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  1. Does anyone have any good ideas for Stockholm on NYE 2014\2015 ? Seems like there is a alot of nightlife but would like to find an underground\warehouse party but not sure if they exist in the city. Thanks
  2. Yes it was re-released. I purchased a copy a couple of months ago from Saikosounds.com
  3. I'm travelling to france for 3 weeks starting next week and am looking for some things to do apart from the usual tourist muck (i.e. eiffel tower, Louvre etc). Are there any decent jazz or clubs that play electronic music ? If so in which area are they in ? I've already been warned to avoid St Germain. Is there a website that lists french psy parties indoor and outdoor ? I know psynews.org has some but it doesn't always appear to be up to date. Are there any shops where i'll be able to find psy event fliers or psy CDs ? Are there any nice chilled out areas offering good veg
  4. Will pay good money for CD in good condition. If you got one you want to offload, give me a price. Thanks
  5. thanks for the heads up. I'll download and have a listen
  6. from the samples it sounds nice. Not radically different from the Cosmosis of old. Its still got those leads that seem to talk to you in a nice back and foward kinda way. Can't wait to get a pressed CD.
  7. Mogwai


    if Infected mushroom had decided to make music similar to their first album rather than the cheddar they make now, i reckon it would sound similar to The Art of being Non. Dark driving and twisted. i imagine they'd be great live.
  8. i must agree too. One of the best albums ever. where can i get a copy of blue energy from these days ?
  9. its a chello but Essence from the Shiva Chandra album Positive is a fantastic track featuring strings. One of my favourties even.
  10. I wish i had a music teacher like you at school. I might have actually bothered to pay attention.
  11. Gotta goto Singapore for the week and was just wondering whats to do over there. Anyone been and have any ideas. Obiovusly no psy, partying or drugs
  12. thanks kriz aka krize Just having a listen right now.
  13. the host is out of bandwidth No download for you Shame as a i was looking for something to listen to at work
  14. maybe it was becaue i was stoned at the time but did any else notice that when Raja was doing all the talking, Simon was sitting in the background with a look on his face something like ' I can't belive some of the crap thats coming out of his mouth'. He was almost trying to stop himself from laughing at some points i thought.
  15. well done guys. Such a great place with so many great people I'm glad its here to stay
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