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  1. The piano sonata is wonderful all. I like "canon" canon music box version ♪   :drama:
  2. Ate lunch; a full stomach... The work of the afternoon becomes sleepiest. Music to wake up :clapping: ..."Principles Of Flight - A Light Responsibility"Turn up volume.
  3. bear

    The Fall

    Thank you for giving us the information. This world is beautiful if you live even if you fall to slough of despond. When I looked at this site, it was attracting me for these words. The heart of the girl lets you picture an extremely beautiful story in the heart of a tired man. The beauty as it is dreadful of the scenery without having looked. "The story" that "reality" does not make "a story" influences "reality". I deeply impressed this truth that it could see on the mind.
  4. Some kinds of the music are different...Happy Valentine's Day
  5. I love a movie. I am happy too. (a smile)
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