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  1. Hey guys, its coming on June 26 Here its the full album cover concept (for the cd was cropped) Samples are online on Boom Recs soundcloud...hope youy all enjoy
  2. Hi friends, im glad to announce my last release. Leimotif EP. Listen at: http://soundcloud.com/psychowave/sets/leitmotif Buy at: http://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sddg004-psychowave-leitmotif-ep http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/sdd/sdd1dw004.html http://www.junodownload.com/products/leitmotif/2023031-02/
  3. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXWf31FbhmQ AT JUNE 16th !! More info: http://www.facebook.com/604.GOA
  4. Hi friends, I made a remix pack of one of my tracks, looking forward to see some of yours works. Original track was release by Neogoa, on Ektoplazm. On the pack are available WAVs (32bit float) and MIDI files, also a full original track in Wav format. Remix Pack: http://www.psychowave.net/download/Supernova_remixpack.zip Original Release: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/psychowave-sunshine-reborn Allmost no rules, just if you want to sell the music, have to ask me. And please, when done, send me... Hope all enjoy!
  5. Hi friends.. In paralell with Psychowave, Im producing other project of night psychedelic trance...called Neurohacker...since last week I dont like to describe music with words, but I can say its tracks tempo from 154 to 160 bpm generally, with more "flow" than the usual night music that we see today....Night music, not dark, without "crispy cats screaming" synths... here its the soundcloud link with the first tracks.. http://soundcloud.com/neurohacker Facebook page: http://www.facebook....162991850482750 Hope all fo you like!
  6. Best wishes for the new challenge Ritchpa! Long & strong life for Graviton records!
  7. Hi friends, I will be in Europe from July to middle of September in Europe and then India untill October. In Europe will be based at Zagreb, Croatia and Goa in India. Will be available for bookings in this period with fresh new tunes! Here its a link of a promo page with all information: http://psychowave.net/2012/ All the best! Natan
  8. 01. Supernova 02. Sunshine Reborn 03. Tranceship to the Sun 04. Dancem Macacos, Dancem 05. Innertrip Facebook poll: Soundcloud Stream: Download at Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2011/psychowave-sunshine-reborn I plan to put available a remix pack, so if you are interested to do one...make your choice!
  9. Hi friends.. here is some unreleased tunes that i writted las year before start produce Sunshine Reborn EP...released 3 months ago... its kind of a bridge before reach a new sound...present in Sunshine Reborn and other new tunes in progress...hope you like! http://soundcloud.com/psychowave/magnetic-ground-2010
  10. C'mon NHJO...its not cause you are on a psytrance forum that u will talk just about your music skills... That guy its really humble...see him others skills: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwlGmf0QGH4
  11. Main Stage: 23:30 Janczur (Noise Poison) 00:00 System Crash (Alice-D) live 01:00 Boteon vs Paula (Antimateria/Noise Poison) 02:30 Necropsycho (Rockdenashi) live 03:30 Korpse vs Iguana (Rebirth/Parvati rec.) 05:00 Inê (Suntrip rec.) 06:30 Agneton (Sita rec.) live 07:30 Psychowave (Trance Juice/Acid Spirit) live 08:30 Swarup (Vagalume rec.) 10:00 Ital (Antu rec.) live 11:00 Pedrão (Vagalume rec.) 12:30 Labirinto (Vagalume rec.) live 13:30 Space Vision (Antu rec.) live 14:30 Al3 (Feeling Artists) 16:00 Aho (Antu rec.) live 17:00 Swarup's Brain (Vagalume rec.) live 18:00 Biel (Mystic Tribe) 19:30 = End = Alternative Stage: 23:30 Claudio Chillum (Brown Rec.) Dark Ambient 00:00 Samuca (CCE) Techno 01:30 Renan Rocha (CCE) Techno 03:00 ANDY (MOVEMENT) DnB e Classics 05:00 Nutto (Aquaria) *Birthday Set* Classics 06:30 Thiago (Demonizz) Dubstep 07:30 High Public Sound (Butandub) Dub e Stepper 09:00 Lotus (Royal Soul) Groove e Nu Jazz 10:30 Guilhermo de la Goa (Acid Spirit) Chill out 12:00 Cadu da Silva (Spirit Evolution) Chill out 13:30 Karishna (Grupo Quilombaque) Maracatu ao vivo 15:00 Rosa Ventura (Respect) Chill out 16:30 Rakkaus (Acid Spirit) Suomi 18:00 Nuccho (Nekropolis) Ska Italiano e Gabba 19:30 = End = Entrance: R$ 20,00 until January 20 R$ 30,00 until February 18 On the gate, if available... More info at: www.shivatrance.art.br Map of Location will be released on the website, at the week of event.
