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  1. Finally found some time to record a new mix Puppies are hard work! This one is a bit darker than the previous. Bpm goes from 152 to 154 Recorded 05/02/2014 with a pioneer xdj-r1 Tracklist: Spyge H - Spugedelic Force Hypnic Lab - Saatans Porn Horns Mussa Kussa - Xenuphobos Scientologicos Phosphoric - Glowfield Khooman - Juggo Bechamel Boys - Tossi Ansi Finski Disco - Speaking in Lungs Omitomi - Ancient Electronics Gumbumambo - Flegumatik 3000 Texas Faggott - Incubator Flying Scorpions - Hostage Situation Squaremeat - Direct Action Lightaman jr - poreilv
  2. 2013 is the year that I have been dj'ing at parties for 10 years. To celebrate this I poured all my experience and love for this music in a special 2 hour mix. I can't put into words how much this music has changed my life, but I hope to spread these sounds even further and allow others to find this hidden place too. A big thank you to all the suomi saundii artists, label owners and party people, and a special thank you to Pavel and Huopis from Trancebum productions and Freakdance Records for giving me the opportunity to DJ for them! Tracklist: shiwa 2000 - Story of Long Nose Pavel Svimba
  3. i disagree, although there are some very good tracks on forest flavour.. this album is more consistant and has an even more mature sound to it...it clearly is a very carefully thought out album... probably due to the fact all the tracks are done by tommi one of the very few albums you can call an album
  4. Time for a new mix.... Lots of suomisoundi and aussietrance, all mixed on the fly, so i make some little mistakes some very old and very new music mixed with 2 Pioneer cdj1000MKIII and a very fine Rodec mixer enjoy Ain-Soph - Annoying Sputnik Tracklist: Antiscarp Warriors - KilinKaliGali La Calamar - O-M-M Salakavala - Serial Atari Club Kooma - First Kooma 08 Igor Swamp - On Moss Texas Faggott - One King Mandalavandalz - Double Slit Experiment Flying Scorpions - Who Are They? Club Kooma - Kelakonsultti Sattle Battle - Wassup Jaque ExUus - Electrostat
  5. no comments???? i thought that there were some suomisoundi lovers on this forum
  6. it's not the best,but also not the worst....... mixes good with suomi and forest music
  7. Hi Made a mix the day after my birthday i was kinda woosy...but the mix is quite ok Lots of Antiscarp, 6 dimension soundz, Riitta Records, ... in other words, Suomilicious tracklisting Ain-Soph - Spügelicious Recycle Bin Tracklist : M.E.E.O. - Mandelbitter Spider Silk - Xela Kaynam ExUus - Ayahuyaska (Nebuyaske rmx) Foliopertti - Junavakoilumajoilu Puoskari - Shantibiotic Club Kooma - Why Like this Nano Buds - Lakupekka Omnibus - 45 (Antabus Break) Igor Swamp - IvaRivas Antiscarp Warriors - Tropical Nakki Mandalavandalz feat. Kakushin Nishihara
  8. a spugedelic trance mix i made with a broken mixer and some shady headphones wasn't supposed to be a demo....but the storyline is really great imo Ain-Soph - Väinämöinen Forestwalk Length: 59 Minutes Tracklist: ----------- 01 - Puoskari - Humboogie 02 - Salakavala - Italosport 03 - Squaremeat - Golden Accordion 04 - Salakavala - Undercover Attack (RMX) 05 - La Calamar - Paradiscofly 06 - Outolintu - Shizzlin' Da Virable 07 - Kirna - Heartcore 08 - Vihtahousu - Kierrätys 09 - Sattle Battle - Work In Space 10 - Flying Scorpions - Jet Pilot 11 - Sattle Bat
  9. tnx for the tip oopie, but i can't read suomi... i found the cd's, now i just need translation for ordering i'll mail the dudes from the webshop as soon as i know WTF Sähköposti: means
  10. i can pay via bank-transfer or western union money transfer shops like beatspace and psyshop have a cash on delivery service
  11. i'm looking for some cd's for my collection.....i have no visa so i can't use a web-shop that has/had those cd's i'm willing to pay a little extra for rarities if you can help me....pm me pls here's my list: ALBUMS --------- Exuus - No Controlling (6-dimension soundz) Flying Scorpions - Lipoptena Cervi (6-dimension soundz) Mandalavandalz - Chapora Nightlife (6-dimension soundz) Mandalavandalz - Kamakaze (6-dimension soundz) Puoskari - Open The Forest (6-dimension soundz) Sci Forest - Fetish Box (6-dimension soundz) Pelinpala - My Cd Has Landed on The Next Door Neighbo
  12. hey NilsTentacles...you have some stuff from amon duul II great taste in music i would say, i discovered them last summer...via musicvideos and jamsessions they broadcasted on german tv (for the whole summer )
  13. idd great news... any updates on the comp you guys are releasing ??? Great to have another label promoting tastefull music
  14. what the fuck is everybody complaining about....this cd is heavenly
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