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  1. Steve E's artwork!! Check! SteveE Darkpsy..? I like that style too. Especially Penta, dark soho, xenomorph, species and parasense
  2. Nice new album from tegma! Great new melodies and rolling sound!! The speak on track two: "Das hochste Gluck auf Erden kommt Sehr oft nur durch Einsamkeit in das Herz".. This is familiar. I think this is the same sample Schiller used on his track called "Ruhe". One of my favourites I just had to say that cause i recognised that speak immediatly and i think it do not fit on that track. Translation of it is:"Silence is the greatest joy on Earth Very often comes into heart only because of loneliness". I think this fits more better on chill track like ruhe.. But okay, album is very good sounding and i liked it!
  3. What's playing in your winamp etc. right now? Holeg & the Spies -God is not goth (original mix) Dark!! Great dark sound from holeg & the spies. Psychedelic industrialsound
  4. Hikkomori is absolutely best track on album. I liked tristan & prometheus too, rest is kinda too funky for me
  5. This is one of masterpieces! Nowdays there's not many real goa-artists anymore. Full respect to filteria!!
  6. Yeah, i know what u mean.. There are many brainless, who thinks North america is like United states. Both countries are so different that there should be own selection for canadians. We (finns) don't like our neighbours nether;) hih.. just kidding
  7. 1 point for Finland!! Nice numbers for finns
  8. mmkay.. i haven't noticed. I'm new here. Of course there's always people who don't like and who likes somekind of music, but i liked this one. Especially track "Kick your shoes". It's true that sound is bit clubbish, but it doesn't matter me.
  9. Debut album for nothing less then the hottest Progressive Psychedelic Trance band in Germany. For the last years Marco Scherer, who is the wind and fire behind Meller, has been producing the most pumping - Fat - Ass shaking Progressive Psychedelic Trance tracks in collaboration with several producers and DJs such as DJ Mel, Heiko Klinger and Andrew the Unicorn. Truly unique sound with tribal influences. I had to listen this several times when i got this. I really tell u, if u haven't listen yet.. do it now! Check from psyshop
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