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  1. If he doesn't want to make music any more, then forcing him to (with money and cheering) won't have very good results. If he wants to make music, he will continue to do that even if his label is bankrupt. This is the way of artists.
  2. And how do you know he's a bwhale? He turned me into a newt! You'll have to take your witch hunt elsewhere, last I heard your "bwhale" character was posting on the Twisted Records messageboard.
  3. The Muses Rapt - Galactic Love Some of the vocals remind me of Gayniggers From Outer Space, others remind me of The Lion King.
  4. Most people in this forum are well known morons. Funny how much effort it takes to try and show people a fact when they don't want to believe it. In the end their last method of denial is to claim it's trolling.
  5. True and it's a huge dilemma as there's no way for any company or artist to stop it. I have pirated photoshop too. I couldn't afford the original for leisure use, but even if it was only $20 I'd probably still pirate it instead. Putting more value and focus into the physical product is probably the best option right now to interest people in buying it, ie. making lovely 20 page booklets and digipaks. Maybe Ayn Rand wasn't completely useless, I see parallels between this and Atlas Shrugged. Maybe the internet will become a wasteland in the future and artists will only play their music l
  6. Most of the religious samples have to do with Hinduism. Unfortunately I don't know enough about it, but I think it is not all about love and peace and kindness. Worshipping gods is cool. Worshipping equality and love and kindness is pathetic. I think there is a romantic element too. Wouldn't it be cool to believe in something? To live in an cool sci-fi world?
  7. Here's an old response from Phototropic taken off discogs. SynSUN responses with denial and trying to mislead people. (Sure it was mastered from WAVEs, but the WAVEs were only mp3 quality.)
  8. Extremely good. Even though he's one of the fattest cats in town, everyone is giving him milk because he's also very cunning: he's warmed up to the average masses and knows how to whine at the right time. When it would be better to steal it and donate the cost than buy it directly, it must be your own fault for buying such a thing.
  9. I agree. Bwhale (whales are mammals, by the way) is the only person on the entire internet that would possibly try to spread these malicious truths that go against the will of Simon Posford, our Lord and Savior. Anyone who claims 600 presales for a psy CD is extraordinarily large, 320kbps mp3s are not low quality, or any other such nonsense that goes against the word of our Master must be sought out and burned, for he surely has blubber.
  10. I think the 16kHz cutoff and blockiness are quite clear on the spectral analysis pictures. It doesn't phase audiochecker either, though a few tracks are uncertain results. I guess track 4, 5 and 10 were most heavily changed by the mastering. Unfortunately adding high frequencies where they were cut off before doesn't restore the loss of quality, it only extrapolates on it. 01 -=- 01-SynSUN_-_Longholier.wav -=- MPEG (73%) 02 -=- 02-SynSUN_-_Sun_(Vax_Mix).wav -=- MPEG (85%) 03 -=- 03-SynSUN_-_Solid_State.wav -=- ERROR 04 -=- 04-SynSUN_-_Spiritual_Healing.wav -=- CDDA (92%) 05 -=- 05-S
  11. Keep in mind it was remastered for the CD. TRACK 1 COMPLETE: http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/720/longholier.png TRACK 1 ZOOM 5 SEC: http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/8009/61235662.png ORIGINAL MP3 VERSION, TRACK 1 ZOOM 5 SEC: http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/1024/224kbps.png (Note: I think the mp3s I downloaded may be a transcode. They are 224kbps lol.) Anyways, it's an intersting question what the original bitrate mp3s were. I guess not bad, maybe 320kbps. I've been waiting for a long time now for a program to determine the real bitrate of an mp3. Read this article rec
  12. What I'm telling you is an established, irrefutable fact that any audiophile knows. There's nothing to "disagree" on, there's only denial. Unless you can explain how it's a low quality rip, you're just blowing smoke out your ass. There are two things you can challenge: 1. The source: Claim it wasn't taken from the CD or original WAVEs. Tell us where it was taken from, for example a vinyl, a cassette, a radio broadcast, a live recording... what? 2. The processing: If you think it was transcoded carelessly, which is against scene rules, common sense and rarely ever happens, then prove it
  13. That trolling was mostly true, just a little exaggerated. It's a tragic scene. I'd be too scared to register there and try to say anything rational to the mob of shponglese fanboys.
  14. I would hardly call a 320kbps mp3 release lower quality. If you do a test you will be unable to tell the difference between that and the original WAVEs. The samples on Twisted's website are only 192kbps. There WILL be an audible difference between listening to those and the original WAVEs. The leaked quality is extremely superior to the samples quality. Consider yourself refuted. They're comparing it to other music which doesn't require a hundred growing attempts before it can be appreciated. If you listen to random noise enough times it will start to grow on you too.
  15. Thank you Basilisk for that fresh breath of reason. I have checked it and that's why I know with certainty the source files were mp3. I guess others can believe whatever they want, since I can't force anyone to check for themselves. I wouldn't think of blaming Phototropic since they never knew before hand that the source quality was mp3. The only people that new... were SynSUN. And we've already been through that earlier.
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