  12. Hi friends! I´m here to announce my last release... This release try to mix some brazilian original rhythms with various tastes of psytrance, and one of tracks (Maracatune) are from me mixing "Maracatu" (a afro-brazilian genre that use as core, just drums and lyrics) with psytrance...I hope you like! Artist: VA (Psychowave, PsySun, Ururucaba and Neuroise) Album: Rhythms of Brazil Label: Speedsound Records Format: Digital Catalog: SSCD 0008 Release date: 09 June, 2010 Tracklist 01. Psysun - "FCK Samba" - (06:04) 02. Urucubaca - "Etereo" - (10:15) 03. Psychowave - "Maracatune" - (09:19) 04. Neuroise - "Disritmia" - (07:17) Avaiable at Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products/1590893-02.htm And soon at beatport and others... My track (Maracatune) also can be listened at my myspace: www.myspace.com/psychowave or directly here: http://soundcloud.com/psychowave/maracatune
  13. Hey freaks, with happiness I´m here to announce my first release!! I hope you enjoy...listen at myspace... Artist: Psychowave Title: Dance 4 Mountains Label: Trance Juice Records Tracks: 5 Format: Digital download - MP3/Wav & Promo CD Mastering: Colin Bennun (Oood) @ the Stooodio - Bristol, UK Buy here: http://www.beatsdigital.com/album/103100 Tracklist: 01 - Dance 4 Mountains (08:22) 144bpm 02 - Freak´a Bubble (08:22) 142bpm 03 - GoaLand (09:00) 144bpm 04 - Monkey Party (07:43) 145bpm 05 - Interestelar (07:44) 146bpm About Psychowave: Psychowave is a project of Brazilian musician Natan Bueno, 23 years old. Son of musician, Natan start early his evolvement with music, at 11, got his first instrument, a electric guitar and since this moment, guided by his father’s passion, dedicated to musical activity, also in a amateur way. At 14, started working as roadie of a Brazilian band, when later he’d its guitar player. At the same time, Natan start his firsts steps at musical production, with a keyboard borrowed from a friend. In 2005, Natan knew the electronic music, in special PsyTrance. More later, fascinated by the scene atmosphere, he left the band at and since this moment, dedicated to produce his own tracks. Between 2007 and 2009 Psychowave produce many tracks and play at some parties and clubs in São Paulo acquiring some needed feedback to enhance your productions. Now, at 2010, Psychowave release your first Album, titled Dance4Mountains, mastered by Colin Bennun (OOOD) and released by Trance Juice Records (Brazil). Psychowave can be defined as trance and no more. Influences from different styles are present in his compositions, always looking for a mix of GoaTrance spacial atmospheres and synths with a arrangements and background of actual psytrance productions that lead to a psychedelic concept, a soul manifestations generated by the physic impact of the sound and by creations of lines, phrases, timbres, rhythms and harmonies that can cause the most diverse moods and emotion on people, in a way that make them enjoy a authentical psycho wave. All tracks of Album available for online listening at Myspace Page http://www.myspace.com/psychowave Open dates to Europe Tour Jul/Aug/Sept 2010! Contact/Booking: Natan Bueno Email/msn: natan@natan.art.br Phone: +55 11 81908065 All the best Natan
  14. MainFloor - Prakriti - Poder da Natureza 23:00 - Guilhermo de la Goa (Ohmvision Culture) 01:00 - Alanita (MindTwekaers) 02:00 - Malu (AntiMateria Rec.) 03:00 - Marcelo Noxious (Cannibal BBQ) 04:00 - Leandro Moralles (Demonizz) b-day set 05:00 - Xtatic Live! (Neuromind rec) 06:00 - Marcelo Dih (Special 20 Years Goa Set) 07:00 - The D.C Live! (Shockwave Music) Goa 08:00 - PsychoWave Live! (Trance Juice rec.) 09:00 - Raphael do Vale (Perfect Life) 10:00 - Will Tarelho vs. Pallacios (Freak House) 11:00 - Wagner PS (PsyPub) set PsyTrance 12:00 - Simulation Live! (Neuromind rec.) 13:00 - TERA Live! 14:00 - FUPT Live! (Trance Juice rec.) 15:00 - Karlovic (Trance Juice rec.) 16:00 - Brau (andean tribe) 17:00 – Gopan vs. Pedroka (IDT/PVTOnBus) Alternative Beats / Chill - Purusha - Poder da Consciência 23:00 - Azurra (Minimal Tech) 01:00 - Kal Sd (Tech House) 02:00 - Avatar (Tech House) 03:00 - Cauê 04:00 - Dr Eko (Tech House) 05:00 - Nutto (Classics) 06:30 - Astral (Jungle) 08:00 - Thiago Demonizz (Dubstep) 09:30 - Brentel (Groove) 11:00 - DUB IN SESSION (Banda-Dub) 12:30 - Guilhermo de la Goa (OhmVision-Chillout) 14:00 - Special Live! (Lounge) 15:00 - Karishna Live Percussion! (Maracatu) 16:00 - Alice D (Brasukas) 17:00 – Erick Bueno VJs: Sytoplasmo (Dudu) Labörg Fractal Dreams Tickets: Promotional ( Untill 29/11 ) - R$15,00 After 29/11 (until the party day) - R$ 20,00 At gate (If Avaiable) - R$ 30,00 Sales Point (São Paulo Phones): Guarapiranga/Interlagos - Felipinho - 9333-2005 Ipiranga - Tomate - 50616748/6747-8604 Ipiranga/Anchieta - Guilhermo - 8979-2480 Morumbi/Butantã - Faustinho - 9315-8070 Mooca - Karina/Henrique - 3938-8912/8466-4665 Pinheiros - Nuno - 8331-4979 Pompéia/Brooklin - Natan - 8190-8065 Saúde/ABC - Dudu - 7602-7103 Campo Limpo - Raphael do Vale - 8443-0669 To buy remotely contact: natan@natan.art.br Pics Of Place At: www.shaktiopenair.art.br
  15. Juno Reator - Children Of The Night avelino! Old School Amazing Sound
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