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  1. So you won't be coming back at all? Too bad, but i'll definitly will post my stuff here as well. Tanx for your reply, third psy track is on her way.
  2. Here's a new ambient track from me, very smooth and relaxing ambient with clicks and bleeps and stuff, it's unfinished at the moment, needs some extra strings and add-ons, but i'm on a break for a while, working on the next track cause when i spend too much time on the same track i usually screw it up. My intention is to make 4-5 tracks in this concept, all in the same range but filled with different emotions, from relaxing to dramatic to happy etc etc.... Not too much bells and whistless, just smooth background music. Have a listen here: (to stream: click picture). download comments are encouraged.
  3. Nice! Looks like another very tasty release, go tribal vision. Prosect: according to that 2 min sample here i'm very curious about the whole tracks, sounds quite great i must say! Congrats!
  4. Fruity's synths aren't superb, that's a wellknown fact, but the Sytrus isn't that bad, actually it's quite good, and i've used to get some proper sounds out of the DX10 also. But why don't you just buy yourself some proper vsti's? Like Vanguard, absynth, V-station (softw.version of the k-station), Zeta.... And if you look around on the internet a bit you'll find a shitload of decent free synths , i'll give you some links but i'm on another pc at the moment.
  5. The gui needs to be created in Synthedit as well, but the standard knobs and backgrounds look like sh*t, so you best make those in psp or similar, the knobs on this one i've downloaded somewhere, the rest i made in psp, and currently designing my own knobs for the next synth, but it's quite a lot work cause you need to make every position of the knob separately.
  6. Synthedit, free to download here: http://www.synthedit.com/ Very good program, and there are some tutorials on the net to get to know the basics, i've made this one with it: http://www.deviantart.com/view/16091024/ It's my first try, pure basic stuff, now working on something more complex but you have to make sure you arrange everything so it you'll get a clear overview cause when it get's messy you might get stuck, and the hardest part is to create the GUI afterwards, takes too long imo. This is a screenshot of the synth i'm working on at the moment: (that's what i mean with messy..)
  7. i've made on myself, it's a very basic synth made in synthedit, my first try actually, it's quite good for making digital bleeps and cracks, but it takes a while to get some good sounds out of it, i advice using automation on the knobs, then you can create some real twisted noizes. right here: http://www.deviantart.com/view/16091024/ ('download to desktop' button below, it's a .dll file, no install needed, just put it in you're vst-folder.)
  8. Tnx for the replies people, i'm glad some of u like it. I have to agree on the mastering (@mescarajah), i'm working on quite crappy headphones so it takes much time to get my sounds right, and even then they don't sound how they should be, and you're right about the percussion too, but my intention in the future is to give live-sets with live percussion, some kind of late sunny afternoon chilled out smooth tribalistic experience . There is more coming up, but i'm also working on two other projects, one of them is minimal housemusic and the other ambient/chilled out stuff. hehe, you're the first to notice where the title comes from, it's idd a place in the east, actually it's a lake called 'sichuan'.
  9. I could be wrong but i think he meant that in a sarcastic kinda way...
  10. Truly killercombination, but you ain't nothin' without an alpenhorn with that. (and some matching lederhosen).
  11. sorry, i didn't read all the replies so excuse me if i'm repeating anyone. But, idd, there is no 'best software', offcourse there's pro-tools, but that's quite expensive and still, you won't make better music with more expensive software, like they say, it's not the size that matters, it's what you do with it (though i think they were referring to something else saying that, but nevertheless ) now, TS404 sucks, bigtime, u just need other vst instruments and you'll get much further, almost all Vsti can be runned in FL, but, as your asking for tips on getting more out of the TS404, here are some: - EQUALIZE : master your sound, make it sound better by sending it to an fx channel and put some effects on it, like an equalizer, a compressor, reeverb, etc etc, twist and turn the knobs until you have the sound you want - USE AUTOMATION : i guess you wan't that effect that you have a melodie playing and repeating itself every -let's say fr example- 16 steps, but you wan't to change the sound while it plays, then u have to use automation, with this you can change the position of your knobs during the song, and create that weird swirling twisting and turning effect, if you don't know what automation is, i will explain, just ask. Again, Fruityloops or any other sequencer are just the programs where you create your song in, the sounds are made by the use of several instruments (like VST or hardware instr.) and effects, imo Fruityloops is a very decent program (though it has a stupid name and the interface is not so proffesional and chique looking as Cubase or so) but you can get great sounds out of it, but that depends on what you know about mastering, it's not the most fun part of the job but if you can manage to arrange all your sounds as they fit nicely to eachother, pan a little here and there where necessary, equalize every sound and put it in the right frequency range etc etc, you can make excellent sounding tracks with almost every program. (For example, look at Krumelur, they also work with Fruityloops).
  12. This is way too gay. analog Pussy always seem to manage to make these absolutely hideous covers. And there's much more where that came from, or it might be just me having a bad taste...
  13. My second post here, kinda obvious it would be in this thread I voted for Lull, but it's really hard to decide cause you really cannot compare these two albums with eachother, they're two totally different things. With 'Lull' Antix surprised the world with their minimalistic organik groove sound, deep minimal music with no strings attached, no cheese, and definitly an unique new sound, so obviously the impact of this album was much bigger then the second release wich everybody who liked the first, desperately was waiting for. And it turned out good for some, and less for others. I definitly like Twin Coast also, it's a beautifull album but totally not what we were expecting after the first release, you can't say they didn't evolve, cause they did, but like i said, in a slightly different direction, a little more mainstream sound, more emotion, but still there are some original antix touches there, wich i truly appreciate, so for me it's kinda 50/50.
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