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  1. It's not as big anymore. They passed a law that they'd fine the DJs something like $300,000 if anyone caught doing drugs at raves/parties. That dried up things quite a bit.
  2. Are you kidding me? Ozric Tentacles are awesome!
  3. Yeah, in Los Angeles, you mostly have hip-hop and house in the clubs. On some occasions we'll get some D'n'B tours, but mostly its just crap you hear on the radio. I am into industrial stuff, and some of the clubs here are struggling with that too, having to play some 80's crap to bring in customers... yuck!
  4. Just learning, exploring, expanding.

  5. Hello, First post on this fine forum. Just found out about you recently, been lurking around and learning. Love all kinds of electronic music, but especially the darker rougher stuff, so that would include pretty much all flavors of electronic Industrial genres (anything from pure noise, powernoise to EBM at the more... ahem... sedate end ) to dark D'n'B, Gabber, Goa, and recently found about DarkPsy on Youtube, which eventually brought me to this forum Figured I'd post in this thread as I can add to it. You are right, this is EBM. It is not surprising that a lot of EBM sounds like Goa with creepy vocals added to it, as both have roots in the Goa region going back to the 1970s or so. If you like this kind of music, here are a few others, that haven't been listed above, to check out: Hocico (Dulce Liquido is one-half of Hocico in fact, so if you like the EBM side of Dulce Liquido, you'll definitely like Hocico) Grendel The Retrosic Wumpscut (Wumpscut is EBM although definitely tends to be more Goth than industrial, love his stuff anyway, very artistic) Decoded Feedback Tactical Sekt Psyclon Nine I'd also like to through in there Front Line Assembly.
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