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  1. why did you delete the eye stuff about me, man, are you afraid that someone could bann you, you react like a typical German, sorry to say German but that is the typical behavour of the mates in my class and outside of it, that´s the behavour of most Germans i know, first they are friendly and than... without comment


    with germans you never know.........
  2. than post it more often in the music thread, what will newcomers think when they see that here on psynews the people don´t listen to true psychedelic rance expect me and some other but to ambient/IDM etc etc, people who come here want to meet people who are psychedelic trance fans and not dancefloor killargh rolling basslines fans, i have nohting against them but i just wanted know if there aktually are still people who at all listen to oldschool expect me because in the music thread it doesn´t look like that.


    So what if they don't listen to old skool (true psychedelic trance :huh: ) anymore? Big deal!


    Yes you do, you think people who like full on are wrong and retarded.

  3. Nemo i think when the third hallucinogen album will come out it will change the scene and the people will start to listen to oldschool again because it will oldschool (i hope) the cheesy israeli fullon wil disappear with time after the second hallucinogen album. I don´t know why mars and annoebis don´t release more oldschool alike music instead of that newschool, Tranceform is closer to oldschool than suntrip but they still aren´t 100% oldschool. I hope they will change their style a bit and force filteria to not make so ultracheesy trance anymore. Khetzal is fine though.


    I think you are a sad little boy.
  4. we do have a goa virus here, and it keeps spreading and attracting new people...


    I remember 4 years agoo the most popular parties were all posted on that website



    well there was a period belgium had more parties then germany,

    for those who don't know, do I, I'll estimate,

    Germany is like 7 times that big then belgium and goa was as much present as here, even more,

    neighbour country together with holland,


    the fact is it's even more insane,


    95% of all the parties thrown in a whole year are based in the north, above the capital BRUSSEL,

    so the flemisch side each weekend 3 goaparties isn't a rare thing,

    and I'm talking about a surface (see map)


    Posted Image

    well tried to give a picture don't know if you can put in perspective,

    but to be honest I think it's a shame  :lol: , it's overdose, too many, overloaded,

    and not fun to party anymore but that's my individual experience,

    even the gouverment freaks on the goaparties and hates the fact that french drugusers come over here to party and get wild, I don't mind, would do the same  :D


    long time no see :)
  5. Good choice! A lot of great goa tracks on this one starting with Genetic - Transmission & culminating in Hallucinogen - LSD! God Paul used to have good taste!


    repetitive, steady rythms, long sweeps, every sound in its place and a little bit dirty too

    just the way I like it :)

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