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    partying and collecting goatrance and psy music in general :)

    I like to play frisbee and practice other hippie bullshit activities :D
  1. the set by slinky wizard has been changed to an oldskool set by cosmosis. (which is pretty awesome also if you ask me)
  2. although ward can be a little bitch if he wants to ( ), I can confirm him being generous with his music and information about said music. just not to people he doesn't really know or likes. PS such a shame I missed your set at our party draeke. (I was the first dj, Kaset remember?)
  3. thanks chris the feeling is mutual!
  4. just got chap 2 from chris. in great shape and fast delivery! certainly a recommended seller and great person was really nice trading with you my french friend greets tom
  5. about a year ago I was able to buy this great release from zirrex himself (most of you know the story by now I guess ) so, make me some offers! for guidelines see my wantlist (it isn't complete, you can offer whatever you like ), pm me for info greets tom
  6. mine: http://www.discogs.com/user/Azlon not a very substantial collection -I know- but I'm working on it fancy smiley's btw :posford: :clapping: :wank: :drama:
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