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  1. Hi guys! Check out a new track from my mate -
  2. Thanks for replies guys. So that is the money that take over the world then, not a surprise. But I don`t say that we have a lot of pop music in clubs or something, I mean that we have the same music in clubs that we had 5 or 8 years ago. Breaks, DnB, Trance, House...I mean, it`s like 5 years gone and the music genres are still the same. Of course there are some new styles coming up, like techno-trance, psybreaks, synth-rock, all this mixed up stuff, but at the end it is the same genre - techno, breaks and rock, that`s it. No new musical genres anymore? I understand that it is a bit difficult to make like, from the ground, a new electronic music genre that will rule the world and everything, but maybe somewhere is happening something?
  3. So this problem is everywhere? (or is it a problem? :-) Yeah, I knew that electro-house is very popular in most of the contries, I remember it since MinistryOfSound in London, also the RnB stuff. It`s just been a while since my clubbing started and now I`m listening to the new releases of most of the electronic genres - and there is nothing new in there. So i had a hope that maybe somewhere in the world a new electronic genre is starting to develop and starting to gain more and more interest to it :-)
  4. Hi everyone, first of all sorry for my english :-) Second - the question. I`m from Russia and i`m wondering what are the popular styles in your countries? I mean that are played in the clubs. My city is not Moscow, so it`s kind of slow in being modern in that thing. Now we are having a boom of minimal techno, drum & bass, breaks. And to be true - that boom we have for like...5 years i suppose. Yeah, that`s right. The psychedelic trance was never been very popular, just now it`s starting to became something like this but only in the way of - poppy full on. House music is played most of all at some glamour clubs for rich kids :-) So I want to ask u to write your country, and write what is the major genre of the music is played in your clubs, cause I suppose that there must be something new, that we can grab for our city. And also, how do u think - will be a new boom of electronic music in this year? For example in our city we had something like that a few years ago with dubstep, but then something happened and now it`s not so interesting for the masses. Thanks everyone for reading this, I hope u understand my question :-)
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