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  1. get hold of a few prime VSTi's like Zeta, Pro53, Absynth & albino to name a few (have a search through this section for info on VST's) Use these within the Live!4 environment and you are well on your way
  2. Acid is a childs toy, serious loop based sequencing can be done with summink decent like Ableton Live 4
  3. to resolve this issue you could do one of the following... 1. save your midi parts as reference.......well duhhhhh 2. stop smoking so much of the pot 3. write all your tracks in the same key easy squeezy cheesy peasy eh!
  4. yip yip - Logic it is! and ES2 is an emagic Logic synth.
  5. whats all this talk of expensive hardware synths being a necessity!! Pfffft.!! Plenty of professional production out there that hasnt seen a sniff of a virus or nord or been processed through expensive racks of mastering equipment. The right software is all good guys n gals, dont go worrying yerselves or spending yer hard earned dollar on hardware synths as they are effectively just digital signal processors in a nice looking box with keys, your pc's can doo much the same thing for a fraction of the cost.
  6. Hey subs, The access virus is not used on any of these tracks and tbh i wouldnt say they are worth the dollar, more fun and control to be had with soft synths if you ask me! Righto, im at work so im doing this from memory... Mikroship - Z3ta, Pro53, and Logic's ES2 Squeezy Vision - Pro53, Z3ta, DSP Discovery, ES2, Albino & Korg Legacy. Double Helix rmx - (so far) Albino, FM7, DSP Discovery. All sytnhs of course shoved through a fair amount of soft processing along the way. 3.33 - donk ask! that was a good couple of years ago now!
  7. but surely you would want to know WHY? they think its rubbish eh? dunno bout the site tho...im only on 1/2 gig dsl and i dont have to wait at all, no registration is required for listening to streams
  8. Hey, all advice and critisim welcomed, good and bad man. But the fact is that the singular word "rubbish" in my opinion passes for neither advice or critisism.
  9. Yo! Subsonik, first off thanks for taking the time to go and have a listen man > much appreciated. Its always good to receive some sound constructive critisism as you have shown here, its not always easy to place an objective ear on your own work and you need comments like this to move fwd as family and friends are not always so honest! we will be taking your comments with us back to the lab for a bit of re-tweaking. thanks again man peace out Iain & James x
  10. c'mon if youre going to rubbish it atleast have the decency to be fucking discriptive!
  11. hey ya'll Check the link in my sig for some tunes from me and another psynews member, the man like jamez_23. Theres a few up there at the moment, many more to come tho... have a listen, let us know what you think, all advice and critisisms most welcome. thanks, peace out. eonmak x
  12. dude, buy yerself a decent soundcard, mixer, monitors and a controller keyboard, purchase Emagic Logic Audio (and a few choice VSTi's) learn this sequencer, its the tits, you wont regret it.
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