Is there a Psy Trance revival ahead of us?

    fully agree.


    i heard cosmosis live last weekend and that really is one to watch out for. there's 2 new compilations coming out on liquid records too, a full-on one and a chill; both are excellent.


    imho the psy scene has always been kind of cyclical... 1995-1997 good years, 1998-2000 generally forgettable etc etc... it's down to the number of bandwagon jumpers who leech onto a certain sound (protoculture, for example?) and then cain it to death, and also the so-called boundary-pushers who try to bring in outside influences (last year's electro-prog bullshit, for example?). it's no coincidence to me that 2 of this year's best releases, the AMD album and origin 3, have been very much back to basics.

  5. A thinly veiled excuse for their lack of musical ability... or are you just being an elitist full-on freak?


    At least separate the release info and your opinions, please.

    why should I? you don't have to agree with them, but they are informative opinions. a lot of people can't stand key changes, plenty of people love them. this is a cd for the former group, which i happen to belong to, and represents my taste in music. why would i want to put music on it that i don't like or believe in? music that tries to appeal to everyone is generally crap. i don't see how that makes me elitist, or how it denotes that there's a lack of musical ability. for me, key changes point to a lack of any other kind of idea of how to build a track, and they make the music (full on especially) sound wrong.


    it's all a matter of taste though, and i never thought this cd would appeal to everyone's :)

  6. hello, good evening and welcome...


    from about 7.30pm (GMT) tonight, i will be fiddling with the wheels of plastic. you can expect previews of the forthcoming AMD and Tristan albums (both out in the next couple of weeks) and the Divine Inventions and Get Your Wonk On compilations out soon on Liquid records and Sonic Dragon, plus new stuff from Rastaliens & Braincell


    I'll also be playing stuff from the new Prometheus album, the nano records comp Origin 3, the new vibrasphere EP and zen mechanics' progressive comp, Uncharted, on Flow Recs amongst lots of other good stuff.


    I'm gonna try and record it, so I won't be doing talking (stop cheering at the back), so if you want to know what atrack is get yerselves on the shoutbox :)


    clicky clicky

  7. but to be honest, fullon is quite different from progressive now isn't it?

    I heard that some eastern europeans can't listen to fullon & even the best goa producer who produced fullon would be the worst crap ever!

    Some people do like the genres!


    I must admit I'm crap with the genres


    I generally have just a few


    Goa/Psy - Don't care about the difference







    but that's just me!


    Good & crap just aren't enough. I have different moods.

    this is what i'm saying, your perception of genres are different to mine. mine are different to my friends. genres are as subjective as the music is. there is some over-lap, but nothing should be defined. people should be left to explore the music, define and invent their own genres as it suits them, rather than have everything labelled for them already... labels can often be misleading!

  8. if you want them or not, in music there are genres & sub genres. There is definately a point in describing them to people. It's helpful.




    A. You should listen to the new album by Pantsy McShine!

    B. What kind of music is it?

    A. Oh I don't believe in music genres, it just creates barriers

    B. Well, is it pop? Is is it rock? Is it electronic?

    A. It's all of those and none of those, music can not be pigeonholed into such categories!

    B. Come on mate give me something to work with here

    A. Work is just for the oppressed. I don't want to give you anything to work with because then I would be an oppressor

    B. Get the FUCK out of my house HIPPY :angry:



    "psytrance" is a good enough sub-genre for me, but it's understandable if you want to split that into progressive, night full-on and morning full-on, anything else is just anal imho :) i've lost count of the number of times i've been put off listening to something because it has been labelled a certain way, only to hear it later on, without knowing it, and finding a) i really liked it and B) it didn't fit into my conception of what something labelled in that way should sound like.

  9. no offence meant, but i find this kind of pointless. good music is good music, doesn't matter what genre it is, and that's always in the ear of the beholder. also, i think sub-genres are more of a barrier to exploring music than a help as they build pre-conceptions. people new to psytrance should just be told "here's psytrance, dive in, you might get a bit lost but it's always fun and theres loads to explore", not be given a hugely complicated map, which people can't agree on the locations of the places marked on it in the first place.


    sorry, just my two pence :)

  10. i'm in the mood for spinning some tunes, so that's what i'm going to do... gonna be playing stuff from the new tribal vision, flow recs, nano recs and get your wonk on compilations, among other stuff, old and new




    from now until i want to go to bed ;)

  11. all sorts of musical shenanigens, from psychill to chilled breaks and hip hop, to extreme randomness... with maybe a bit of proggy action towards the end, but all very much on a get-out-of-bed-switch-the-pc-on-get-back-into-bed-and-roll-yourself-a-big-spliff tip ;)


    sunday morning from about 8.30ish(GMT), come and get involved in the shoutbox :)



  12. I was stoopid and put this in the wrong section originally, so now I am giving it a bump, without shame, so it goes to the top of the right section ;)


    it's worth pointing out that Flip Flop (who have just signed to Alchemy) & Fromem_Ory have played on the main stage at the Glade festival, Beatnik and Hemisync have had releases on Nano Records, and Touch Tone is stirring a lot of interest too. Touch Tone and Hemi-Sync are the solo projects of the Flip Flop guys. The rest of the acts shouldn't need any introduction ;)

  13. Sonic Dragon with it sub-labels concentrated on almost all sub-genres, but not being too commercialized, have established them as one of the leading labels in psytrance.


    I checked their web-site today and convinced myself again, these guys are really good!


    Their upcoming releases:



    V.A. - Get Your Wonk On - SDREC-09 (We can only guess the tracklist.)

    you need guess no longer :D


    clicky clicky for da info

  14. While I can appreciate that this album is not for everyone and that there are a lot of different tastes, I would add the disclaimer that the samples of this album aren't really good indicators of why this album is so good. The samples don't really do justice to how some of the more oustanding tracks evolve, build and progress; and in the latter half of the album this is what makes it so outstanding IMO.

    samples are always shit; it's such a shame you can't walk into a record shop these days and flick through an album at your leisure, but that's another debate entirely.


    if you listen to the samples and you're not convinced, buy it anyway. it's an album that's full of depth, and although it sounds great at first listen, 2nd and 3rd listens are, if anything, better, and if it doesn't make you laugh at least twice, you're weird. if, by some miracle, you don't like it, look upon it as an investment. people are selling 2nd hand copies of the last OOOD album for £80, so if that's anything to go by, you'll be getting a good return in a few years time ;)


    another spot on review, mr posture, by the way :)

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